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How Do You View a Business, or Job?


What is a Job, or more importantly what is a business?

Do you have any idea what the first wheel was, or how it was made? And a better question is why was this wheel so important? But, a little history, on this old idea, that so many take for granted.

From the very early designs used for pottery purposes to the most advanced contraptions known to mankind, the wheel has been continuously driving our civilization like a catalyst in a chemical reaction.

Researchers agreed that 3500 BC is the year when the wheel was invented, which is more of a ballpark than an exact year. The place is Mesopotamia, the area now occupied by war-ravaged Iraq. The first wheel for transportation purposes is approximated to 3200 BC, its purpose being to move the Mesopotamian chariots.

Back then, humans used logs to move large loads around. The main problem with this method of transportation was that many rollers were required, and care was required to insure that the rollers stayed true to their course (This is the way the Egyptians moved the huge rocks for the pyramids). One theory as to how this obstacle was overcome suggests a platform, or sledge, was built with cross-bars fitted to the underside, thereby preventing the rollers from slipping out from under the load. Two rollers would be utilized, with two cross-bars for each roller, one fore and the other aft of the roller.

It took approximately another 1,500 years before our ancestors took the next step in wheel evolution, the spoke. The need for faster transportation and the idea of using less material stemmed this technological breakthrough (often called ‘The Mother of Necessity’). The Egyptians are credited with the first implementation of a spoke wheel on their chariots. They narrowed it by carving both sides to shape, but it was the Greeks that first introduced the cross-bar, or H-type, wheel.

And the story is a constant, and consistent evolution of increasing improvements on this idea, or concept.

So why do I bring this up? Simple really, for many do not know what business to start, or how to start it, and this is just a point for many things in this discussion. First and far most, what is it you know best, and is it something you like, or is it just the idea of a lot of money you are after? If it is the latter then most likely you are doomed to fail, but not always. If it is a passion, then you will learn to make it work, and you will be willing to do what ever it takes. Like the wheel, it was necessary to life, and to an improved quality of life in all generations. The invent of money was a similar; invention, and business. And then we now have a newer medium, and therefore business, of Digital Currency, and Block Chain technology. So where am I going with all of this? So glad that you asked.

May I ask you this, and think about it; If I had a wheel like your mind sees on a movie of a chariot racing down a track, like in the movie ‘Ben Hur’ and the wheels were only made of wood. How long do you imagine that wheel would last? Not, long for the wood would wear out rather quickly don’t you imagine? Also, more subject to breakage or damage.

So what if we mold a steel ring to go around our wooden wheels like we see on the Stage coaches of television and movies like say, ‘Gunsmoke’. Now, how long would they last? Yes, much longer. Or in the picture at the top of our blog.

OK, now then think about your new business, is it something that you like? Do you even know for sure? Is it a service that all could use? If so is it needed and is it solid? OK, what if it is new technology, and an improvement upon an old system? Are you willing to accept change, and then tell others about it and explain how to use this new system in order to build a new business model? If so then think about this; What is the smallest amount you can render in your current money system, within the American dollar it is the penny, or one cent/ or percent of a dollar. So in a digital world where we speak of time in millionths of a second, for we can stop a bullet in mid-air and watch it travel to it’s target. Then we have no medium where we can charge or be paid for this small amounts of time, and yet with the new Digital Currency we can now deal with ever smaller amounts of money. So one can also beat a competitor’s price by say, a thousandth of a cent, or percent, and if done on a huge volume then ultimately may decide who rules this market on an item. But, then this is all to come this year, the idea I want you to take from this is this; It will revolutionize how business is done from now on!

Now, back to our opening question.

A Job, is a means to and end; you do a job to get some sort of pay, or exchange in order to improve your life, or life style. That is why it is called a job. And if you consider the Internet as your job, then you should be getting paid for your efforts in some way. Like Blogging for the most part is just a job, selling items for others on EBAY is just a job. Going through the same old tired motions, day after day, always doing the same old thing, never changing, and never quite growing either. Like my present real world job with Wal-Mart, boring, but fills a spot, another article in the making.

But, if you want a business all of your own, and you get to make all the choices, since you are the owner, such as the amount of time spent, the ways you do things, and all that is applied to the concept of a business. Then you need to learn so much more, and should make an effort to evolve intellectually, even if it is just watching a huge amount of YouTube videos on various aspects of business. But, then there are some vary good books out there as well. But, the really great part of this is that there are companies like Compumatrix that helps anyone become a business owner, and helps them to grow. It can also just be a job, but then some think of all things as jobs.

The thing to take away from this is your business should be yours, your dream, and your passion, like my writings most of the time are not widely accepted, but they are Fact! I am also driven by my Belief in God, and this too turns so many off, but then that is another article I have been working on. So if all of the first line of this paragraph makes sense to you then think of this wheel, like this, if it had not improved over time, and if it had not evolved to the next step, or level would it have still been here 3500 years later? Of course it would, but it would be slow, it would always have to be replaced often, and it would have slowed all other progress in all aspects of life in general. But, with the improvements it has also brought with it a whole new world, and progress! But, do remember it is change, and sometimes change is good, and is needed, and that means you as a business owner have to learn to accept change, and new ways of doing things. So can you do this? The simple answer is YES! This is the year of Block Chain Technology! The next step in the World of Fiance and payment. Mark my words. sc


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