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Income Diversification With Virtual Currency


I just read an article in ENTREPRENEUR Magazine called EARNINGS FROM EVERYWHERE by Steph Wagner. The rest of the title was: ARE YOU DIVERSIFYING YOUR INCOME? YOU’D BETTER START. Those of you reading this are probably “in the know” or soon will be regarding the need to diversify your income. The question is: Do you have all your eggs in one basket?

In the article, the author wrote about one of his clients that is a lawyer. She is generating passive income through here real estate holdings. (one of these holdings is a building that houses a Wendy’s franchise.) The article talks about using this passive income to reinvest (don’t let your money sleep) to build a better retirement.



Most people do not think about currency as an investment. (just think about the Forex Market) You don’t have to look far to see profit in the World of Money! While your mine is ripe for new knowledge, consider the path that Virtual Currencies are on.

Just as in Forex trading, there is trading of Virtual Currencies as well. Sometimes, the trading can be within the currency itself. However, that is not the purpose of this post.

The purpose of this post is to touch the surface of an idea: Income Diversification With Virtual Currency. Since we are just touching the surface of this subject matter, how about the idea of just using Virtual Currencies.

This brings me back around to the program that I am associated with and that is Compumatrix. Recently, we have embarked on a journey that involves working with Bitcoin. Since we have been on a parallel course, it only makes sense to work together.

Compumatrix has the means for the Entrepreneur to diversify their income by working within our system. As stated so many times before, our Founder Henry Banayat expresses the desire for us to use income derived from Compumatrix to start new businesses with. 

Just the other day, we were looking at other options to earn additional income using the Bitcoin mining system. This has been interesting to us because it is so new a concept. However you decide to diversify your income, you might want to find out what we are designed to do here at COMPUMATRIX.



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