Merlin’s beard! Galleons on the DEX

As an avid fan of Harry Potter books, there’s nothing more magical among magical coins than the Galleon.

Blockchain technology has made the Galleon more secure, eliminating control from the goblins of Hogwarts or the middle earth and their dragon-slaves (Yeah! I feel bad for those dragons beyond the tunnels underground.)

Seriously, the Galleon token can thrive given that there is a potential community that could support and make use of it: The Pottermore Community.

Let’s dive into the figures.

The Pottermore community boasts an average of roughly 3 Million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

According to Scholastic, more than 400 million copies of Harry Potter titles have been sold worldwide, and they’ve been translated into 68 languages.

73,472,003 ‘likes’ the Facebook page Harry Potter Movie.

This is going to be a perfect virtual novelty item for all the fans to collect and use at the same time. Pair it with an app? And you’re in business.

Another notable feature is that there’s only 5,000 Galleons released upon the Muggle world every two years on every 31st day of July (Harry Potter & JK Rowling’s birthday) in the form of a cryptocurrency residing on the Bitshares platform. There’s only 1 Million Galleons that will ever grace the Bitshares blockchain and that would take 400 years to give out.

Now that’s truly what we can call “magic internet money.”

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