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Waiting is something no one wants to do. Waiting tends to bring out feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, despair, impatience, frustration and anger. All wonderful feelings to feel and appreciate! But I will save that for another time.

What I want to share with you now, is something that each of us can do to powerfully move Compumatrix forward in every way. It is a simple action step each of us can take to help align this company with the most powerful movement forward. If each of us were to just take the time to do this each morning and evening, it would assist all aspects of this company to move through every obstacle with ease and success.

We are, above all, a company founded by people rooted in faith. Many of us know the phrase ‘where two or more are gathered…’ We are 2,000 strong. We have gathered together, with conviction in the goal of creating prosperity for a world torn apart by poverty and a sense of hopelessness. By aligning ourselves with whatever power we acknowledge as greater than our own, we create a ensemble performance that is orchestrated by the Divine.

Try this out loud: I accept that I don’t know how to resolve all the obstacles in the path that Compumatrix is embarking upon. And so, I call upon the (Universe, God, the Divine, or whatever word feels best to you, to convey what you feel to be a higher power) to work through me, on my behalf, to speak the words, make the choices, orchestrate the actions, and align with the outcomes that are in my soul’s highest potential, to resolve all obstacles, for the well being of all, as I am now. And so it is.

And in the evening, before bed, try this out loud: I am grateful and thankful that the universe has worked through me, on my behalf, to speak the words, make the choices, orchestrate the actions and align with the outcomes that are in my soul’s highest potential, for the well being of all, as I am now. And so it is.

If even a small group of us are doing that each day, honoring the vision of this company with the faith that the Divine is working through us to resolve every obstacle upon on our path, in the highest possible way, there is nothing that cannot be done to bring about the highest vision of this great company! It is time for us to acknowledge that nothing happens upon this earth without the consent and cooperation of the Divine. When we align our company with the Will of the Divine, by surrendering to it and allowing it to work through us, on our behalf, for the well being of all, we step into the miraculous!

Do this for yourselves, regarding any question or problem you may have. Any stress you perceive is only the Divine calling out to you to remind you to ask for the Divine to work through you, as you, for the well being of all. Then, going about your day, it will still seem as though you are making choices, speaking words, taking action, as an individual person. But the energy will be different. Simply by prefacing and ending your day asking the Divine (or whatever word has meaning for you) to work through you, on your behalf, for the well being of all, you have taken the most powerful action step anyone can ever take, to allow for the miraculous to flow through you, into the world, into your life.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to my friend and mentor, Matt Kahn, for this teaching. I was able to attend the April Soul Gathering in Seattle with Matt, this past weekend, where he provided this teaching. To hear more about and from Matt, simply Google him. He has countless YouTube videos from past Soul Gatherings. The one from April’s Soul Gathering will undoubtedly be a high priority to upload in the near future. Through the Love Revolution he has brought millions of people together, worldwide, all committed to the world’s evolution and well being, from hearts that are alight with love.


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