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Journey to the unknown destination – Part-16

The king looked at his daughter in disbelief. Puzzled with her reply, the king asked his daughter, “Do you know kid what you are talking?”

“Yes dad, I know what I am talking. The moment Anthony touched my body; I knew that he is going to be my husband. Yes dad, I am in love with Anthony, and this may be love at first sight” Princess so firmly and confidently told her father.

“Well kid, till now you never made any wrong decisions and I never said NO to anything you asked. If you feel that you will be happy marrying Anthony, then I have no objection. But Anthony should agree to stay here after marriage. That is because; your brother suddenly disappeared a few months back. With all the powers I have, I could not find where he is. After marrying Anthony if you also leave me, who will then look after this Kingdom?” the King asked his daughter with sorrow and agony.

“I am fine with your proposal, but it is Anthony that has to give his mind on two counts. One, whether he is interested to marry me and whether he is willing to stay with us after marriage?” the Princess replied her father pointing towards Anthony.

“What is your opinion Anthony? Are you willing to marry my daughter and if your reply is yes, then are you willing to stay here after marriage?” the King asked Anthony.

“It’s nice that the Princess made the marriage proposal. I am willing to marry her subject to certain conditions, and even if you agree to those conditions, I am not willing to stay here after marriage” Anthony replied in a firm voice.

“That is very sad to know, but I can’t say NO to my daughter’s request. What are those conditions Anthony?” the King unwillingly asked Anthony.

“I am sorry Majesty and Princess for putting the conditions, but they are necessary. The first one is that you should change the name of your Kingdom as Kingdom of Love and the other one is that from now onwards you should welcome outsiders to your Kingdom instead of killing them. The main thing is that he should love everyone and try to help as many people as possible” Anthony told in a humble voice.

“Well Anthony, I am agreeing to those conditions, but please reconsider your decision of not staying here after marriage, otherwise I will become lonely at this old age. My son disappeared a few months back and now if my daughter also leaves, I will be alone” the King asked Anthony in a requesting tone.

“Majesty, God will certainly help you in getting back your son. If you can’t trace him, then I will stay here” Anthony replied.

With the reply of Anthony, both the King and the Princess felt very happy.

“So when should I arrange for the marriage?” the King asked Anthony.

“First I must go with the golden petals to that needy person. Then I am ready for the marriage” Anthony replied.

“OK, that’s fine with us, but we both also want to accompany you to that person for whom you risked your life” the King told Anthony.

Then, at that very moment, all the three of them started and reached that place where Anthony needs to go.

Anthony then sprayed the golden petals on that wild and big animal. Within seconds that animal turned into human shape.

To be continued to Part-17…..


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