The World is Changing at a Very Rapid Pace

I remember, some years ago, maybe 50 or so years ago a time when I had a conversation with my grandmother. She was born in the late 1800’s and lived for 97 years. As she talked to me I became very intrigued in the history she was relating to me. For here before me was a woman that had traveled in her very early days by stagecoach from the midwest of America to the west of Canada. Many years later she experienced traveling by train and by bus and she also told me of those experiences asto how they compared to traveling by stagecoach. Her final experience of traveling a long distance was in her last 10 years of life. She said that she had decided to visit relatives in Prince Edward Island, in eastern Canada. Guess what, she traveled by jet aircraft, a DC-8, from the west coast to the east coast of Canada. She then concluded her story by relating the fact that if she would have had to do that travelling by stagecoach she would never have done it, since it would have taken weeks and weeks against less than a day. Then she said she was so glad that she had lived long enough to see the great changes and innovations coming to this world!

This story is to introduce my topic of, “The World is Changing at a very Rapid Pace these days.” These changes have been accelerating almost beyond a persons ability to imagine. Some of these changes are especially in the Finance-Eco business world. For many years it was just cash and, in some cases promissory notes, I.O.U.’s of debit or credit written on paper, properly formulated. They were somewhat time consuming.

Then came a great break through, the banking system and an apropo system of writing andcashing checks and even being able to save money in a bank. Wow, what a great innovation!

But wait! Some few years later we had those plastic cards introduced, especially by gas companies,and they called them “credit cards”. I clearly remember what so many older people said, including my parents, “I will never get nor own a credit card”. But, lo and behold those credit card took root into our finance sytem and soon most everyone had a credit card of some kind. Now transactions were so much more efficient, speedy and convenient. However, for some, this came to be “trouble”. These “credit cards” became too easy to use, and thus, trouble came sneaking up and lurking around the corner to trap many, called “over-extending”.

It was at this stage then that a new idea was proposed as a solution, it was a Debit Card, surely people would become more disciplined and conscientious in their spending, BUT NAW! Well the next step was banks thought they were going to lose money, so their solution was “let’s connect the card to an automatic crediting means from an individual’s bank account”, so that the debit card can always be funded for spending.

So now, the system became heavy and cumbersome and somewhat costly for all involved; card owner and merchant. Banks and financial institutions felt they were talking some risk and they needed to cover the cost of those risks. Interest rates and fees was their answer. Then we had the rise of Credit Unions, but they were not the complete nor wholesome solution either. And then we had the development of the internet which would help you go online to monitor your accounts and maybe help be a solution.

However, let me tell you the biggest solution that the internet would help develop. It is the Cryptocurrency Eco-business World of today’s revolution.

This is how it started.

Someone decided that there had to be a better way for Financial Transactions to be accomplished, a solution for both client and merchant, maybe a “sort of” sophisticated construct that when developed in our modern times would remind one of the old barter system.

Thus, a blockchain and a cryptocurrency was developed, to which there would be no interposing banking system. It would just be a system of transactions of one to one; peer to peer with no interfering outside third parties looking over ones shoulder and, in some ways, invading one’s personal privacy.

All this is what brought us to the innovative crypto-ecosystem that today is the big, major financial revolution that is unrolling across the globe in countries, in financial institutions, in businesses and with individual users. It is a powerful revolution and for some it is intimidating, for others it is threatening, but for most that understand it, it is exciting. This new Eco-System is here to stay. So we all might as well become used to this one fact and begin to be engaged in this new system to be able to access all it’s positive and powerful functions.

That is why our company, Compumatrix, exists today. It is to teach, to encourage, to acquaint one with knowledge of this technology, to invigorate and engage understanding. Compumatrix wants it to be a part of our everyday lives and therefore help us not be fearful of it but to embrace it. For it is a world and a system that is not going to go away, and we as individuals can not afford to be left behind because the offered methodology is like nothing ever made available before to us ordinary folk with its multiplicity of offered platforms and systems.

Within it’s framework is a personal asset building system.

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