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Giving Away and Making a Fortune


Business has remained the same for a very long time until now. You may have heard the phrase: “this is not your father’s MLM”. This could pertain to any business not just MLM. For a lot of us, our fathers and their fathers worked for a company all of their lives to retire with a retirement fund (and a gold watch). If you are a “Baby Boomer”, you may be at the end of this scenario.

For a long time, business success has been based on winning the competition war. Times have changed!

We have been following some marketers lately to see what they see and what (and why) they do. They are doing things differently and getting the results that everyone is after. They are not doing the “competition thing” but they are becoming very successful at what they do.

While watching a video (or 2) over the weekend of one of my favorite marketers (Seth Godin), one of his comments hit me. He talked about education and while on the subject, he mentioned the encyclopedia. This was a standard for so many years that anybody would remember having them growing up. Then comes this guy with a novel idea to put it on the Internet and give the information away for free!


In Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, there is a mention of when Robert was 9 years old and working for Rich Dad. Rich Dad would not pay him but instead let him figure out how to make his way. (If you haven’t read the book, you know what you need to do. I can not dive into how he solved this.) I mention this because it is a different thought process than we are used to.

Sometimes you have to just do it and trust you will be paid later. I remember an Internet card service that was free to use. The developers put it together without thought of being paid (until a bigger company offered them a 7 figure dollar sign). This is not a single incident of $million dollar offers being offered to buy out free services!

Why am I writing this? What will you give away? When you can find your own stride, you can make a fortune. 

Do you have some ideas but feared to venture out with them? Maybe we can help.



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