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Journey to the unknown destination – Part-11

While the two big stones were moving very fast towards Anthony’s head, suddenly a big wind blew in such a way that both stones hit each other with a loud sound. With that sound Anthony opened his eyes and saw the stones hitting each other, becoming powder and falling down.

The voice from beneath the eyes in a surprise tone asked Anthony, “Are you having some miracle powers?

“No I don’t have any miracle powers. What happened is an act of God. God is omnipotent and omnipresent. He can do anything that others consider impossible. I prayed God and he saved me” Anthony replied with a humble tone.

“I must say you are very lucky. I can order your killing only once and I did my duty. i am really happy that you survived. Now you can move forward and there is no danger from me to you” the voice from beneath the big eye told Anthony.

Thanking God Anthony moved forward. After a little distance Anthony found a big obstacle on his way in the form of many wooden pieces, one over the other in a very organized way. Anthony thought that he can move some of them and can make way for himself.

As Anthony approached the wooden pieces block, it suddenly caught fire. The fire is so much and made Anthony to step back. He has to quickly step further back as the flames spread and started approaching him. Anthony understood that the flames were created to burn him off.

Anthony receded further back as the flames literally touched him. Before he could know the flames engulfed him and within seconds Anthony is in flames.

To be continued to Part-12…..

Has the story of valiant Anthony ended there? Well your guess is as good as mine. You have to wait for next part to know the fate of Anthony.

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