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I like the ring of that and secretly I always wanted to open up a coffee house by that name. I liked it so much that it became the name of a blog that I was writing 5 1/2 years ago. On July 21, 2010, I wrote a post (In Case You Are Waiting for the Turn Around). In the post, there was a video used to express an issue. The name of the video is: DO YOU HAVE A PLAN B? (you can look it up on YouTube).

If you are a member of Compumatrix, then you know where I am going with this (maybe)! We have a PLAN B! Ours is different than what the video expresses but isn’t it one in the same still? PLAN B is just that, an alternative to what the status quo has been. You move to Plan B when your original plans are about to fall thru.

On the video, the discussion is on Job Security (or lack of). The video is asking: What is your alternative? Then there is a suggestion to start your own business. The video’s message is backed up with a statement from Warren Buffet stating: “The down turn can last 8 more years.” Think about that statement from Warren Buffet (made almost 8 years ago).

Do you think this down turn is over (or maybe it will last 3 more years or beyond).

For those of us here at Compumatrix, we have been aware of our own plan B for a while now.


Now is the time to clarify some information. Some people reading this will not be aware of what, who, why, where or how Compumatrix is all about! For those people, I hope they are finding Compumatrix in its entirety as their plan B. This is referring to the ideas expressed on the video previously mentioned.

If you have been with Compumatrix for any time at all, you probably know some (if not most) of our history. (hint, hint!!!) You know we have a plan B but it is an internal mechanism of the operation of our business. (I will go no further into this as it is on a “need to know” basis and if you are, then you already know)

Do you want to be on the NEXT TURN AROUND? COMPUMATRIX IS PLAN B (and we also have a Plan B internally)!


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