The World is Changing at a Very Rapid Pace

I remember, some years ago, maybe 50 or so years ago a time when I had a conversation with my grandmother. She was born in the late 1800’s and lived for 97 years. As she talked to me I became very intrigued in the history she was relating to me. For here before me was a woman that had traveled in her very early days by stagecoach from the Midwest of America to the west of Canada. Many years later she experienced traveling by train and by bus and she also told me of those experiences as to how they compared to traveling by stagecoach. Her final experience of traveling a long distance was in her last 10 years of life. She said that she had decided to visit relatives in Prince Edward Island, in eastern Canada. Guess what, she traveled by jet aircraft, a DC-8, from the west coast to the east coast of Canada. She then concluded her story by relating the fact that if she would have had to do that travelling by stagecoach she would never have done it, since it would have taken weeks and weeks against less than a day. Then she said she was so glad that she had lived long enough to see the great changes and innovations coming to this world!

This story is to introduce my topic of, “The World is Changing at a very Rapid Pace these days.” These changes have been accelerating almost beyond a persons ability to imagine. Some of these changes are especially in the Finance-Eco business world. For many years it was just cash and, in some cases promissory notes, I.O.U.’s of debit or credit written on paper, properly formulated. They were somewhat time consuming.

Then came a great break through, the banking system and an apropos system of writing and cashing checks and even being able to save money in a bank. Wow, what a great innovation!

But wait! Some few years later we had those plastic cards introduced, especially by gas companies,and they called them “credit cards”. I clearly remember what so many older people said, including my parents, “I will never get nor own a credit card”. But, lo and behold those credit card took root into our finance system and soon most everyone had a credit card of some kind. Now transactions were so much more efficient, speedy and convenient. However, for some, this came to be “trouble”. These “credit cards” became too easy to use, and thus, trouble came sneaking up and lurking around the corner to trap many, called “over-extending”.

It was at this stage then that a new idea was proposed as a solution, it was a Debit Card, surely people would become more disciplined and conscientious in their spending, BUT NAW! Well the next step was banks thought they were going to lose money, so their solution was “let’s connect the card to an automatic crediting means from an individual’s bank account”, so that the debit card can always be funded for spending.

So now, the system became heavy and cumbersome and somewhat costly for all involved; card owner and merchant. Banks and financial institutions felt they were talking some risk and they needed to cover the cost of those risks. Interest rates and fees was their answer. Then we had the rise of Credit Unions, but they were not the complete nor wholesome solution either. And then we had the development of the internet which would help you go online to monitor your accounts and maybe help be a solution.

However, let me tell you the biggest solution that the internet would help develop. It is the Cryptocurrency Eco-business World of today’s revolution.

This is how it started.

Someone decided that there had to be a better way for Financial Transactions to be accomplished, a solution for both client and merchant, maybe a “sort of” sophisticated construct that when developed in our modern times would remind one of the old barter system.

Thus, a blockchain and a cryptocurrency was developed, to which there would be no interposing banking system. It would just be a system of transactions of one to one; peer to peer with no interfering outside third parties looking over ones shoulder and, in some ways, invading one’s personal privacy.

All this is what brought us to the innovative crypto-ecosystem that today is the big, major financial revolution that is unrolling across the globe in countries, in financial institutions, in businesses and with individual users. It is a powerful revolution and for some it is intimidating, for others it is threatening, but for most that understand it, it is exciting. This new Eco-System is here to stay. So we all might as well become used to this one fact and begin to be engaged in this new system to be able to access all it’s positive and powerful functions.

That is why our company, Compumatrix, exists today. It is to teach, to encourage, to acquaint one with knowledge of this technology, to invigorate and engage understanding. Compumatrix wants it to be a part of our everyday lives and therefore help us not be fearful of it but to embrace it. For it is a world and a system that is not going to go away, and we as individuals can not afford to be left behind because the offered methodology is like nothing ever made available before to us ordinary folk with its multiplicity of offered platforms and systems.

Within it’s framework is a personal asset building system.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. Nothing ever remains the same…This is why we have to be “light on our feet”. We have to be ready to change gears, switch lanes or hit the brakes at a moments notice or we will be caught in the wreck and stalled or worse. We at Compumatrix welcome change and ride the wave of innovation!!

    1. From David’s blog post “no interposing banking system. It would just be a system of transactions of one to one; peer to peer with no interfering outside third parties looking over ones shoulder and, in some ways, invading one’s personal privacy.” really struck home to me. Now the banks are using their tellers as tattle tell agents to report where the money came from you are depositing, what are you going to use that money for – then they suggest the bank can help them invest in almost zero interest rate investments….That is why a decentralized crypto-currency is so appealing to me – our financial affairs become more private!!! This is a change that is definitely for the better from what our current banks are offering…

    2. Dear David, thank you for this blog and the advice to not be fearful in the unknown or to the new. Not knowing and understanding exactly how everything transacts in this world maybe uncomforting at first. Just like the credit cards and debit cards. But once you understand the ins-and-outs of the technology and begin to use those technologies those fears naturally subside. Such will be the case for our array of products in this crypto universe. So, what is our controllable at this point? It is believing in your leaders and technology of our company and remaining positive as we expand the horizon in the very near future.

  2. I do remember back in the days when I was about 8 years old and my mother for the first time handed the cashier at the supermarket a plastic card instead of the usual piece of paper called a check. I asked her about it, and she simply said, “this is Dad’s new way to pay for the groceries”. I was thinking, “wow, my Dad is one smart Dad”. Little did I know the world was changing in a major way at that time.

  3. I remember before the “Cards” we also had “Green Stamps” for incentive’s to save up to cash in. There was a business that would ” purchase” the filled green stamp books or any “stamp” incentive books, which numbered in the hundreds, then traded like cash on a stamp market. Most of the time the house wives saved up for Dishes or cutlery, Coffee pots, or a myriad of gifts, toys, and other useful accessories you get ” Free” for doing nothing except spending wages for necessities of normal life. Now we have a wallet full of “Discount” cards for points or credits you get to use at a specific brand. Many big business now have their own credit cards they make more profit on than the products they sell. yes, we have progressed from P2P cash to Cyber Cash in a named ” cashless society we are learning to weave our way through this jungle leaving some baffled asking, “is money no good anymore?” We are in a massive “Paradigm shift” in all areas of our Society and if you don’t keep up in all likely, some one will find you standing in the middle of the street scratching your head, wondering “what happened!”

  4. One thing not mentioned in the article is another important point of a cryptocurrency revolution and that is that although it is in a sense create from thin air, it still has limits as to it’s growth whereas fiat currency can be printed (or digitally deposited in banks) with no limit what-so-ever. And in a case like Bitcoin and many others there is an absolute limit as to its creation.

    1. Bitcoin is not created out of thin air. It is created by doing work. The BTC block chain is designed to mimic physical mining, in a digital platform. In BTC’s case, that work consists of solving mathematical calculations. In the same way gold mining stakes are made, the first to solve the next calculation is rewarded with the corresponding BTC.

      The difficulty of those calculations being increased or decreased as the blockchain progresses. As more BTC are found/mined, there is less to find thus making the work harder. The 4 year halving events also add to this by cutting the number of BTC mined in half every 4 years.

      A very good digital representation of gold mining. As there is only so much gold on the planet, when some is found, there is less to BE found.

      FIat is truly a thin air currency, of which is soley owned by the central banking authority that prints it. The Central Bank purchases bonds from the the country selling them to fund their economy. Then prints the FIAT notes as IOU’s to that government in representation of the bonds purchased. Biggest caveat to this scenario is that those bonds the central banks purchase bear interest. When the notes are printed, the interest is not printed so the governments have but 1 choice to be able to pay that interest promised. Sell more bonds at interest to the central bank to receive more notes of which the central bank has claim to a portion equal to the interest that has been promised. This vicious cycle is repeated over and over again until the governments go bankrupt because of the impossibility of re-ayment in full.

  5. When I came into Compumatrix ,I was what my kids call a noob. I had heard about cryptocurrency but hadn’t paid an extraordinary amount of attention to it. Blockchain,Bitcoin,Bitshares…it was like a foreign language to me. I knew the world was changing and I needed to get on board. I needed to catch up. Change is inevitable. They way our world is changing now, I look forward to learning even more.

  6. Wow, David what a way to cover over a hundred plus years using your Grandmother’s experience.
    You brought us back in time and forward at warps speed (past the green stamp era, thanks for that reminder Ronald, I had forgotten but it brought back memories of my Mother doing so) to our present participation in a changing world with Crypto being a part of it and thanks to my Friend Kevin I am now a part of what Compumatrix is about to roll out.
    So glad David, you and most the pioneers in Compumatrix will be there to witness your handywork.
    So glad that I thanks to all the above mentioned will be able to see something spectacular to bring a solution to all that suffer and all that will take heed.
    Your Grandmother would never have envisioned flying through the air in hours compared to weeks of jolting butt hurting time in a stage coach yet thar she went.
    So all those naysayers who don’t believe that big change is coming will eventually get to step into the ‘Compumatrix jet’ to take them where no Man or Woman has ever gone before.
    Well done on the article David as it really lays out where we have come from and the exciting times of where we will be in the future.

  7. what an awesome article and the replies meet that standard also and I do knopw the feeling of covering 100 years or so when I go see and talk with my 98 year old Aunt and some of the stories we talk about back from ww2 and union work of the 50’s and 60’s — it is just amazing how far we as Americans have traveled over the years — great read really — thank you —

  8. David how nice it is to go back to the past with the memories of a grandmother! They are people who have a lot to teach us. In fact, changes are accelerating at all levels, especially now with Pandemic and social isolation, in which humanity needs to adapt to this new reality. And in the world of cryptocurrencies, the evolution and what is happening in the market is impressive. Fantastic!

  9. My father was in the Army and while stationed in Florida, we would travel to New York during the summer. I remember my mother pulling out her gas credit cards to see which ones had enough credit to take on the trip.

    Now, I understand crypto currency exchange just as much as my mother understood her credit card sorting. I still having mastered Cash App but I can send money on Face Book!

    Yes, we continue to see changes every year if not every month. It makes me wonder in the early 1900’s when they wanted to close the Patent Office “because there was nothing else left to invent”!

  10. What is great about these plastic cards is that we have options. We can use the credit card for quick and sometimes easy credit, or the debit card for the safe use of a card that offers all of the convenience as the credit card, but we are using our own money. For those of us that cannot control ourselves and our tendency to spend what is not ours, this presents a safe solution while still offering an easy and convenient way to use the “plastic card”. I have gotten myself into trouble on many occasions with credit cards. So many occasions that I think I have finally learned my lesson. If you have the money, use your debit card. If you don’t have the money, don’t spend someone else’s money by using a credit card. It is expensive and dangerous. I am now 65 years old and still learning this lesson.

  11. I am very young so I do not remember a time when credit cards or the internet did not exist. But I am excited for bitcoin to revolutionize the way we do transactions today. The world is constantly changing; businesses must adapt or they get left behind. I think Compumatrix has the ability to adapt to anything thrown at them and can be a big player in the crypto space. It’s just a matter of time!

  12. I had to come back and read this Posting again –when I read thru this avenue i have to go back read again and digest more of the info that is included and my gosh it is just so cool –I can only smile when i think how much has changed just from childhood days of the 60’s n early 70’s — it is fascinating to say the least and oh my how much has changed in the 20 yrs. of this Century?? oh my —

  13. I hope it is okay to post another thought here but this Blog posting by david is just so good and so much worth reading and studying many times over in my opinion anyways — I just learn and grasp and then 2 -3 hours later I get this thought or that idea and put it on paper and it makes sense — thank you and very much appreciated for the effort by so many here — rj

  14. Yes the world is changing at a very rapid pace and the pace has got even more faster with the era of computers and new technology e.g. mobile phones etc.I foresee us going in the new era of what is called nano-technology where things move with just a touch of a finger.
    Like we used to see in the science fiction series ‘Star Wars’ where people were transmitted and sent from one place to another by standing under a kind of space station in the space craft and wow ‘scottie’ would send a person miles away by just a touch of a button.
    We are also making rapid progress in the the field of Financial Technology (fintech),and Compumatrix has helped us get all of it under one umbrella.

  15. Thanks, David, your brilliant article reminds me that change is the only constant. When we are anxiously waiting it cuts off the fun and flow to life and business. However, we engage in inspired action, embrace the change, and be grateful for how it enhances our lives, we create success together.

  16. Agreed, the world is changing at a very fast pace. Compumatrix is on the verge of changing the world at an even faster pace than people expected. Compumatrix is going to be part of the cashless world where fiat might not even exist. Kind of like how credit cards and banks used to not exist. This is the stuff that makes life exciting!

  17. life is ever changing and what i have seen over time is that todays’ world is changing very much faster then we changed back 40-50 years ago — when i look back though at that time when all we had is a land phone and people had their own numbers then I watch old episode of Andy Griffith and see Barney have to thru operator to get a call thru –so I got to believe as we go thru each moment it probably looked like we were moving at the speed of light even 50 years ago ?? I wonder ?? good thoughts and thanks for info–

  18. Very nice and Informative Blog and so very timely.The whole world is changing rapidly in all the fields be it Science,Technology,Computers,Medicine,Money to name a few. Thanks for giving heads up David and reminding us that we have Compumatrix amongst our midst to help us through these rapid ever changing Financial environments.This is definitely a very useful info to be imbibed to the fullest.As Sophye put it nothing remains the same so in fact we have been put on guard and thanks again .

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