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We didn’t grow up and we didn’t go to school to prepare ourselves for running our own businesses. If anything, our training was to prepare us to work for someone else. Our training was to learn skills to provide services (or wait for instructions from the decision makers). What we weren’t trained for is to make our own decisions and direct our own lives.

We struggled trying to learn new skills that would take us out of the Industrial Age and land us squarely in the Information Age. In the midst of our struggles, we stumbled on something new: Compumatrix. 

Somewhere in the depths of the Forum, there is this entry by Gerry Callan, Why it might be a good idea to increase your Inventory (I will let you log in and read this post) As in any retail/wholesale business, keeping a good inventory means a lot. However, when something is new, sales will be unpredictable. Therefore, you want to be sure to be ahead of any sales projections. (It is NOT acceptable to run out of inventory!!!)


I bet when you joined Compumatrix, you didn’t wake up that particular morning and tell yourself you wanted to start on your journey to work from home and enter a field that needed a roadmap drawn! If you already had experience with an online business or network marketing, then you know someone else already provided the roadmap. (You may have even been told to follow these steps if you want to succeed!)

Although we may have procedures to set up your business, we do not expect you to follow in the footsteps like traditional businesses have laid out in the past. You might say this is a new industry within an age old established industry that is working on another “new Industry” (the World of E-commerce).

Someone recently asked me, “What are you, then?” My answer:

Compumatrix is a bridge in the World of E-commerce. It provides services between the Industrial Age and the Information Age.


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