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Journey to the unknown destination – Part-3

Anthony increased his speed. He suddenly remembered about that blue stick like object with red handle. He kept it in the car. Damn it, he should have kept it with himself. Anthony suddenly changed the direction of his running and started moving fast into the thick trees where the black hillock like animal threw his car. After running for sometime Anthony could finally locate his car. It is on the top of big trees which are very close to each other. With remarkable speed and strength Anthony climbed the tree and reached his car. With much difficulty he pulled out that blue stick like object. He jumped from the tree and looked back. That black hillock like animal (let us call it monster) is searching for him in the trees. Anthony mustered all his strength and courage. He turned the red handle and pointed it towards the monster. By seeing the big flames the monster has become wilder. It tried to catch both Anthony and that flame generating object with its giant hands. Anthony then pointed the flames towards those hands. The hands of the monster caught fire. The monster started emanating a loud painful voice with which the forest reverberated. The monster pulled back its hands which caught fire and started running probably for water to dip its hands.

That a god sent opportunity for Anthony to try for an escape. He looked at his car helplessly. There is no way he could bring the car down. He left the car there and started running aimlessly. After about an hour he reached an open space between the trees. There is a lake there with crystal clear water. He moved near to the lake, removed his dress, kept the dress, the blue stick like object on the shore and took a quick bath. He felt relaxed after taking the bath. He put back his dress, took that blue stick like object and started looking for some fruits or nuts with which he can he can have some breakfast.

On one tree Anthony found some apple like fruits. He moved to that tree and collected some fruits. He smelled those fruits and found that they are giving a fine smell. He was hesitant to eat those fruits without knowing what they are. But his hunger has made him decide to eat those fruits.

Anthony kept that blue stick like object by his side and started eating those fruits. The moment he bit the first fruit, he found that they are sweet in taste. He ate about six fruits and kept about a dozen of them in a small bag that is in his pocket. Anthony slowly got up, put the bag on to his shoulder, took the blue stick like object and started walking. In less than five minutes, he started feeling uneasy in his stomach. Before he could realize what is happening, he fell to the ground and slipped into deep sleep. A rattlesnake started moving towards Anthony.

To be continued to Part-4…….


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