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Journey to the unknown destination – Part-10

As Anthony moved forward he came across bushes, trees and lots of grass. That is the only way for him to move further. He lifted his head and saw and was aghast. One big eye is watching him as he moved further through those bushes. As he put his foot forward, he heard a voice coming from beneath the big eye. “Who are you? How did you come this far? Don’t put one foot forward. If you put your foot forward, you will die”.

“I am Anthony; I came on a mission of helping someone in need. I came here to take the golden petals from the princes of this kingdom. I know that I am risking my life, but my mission has no selfish motive. It is only to help a needy person” Anthony replied in a stony voice.

“We are not really concerned whether the purpose you came is a good one or not. No one other than the subjects of this kingdom is allowed here. If anyone tries to enter, they will lose their life. This is kingdom of death and death is quite common here. I should not give you an opportunity to go back, but somehow I decided to give you an opportunity to go back. Just turn back and leave this place, otherwise you will die a horrible death” the voice warned Anthony.

“No I am not going back. I will meet your princes and explain her. I have a feeling that she will help me. If you want to kill me, you can do that” Anthony is very determined.

“I am surprised at your courage. I never knew that people can ask for death. I am helpless; I must kill you or get killed. One more chance I am giving you. Go back, your idea of meeting the princess is only a pipe dream.” The voice told Anthony with firmness.

“I am closing my eyes and praying God, you can do your duty” Anthony is equally firm in his reply. He then started praying God.

Suddenly two big stones appeared from nowhere and started moving so fast towards Anthony’s head.

To be continued to Part-11…..


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