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When I was young, we had more than enough. However, we learned the value of something because we didn’t have the money to buy something more than once!

We were traveling across country heading to another assignment. We had some things in the car to play with for the long journey. One of these toys was a wooden box with holes that you had to weave a marble around trying to get it thru these obstacles without falling thru the holes. At one of our service station stops, I left this on top of the car. When we pulled out, we heard the crash and it broke into many pieces. (We never replaced it as it was we would only BUY IT ONCE!)

As you grow up, you make goals for those important things in life you want (but don’t necessarily need). A lot of these are those items from the buy it once lists.

These prize purchases that you just drool to make are often out of reach for several reasons. The first is lack of money. (Actually the top 10 reasons have something to do with money! LOL) Often, it is a special Sports Car or a huge home or cabin by the sea. These are the bucket list of things you would buy when you win the lottery.



The number one problem with the buy it once list is the items on this list most often never get bought! I always thought I would buy a Corvette if I ever could. However, I don’t like Corvettes because they are impractical! (We call this rationalizing!)

If there is a problem, there is always a solution. Most people find their solution by resolving himself or herself to the reality that the dream is unreachable so just shrink the dream!

THIS IS NOT A RESOLUTION! THIS IS DEFEATISM! (Is this even a word? It has no place in your vocabulary!)



I learned over time that if you wanted to achieve a goal, you had to expand your dream and not shrink it. By shrinking your goal (or “being realistic”), you are succumbing to failure but going out of your way to “justify” it.

Someone once told me: “don’t complain about not being able to afford something. Do something about it! The only thing I can think that would solve the problem is to make more money!

The first time I heard the term: paradigm shift, I knew I wanted to be a part of the action. I knew I was in the company of people that were making a difference. They were ordinary people that exhibited extraordinary thinking. The thinking they were doing was what is often referred to as: “out of the box thinking”.

I found another group of people that embraced the idea of a paradigm shift.

Do you deserve to revisit that ONLY BUY IT ONCE list?


You can find us embracing this paradigm shift with COMPUMATRIX.


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