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Journey to the unknown destination – Part-19

Anthony intensified his preparations like entrusting the care of his house to close friend. He was busy all the day. He thought that he should buy one or two new suits and some more important things. When he was about to go to the market after locking the house, there was such heavy wind by which he has to stop for a while. For that wind a paper came and hit on the face of Anthony. He felt irritated and pulled the paper from his face to throw it away, but stopped by seeing what is there on that paper. He read it again loud, which is written in fresh blood, “Your people are in danger”.

Anthony for a moment didn’t understand who has written that with fresh blood. It must have been written a few minutes ago. How the wind brought that paper to him. Who is in danger? All questions and he has no answers.

It suddenly stuck him whether the King, his son and the Princess are in danger. Impossible, how can King be in danger in his own Kingdom? Then who else is in danger?

“Should I go to the Kingdom now and check? But the Angel asked him to go on the fifth day and today is only the third day. What should I do now?” Anthony became restless.

He was driving his car with disturbed mind and didn’t see that a heavy vehicle is coming very fast from back. By the time Anthony realized that the heavy vehicle is almost at the back of his car, the heavy vehicle hit Anthony’s car from the back with a heavy impact. Anthony’s car has become a piece of iron mass and Anthony got crushed inside the car.

Within seconds police vehicles, ambulance came and very badly injured Anthony was shifted to the hospital. His injured body was rushed to emergency and from there to the operation theater. After eight doctors performed an eight hours operation, Anthony was shifted to ICU.

On hearing the news Anthony’s friend reached the hospital and enquired the doctors about the condition. Doctors told him that the survival chances of Anthony are very bleak, as he not only suffered multiple fractures, but many of his vital organs are damaged.

At the end of 3rd day, here in the ICU, Anthony is lying with practically zero survival chances and there in the Kingdom, the King, his son and the Princess are waiting for Anthony to come and save them.

What an irony and how things change so fast.

What next?

To be continued to Part-20…..


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