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All He Wanted Was a Fish

ONE FISHING ROD $56,000.00

Did I tell you about the guy that wanted a special fishing rod? It may have been special but I think this guy got “took”!

At the end of the day, the sales department was having their sales report meeting. After the sales manager was finished, he brought their newest salesman to the front of the room. He introduced him telling the other salesmen they needed to hear his story and maybe they would learn something about sales!

The salesman was nervous since it was still his first day and he could see the jealousy in everyone’s eyes. Someone asked him what did his customer come into the store to buy? He said, “He wanted to look at some fishing rods.” Someone else said, “What was the total sale?” He replied sheepishly, “A little over $56,000.00.”

The manager asked him to explain:

The salesman said, “The customer wanted to look at some very special rods so I sold him one of our best for $400.00.” He continued, “Then I asked him where he was fishing and told him he might want to take a new boat (we added the trailer to the order)” I asked him about the condition of his pickup but he didn’t have one, so we added one to the order.

When were were finished, the order was just over $56,000.00!



Is that all you want out of life? Where are those days of adventure? Is the life you are living the life you dreamt about as a kid?

Maybe this salesman would not even have had a sale his first day at all if he didn’t run into someone that had a BIG DREAM!

Is all you want out of life going to be that FISH? Why do people fish when they can just go to the Grocery Store? Don’t people that fish recognize the risks? By not shopping in the store, they risk not having anything at all!



Where is your focus lately? I am tired of having people tell me the story about buying the drill when in reality, all someone wants is the HOLE! Is this all you want out of life? Has life beaten you down this far now that you can only see the HOLE?

Our focus has gone from buying the tool and focusing on the tool to focusing on the hole (what we really want) to focusing on the adventure (what we really, really want).

The salesman didn’t sale his customer that Very Special Fishing Rod, HE SOLD HIM HIS ADVENTURE.


We are on that adventure here at COMPUMATRIX.


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