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Everyday, Heroes…

Who are your heroes?  Are they mythic characters with superhuman powers?  Are they amazing actors, athletes, leaders?  Are they the staff and BOD of Compumatrix?

I meet heroes everyday.  Some are silently living their lives, not realizing how heroic they are, simply to survive this moment, that day.

So much pain, sorrow, suffering these humans we be, go through!  Yet each of us is carrying a bit of the burden for all the others.  Each plays his or her part, feeling and healing the wounds of this world, for everyone else.

What if, what if, every moment of sorrow, every pain, all the suffering we feel, is that part we have been given to feel and heal for all?  Then we are all heroes, even as we live our quiet lives, surviving, just surviving, this moment, that day.

Today I peeked into the lives of others.  I met three special heroes.  The first one was  a clerk at the drugstore.  She was there, working early on a Saturday morning.  She said she works Saturdays, and some Sundays, so that the employees with families can be home with their children.  What a beautiful gift she is for those families, those children!  A tradition, she said, that others offered her when her children were young.  A gift from a simpler time.

My second hero was a sweet man who owns and runs a restaurant nearby.  He stopped to chat with me a couple of times as I sat eating my lunch alone in the busy restaurant.  Friendly and kind.  When I left the restaurant without my debit card, he ran out with it to me.  “You might like this later today,” he said and gave me back my card along with a hug!  Thank you, thank you!

And my third hero, a clerk at the grocery store, looking forward to the approaching end of her shift.  She said she offered to work tomorrow, Super Bowl Sunday, because she doesn’t care about the Super Bowl, and so many others do.  May your day be blessed, sweet one, as you have blessed others.

Whether your heroes are doing things, however simple, to help others, or are simply surviving heroically through what none of us would ever wish upon anyone, may we all notice that everyone is heroically living life the very best that they can.

You are my heroes, sweet ones!  You are beautifully expressing the amazing nature of you!  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


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