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Journey to the unknown destination – Part-2

Anthony understood that he is in a position which his enemies will like. The tiger is hungry and even Anthony is hungry. As long as he is on the tree, the tiger can’t get its food and staying on the tree, he also can’t get food. Damn it, it’s all because of his careless driving. What’s the point in digging the past? Now he should find a way out. The way the tiger is looking at him, it is clear that it will not move away until it gets its food. Anthony tried to contact friends through cell phone but in vain. No signal. Even the charge in the cell phone is getting exhausted. He pointed the cell phone torch on to the tree he is sitting. He found some blue object little far away on the tree. Holding one of the branches, Anthony tried to get at that object. The hand he was holding the branch slipped and he was about to fall. With much difficulty he could hold another branch and could stop himself from falling. After good deal of effort Anthony could finally got hold of that object. It’s a blue colored stick like thing with a red handle. He slowly sat on a strong branch and started examining that object. He slowly turned the red handle. Flames started coming out of the end of the blue stick. Anthony is more than happy. He pointed the stick towards the tiger and turned the red handle. Flames that started from the end of the blue stick almost touched the tiger and it started running. Anthony switched off his cell phone torch and with the help of the light from the flames slowly got down from the tree. He kept the flames on and started moving. After traveling for bout thirty minutes, he reached his car. He slowly examined the car. No doubt it got damaged to some extent, but he could still travel in his car. He could close the front seat doors, but could not completely close the back seat doors. He sat before the steering and started the car. Luckily the sun rays started giving light in that thick forest. So its morning, he thought. He started driving the car without knowing where he is heading. He suddenly stopped the car as he reached a place where there is no further way. He has no other way than going back. But even for that there is not enough space to turn the car around. He can only go in the reverse gear which is very difficult in that place. He must do something and get some food. He has not taken anything after the previous day breakfast. He started moving the car in the reverse direction. After traveling certain distance he found the car is not moving. He looked back. There is a black hillock like thing on the way. Anthony looked at it more intently and got shocked to find that it is a black hillock like animal with big red eyes. It started lifting the car into the air as if it is toy. The car doors got opened and Anthony fell down from the car. That black hillock like animal threw the car into the trees and started moving towards him. Anthony started running for life.
To be continued to Part-3….


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