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What do you see from your house??

We have a sunny veranda which faces north, and I am surprised at what goes past our front gate, we live in a small town, with about a one thousand people. Situated in the lower half of the South Island, New Zealand. The main industry here is sheep farming, dairy cows, and forestry. I don’t think the local constabulary is not very concerned re the traffic around our community. We have

The normal run of cars, and trucks.

I noticed the other day, a lady leading her sheep to a different field to feed.

I see joggers and walkers early in the morning, some exercising the dogs, and carrying the “pooper scooper’ and a plastic bag just in case.

I see young boys on skate boards, bicycles scooters, (no crash hats)

I see the rubbish collection every Wednesday,

Then comes the morning paper, the local rag, the postman, and the advertising papers, which are the same every week.

Then every morning, children on their way to school. and home.

Oh here comes the meter reading lady, another bill.

And then on sunny days the local council mow all the road side lawns, and parks.

Oh, it’s Sunday afternoon, and here is “Mr Whippy” the ice cream man.

Just look at that, an old steam engine chugging down the street, belching out black smoke, corrupting the atmosphere, but going to the local show.

The neighbour across the road collects old “Farmhall” tractors, and its nothing to see him, exercising these old derelict pieces of steel, anytime of the day or night, no registration, no warrant of fitness, no lights.

It’s that time again, the lady to mow the lawns.

All the tradesmen, builders, plumbers, painters, ect. ducking here and there, trying to make a couple of $$.

Here comes that athlete again, on his bicycle being pulled by a sturdy German shepherd dog.

And the chap up the road driving a Holden car, fully restored, did a wheel spin for a couple of hundred meters. The smoke from the tyres drifting away  slowly. What a laugh.

What do you think of this one , a friend of mine lives outside the town boundary’ to get his rubbish for collection to town he toes his wheelie bin up the road behind his 4 wheel drive, no warrant , no rego, no safety chain, just a laugh for all who take the time to watch

OH well i guess it’s the same in every town, only if we take the time to watch the antics of people doing the same old thing every day, well who am I to say that, because on old man up the road was passing the other and he said to me  “what ya been doing today” I said in reply “nothing”,  he said “but you were doing that yesterday”, I replied  “I hadn’t quite finished”.

Yes, the day is drawing to a close, the birds are passing by to their roost, there is a plane flying overhead leaving a long vapour trail. I only have one thing to do, check my computer, the Inbox, and Face book.

 And at last not least my Compumatrix. Yes, there is a lot to watch for, the Forum , the Portal, the Crytoceeds account, the Compuceeds account, and the Mining blog, maybe the Compumatrix  Facebook page.

WE need to watch what is going on in every department of Compumatrix.

In other words ,Look, Learn , and Listen,

matia  nz




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