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It’ all for Money – Part-15 – Last Part

Ten tall, lean and fearsome personalities appeared on all sides of Martha and their bodies are burning in flames. They moved close to Martha from all directions with an intention of finishing her.

Martha allowed them to come close by and then kissed and pointed the ring towards the ten of them, herself rotating on a single leg. Powerful rays emerged from the ring moved towards the ten fearsome personalities, hit them straight and they fell to the ground like dead wood.

There was smile on Martha’s face as she moved forward. Then the witch appeared in front of Martha and shouted at her, “So, you killed ten of my most powerful protectors and for that I will kill you here and now saying that the witch was about to rise her hand, when Martha kicked her in the belly. At that unexpected incident, the witch fell to her back. The moment her head touched the ground, she started shouting and crying, “You damn young lady you took away all my powers by making my head touch the ground. Now I became powerless. How do you know that by making my head touch the ground, you will get all my powers?”

Martha really got surprised at the turn of events, but didn’t show it up on her face. She very bravely told the witch, “I know many more things, before I kill you, handover James to me. I will then spare your life”.

“No please don’t kill me Martha, I will handover James to you now itself” telling that she shouted, “Sundu, bring James here immediately”.

Within seconds, a short and fat ugly looking guy brought James there.

“Here is James, take him and leave this place” the witch literally begged Martha.

Martha immediately caught hold of James hand and told him, “James, come with me, I m a friend not enemy”.

James without hesitation moved with her to the car.

Martha then told Mike, “Here is James” and then turning to James Martha told, “James, don’t hesitate, get into the car. We have come to take you to your wife”.

James immediately sat in the rear set of the car. When Martha was bout to get into the car, Mike shouted, “Martha, watch out the witch is at your back and she is about to hit you”.

Martha turned around with rocket speed and hit the witch on the nose with closed fist in such a way that the ring hit her nose. With that hit the nose of the witch got broken and the witch fell down and got burnt in flames that came from nowhere. The moment she got burnt down, her house disappeared from there and that place became very pleasant.

Then Martha got into the car and Mike drove it with all the speed he can. On the way to Grace, Martha told James what all happened. By the time Martha finished telling, Mike stopped the car in front of Grace.

Grace was extremely happy at the sight of James, went and hugged him and asked, “Please forgive me James, I understood how much I love you the moment you are gone”.

“No need to ask for forgiveness Grace, we all commit mistakes. Now let us forget what happened and live happily” James told Grace in reply and continued, “We both must thank Mike and Martha for all that they did for us”.

“Yes James, I could meet you again only because of these two” and turning to Mike and Martha, Grace told, “As promised this box is yours, I am giving this very happily to you because I realized that James is more valuable to me than that wealth”.

“Yes Grace, money is important, but there are more voluble things in life. We are taking this box and both of you also with us. You are my elder sister from today and we all four will live in our house and this wealth belongs to all of us” Martha told Grace with love and affection.

On hearing that Grace and James felt extremely happy.

All the four started in the car to lead a happy life.

Well the story ends here, but the joy and happiness of Mike, Martha, James and Grace will never end. Let us all bless them for  happy and contended life.


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