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At times: Life sucks!

At times life sucks,  that is the feeling arising out of frustration and not getting what we want. We have had the greatest of aspirations, goals, targets or what ever the tag we apply to something we want; or put a lot of time, effort and maybe even some sweat to achieve our reward: a cavern opens up and seems to swallow it without leaving a crumb for history. It is so personal the devastation is life threatening, causing our little world to come to an abrupt halt.
We shudder, cower, get mad, maybe even break something: anything to give us the feeling we have power over something. After working ourselves into a furry, the last energy is spent, we sit, letting the flames of furry slowly burn out to smoldering embers; finally the last flicker of the very last anger flame vanishes in a wisp of smoke, tapering off, into the unknown dimensions.
We think about what has just happened, as a bead of sweat trails across the brow. Wow, was that me? What did I accomplish? Did anyone see or hear me? Embarrassment starts filling the void, followed by guilt, and a loss for words. “That was really stupid” is the phrase that often pops or echoes in my brain after a scene like that. what can I say, I’m Irish decent.
It is called losing control; exacerbated with “greed” of wanting something for “me.”
It matters little if it is a business, personal, or social situation, the only control we have over anything, is our attitude towards any given situation. Everyday we have setbacks from burning the toast to getting in a traffic accident, or a “gad zillion” of other incidents we humans get ourselves into; by our actions, some by others, but are all unplanned and upsetting, making life suck!
Most situations created are self-inflected. We did it, we screwed up by not paying attention, taking short cuts, doing to many things at once, or just jumping in before the pool is warm. We hit the cold water and immediately go into shock! We needed to stick our toe in, check the temperature, and if it is suitable, jump in. Make sure the life saver is close.
Mistakes are part of life, it is a learning process, on going for as long as we live. Life will suck sometimes, but the majority of our life is truly phenomenal, if we live each day as a celebration, full of gifts that we are obligated to open, share, pay-it-forward.


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