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The Future Value of Bitcoin


Isn’t life just a game of chance? We are all in this enormous gamble between life and money. Before retirement plans, people either worked until they died or when they could no longer work, other family members would take care of them.

I was thinking about a song and the idea popped in my mind: “days of future past”. I didn’t know why this jumped out at me but it made me think about finances and retirement plans. Most people do little to organize their financial future. Then leave this up to the “professionals” without thought as to the qualifications that these people have (or not).

The question isn’t whether or not you will do anything about your financial future but What Will You Do With Your Finances?



When you ask someone how they will pay for their retirement, they may tell you something as simple as: “out of my savings”. Will they be talking about a Savings Account at their local bank? Probably not. They look at their retirement account as if it were a Savings Account. In reality, they probably have a retirement account such as a 401K or IRA. (They are investment account.)

Most of these accounts are investing in the Stock Market and the value they hold depends on how the stocks are doing. Some people prefer something different and hold investments in Real Estate. There are a number of other investments but I will not be diving into them at this time.



I had to go here since this is the purpose of this blog. If you haven’t heard of a person by the name Tim Draper, you might want to follow this guy. He is an investor that has been very successful with his picks. He believes the Value of Bitcoin will hit $10,000 per Bitcoin by 2018.

I know you remember the commercials that made this famous: “What’s in your wallet?” The future is being laid down before you as we speak. You will probably soon hear a new version of this commercial:

What’s in your E-Wallet?

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