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This company is filled with determined, persevering people!  It is amazing what each of you has been able to do in your lives.  We are watching with bated breath, as BOD and staff persistently work towards fruition for us, in this company.

But how many of you have experienced moments when you wanted to get yourself to do something, or perhaps, NOT to do something, and you just couldn’t make the change you wanted to make for yourself?  I am venturing to guess that we have all had that experience.  It can be very humbling to discover that we really aren’t in charge of what happens in our lives.  Even more so, when it seems to be down to simple action steps that we ourselves believe are best for us, and want to do, and fail to ‘make’ ourselves do them.

Those moments are common.  It is not unusual to be unable to follow through with a plan one has for oneself.  “Motivation” is a word that is sometimes used in association with such moments.  “If only I could be more motivated”, says the mind.  “I just don’t want to”, says the heart.  “But it would be good for me”, says the mind.  “I’ll try”, says the heart.

What if what is needed is a higher reason, a greater intention, for doing what you are doing?  What if steering our boat was not about making ourselves do what we think is best, but upgrading the reason we are doing whatever we are doing?  What if having a higher reason ‘why’ helps us to move into a different reality, where things are easier, feel better and people are generally more loving and kind?

So if you have a habit you would like to change but can’t, try something new!  For instance, lots of people want to stop smoking.  What if, when you know you’re about to smoke a cigarette, instead of trying to stop yourself, just say to yourself, out loud or silently, “This is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now.”  And then go ahead and smoke.

Give yourself a week or two of this, and your subconscious mind will recognize that this isn’t a very loving thing to do to yourself, and the urge will drop away.  Try it.  It can’t hurt, right?  See what happens.  I’d love to hear your stories!

Or, we can use the same idea to bless the world!  We can attach wildly outrageous reasons to all the simple, everyday things we do!  For instance, “With every step I take, all bodies everywhere are healed and whole.”  Or, “With every bite I eat, all hearts everywhere are fed and nourished with healthy food, and sheltered with comfortable homes.”  “With every sip of water I drink, all the water on this planet is purified and replenished.”

When we take the time to bless our planet with such outrageous reasons, we become the solution to every problem we face.  We feel better about ourselves, and better about the world.  We may even begin to notice the very changes in the world that mean so much to us!

The sky is the limit!  Whatever cause you feel strongly about, what if you realized that by blessing the world with your intentions, you were doing more to help that cause than anything else?  You can cure cancer, end child abuse, purify the world’s oceans!

What intention would you most like to set to bless this world?

This blog was inspired by my teacher, Matt Kahn. You can find out more about his teachings at, or buy his new book, “Whatever Arises, Love That”.

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