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A Job, Or a Business, Simplified

Sam Image4The Majority of people do some type of work, whether it be at home, at a job, or at your own business. If someone can name, or show me any type of worth while venture that can earn one money with absolutely no work involved then please tell me.

So let me explain something most never do when they say, or use the word, ‘Work’: Work is defined as any mental or physical effort done to achieve a given goal or end result.

So with that in mind let us talk about our Compumatrix business that each of us has. Have you worked at this or have you just sort of spent time doing nothing? Once again take a look at the definition of that word ‘Work’. It says; ANY MENTAL, or Physical Effort. So many these days spend hours on FaceBook, and other Web sites and they go through tons of reading and media material, and some even post to these sites.

Is that not a mental effort? So by the very definition that is work. So why shouldn’t you get paid for that? Henry thinks you should and that is all part of your business, and we must put forth an effort.

Let me ask about WCG (World Community Grid) and does it meet the criteria of work. It sure doesn’t seem like work, and it may or may not meet the definition so let us think about this, out loud sort of. We joined WCG why? The Money? Well, that may be one reason, but when you joined did you not read why this site exists in the 1st place? As for me, I felt compassion on all of those people with cancer, sicknesses, disease, bad water, and a bunch of other things that needs solved, so others can live a good life like I do. So I was consumed with compassion, and I was mentally challenged to do all that I could do to help, and I even built a better computer just for this job. Do I make more money, of course but then putting forth an effort is worth some compensation.  How ever, after much reflection and if I see some of these issues solved, I think I would continue whether I got paid or not.

So yes, the WCG meets the term of work, even if it runs around the bush a bit to get there. Folks you have a business opportunity and it could quite easily change your life, but let’s look at the rest of this story, it could also run for a very long term and most likely grow much larger than it is now, and take your whole family to a whole new level if you will just start out slowly, easily, and in a mentally planned manner. Or you could just rush in and try to take it all right now, and lose a very productive future?

I am so glad that Henry is taking precautions, and making sure that I can be earning a living for say the next 20 to 30 years. I am 61 now, and I hope and pray to live to 90 or 100. Jody (my wife) says I am so stubborn I will most likely live to 120. So it would be nice to have an income for the next 60 years…? You can laugh but what if, what if I came in took all my earnings, and just left, with little or nothing to grow from? All of the people who become very wealthy took their time and invested their hard work into many things, and they now have income for themselves and their families for life. Can you say how long you will live? I think not! Ask yourself, like I have; Is my wife taken care of, will she be able to get along if I die? You do realize that you are just one breath away from Eternity?

There is alot more work to do folks, and if you are going to make this work then we all need to put forth an effort just like the definition says! sc

I just could not resist this little story; I applied for a job at a local college for they were looking for an Instructor to teach Automotive Mechanics, and since I was already certified, I applied.  The man who hired me was a 30 year Naval Commander, and he was 73 then, and had already retired two times. But, when I asked he told me he was afraid to stop working, for he had retired from the Navy with four close friends, and two of them did not work, and they died within a year, and the other a year and a half. The third gentleman semi-retired and was sort of sickly all the time. Harold said he would work till he died, and it was obvious, because many times I would close up the school, and check the doors and he would still be in his office. Last time I seen Harold he was 93, and he came to my house, and was told by his doctors to slow down, or he would die.  The fact of the story is Harold finally died due to a car accident, and he never did slow down.  The human mind, body, and spirit can accomplish anything a person wants to if they want it bad enough!  And folks that is the Simplified Facts.    What you do in anything defines who you are, did you know that I went on to teach a dozen other areas such as electronics, refrigeration, welding, and many others and continued to go to college at the same time.


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