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Journey to the unknown destination

Late on a Saturday night, much far away from the city, Anthony was silently driving his car. The way he is driving the car clearly indicates that he is not paying any attention to his driving. He would have certainly met with an accident if he were to drive this way in the city. A close look at his face reveals that he is perturbed, angry on himself and totally out of his mind. In such a mental state he didn’t observe where he is going. When his car started sliding into a valley, he understood that he came on to a mountain and because of his perturbed mind he really didn’t understand where he is driving his car. By the time he realized, it is rather too late because the car went out of his control and sliding fast into a valley. He tried to make out where is that mountain and valley is located. He saw his watch and shocked to see that it is late night around 4 AM. He started driving at around 10 PM and he has been driving for over six hours not knowing where he is presently located. He is totally unaware where the car is going. It is very dark and he could not see where the car is headed and what is in the way of the car. Finally, the car hit something and stopped with a serious jerk. He fell down from the car because of the violent crash and severe jerk by which the car doors got opened. He tried to get up but to his dismay he started sliding as the valley id probably very steep. Finally he stopped sliding because something came in his way. Nothing is visible. It’s dark and he is not able to see what is even by his side. He started cursing himself for being so careless,

With much difficulty he mustered enough strength and tried to stand by placing his right hand on something. That something started moving and he could understand that it is not an object that he placed his hands. It must be some animal. Suddenly he remembers his cell phone, took it out with his left hand, switched on the torch in the cell phone and pointed it to his right hand. He started shivering because he placed his hands on a tiger.

The tiger started looking at him as God sent food and appeared to pounce on him. Anthony thought that he is finished. The fear of death gave him all the strength, he got up as if there is a spring beneath him and started running with the help of cell phone torch. He could finally climb up a tree and then looked down and found that the tiger is at the bottom of the tree and is looking at him with all the anger and hunger.

To be continued…..


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