Virtual Prepaid Cards: What can I do with these?

I was on our Facebook Page when one question caught my attention: I am sure someone has asked this, since I was asked, and did not have an answer: what can all these cards be used for? What can they buy with them?

As of now, our virtual prepaid cards are used to load funds to our Cryptoceeds eWallet, Compumatrix Social Network and Trading Portal. It is Cryptoceeds eWallet that can be used to buy stuff from our merchant partners online and offline. However, we are still in the process of growing our merchant base. We are also at the stage of growing our customer base. We are doing this by providing incentives to members joinin us by becoming our market makers and distributors of the virtual prepaid cards.

We believe that by providing incentives, we are able to increase the customer base for merchants and thus attract more merchants to start accepting our Cryptoceeds eWallet as a form of payment.

Like Network Marketing companies, we spend less on advertising in order to provide members the ability to earn while creating a buzz which we expect to attract more members to join our revenue sharing program.

The main goal of the cards is to simplify the process by which people pay online by creating more venues for them to fund their accounts. They certainly don’t have to go to a bank or remittance service to send, obtain a credit card or debit card and not to mention pay the fees. We want them to be able to go to their next door neighbor, a neighborhood store, a merchant or just an associate like yourself. The goto person or place for people to buy a card from, so that they can redeem the code to fund their account which they use to spend online without having to pay hefty fees.

One fact we have to face as a startup is that Cryptoceeds eWallet was just launched recently and of course like any other program, nobody knows about it except for its founding members and owners. The first thing that merchants want from any payment method is a great number of members they can serve as prospective customers which will eventually become their customer. On the other hand, customers want to use a payment method which has a lot of merchants to buy from. We don’t have both. So why do we have the virtual prepaid cards? What can we do? We then create value for using the cards which then turns these cards into a marketing tool and an online business that increases both number of merchants and customers by allowing them to earn from us through our revenue sharing and monetization platforms. Customers becomes our members first enjoying the benefits and perks of distributing our cards on a global scale. It is the tool that creates the buzz which solves our need to increase our membership base.

While it is true that Cryptoceeds eWallet don’t have any use for merchants as of yet, it can be used to grow your earnings via the trading portal while at the same time growing our membership base who works as market makers and distribution channels. With the cards, we can grow at a rapid pace. The cards not only increases our membership base and merchant partners but it also brings us an astronomical revenue growth which can further use to provide better services, faster settlements and a lot more that will come our way.

You are all lucky to be part of this point in time where you will be able to see your income or earnings grow together with the company.

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. I think that GYFT and other companies like that showed us that the Virtual Prepaid Card really works ! I know that Compumatrix VPC’s will be a very coveted item soon in the crypto world. How blessed we are to be on the founding edge of these and to actually be a supplier of things that will be so sought after in the future. It’s such a win win situation for us !

  2. I love this Blog, it gives a very good explanation of how these cards work,and will be a very good tool when trying to bring in new members to this buisness and as the merchant base grows, the sky will be the limit, and we are in a great position to move compumatrix forward

  3. This is a win-win, I have done something very similar with another company. They had gift cards for purchase for business owners or customers and when you purchase them you get percentage of “cashback”. So in reality it’s the same since you would be feeding our own business just with a different type of currency and if you are going to be “buying it anyway” why not have it feed your investments.

  4. Trying not to be redundant. Henry’s vision will easily expand over the first year or so. I enjoy the Crypto Cards that I use for everyday purchases or to acquire Gift Cards. It is truly a quick process and nice to have some side money to purchase dinner or even a hotel room, rent a car, food, etc. As Visa expands their own market share ours will continue to expand. Using our Crypto assets to expand our own business and earn while doing so, is a big plus.

  5. What an amazing opportunity for Compumatrix members that have an chance for creating and then selling Virtual Prepaid Cards, I like the opportunity because Virtual Prepaid Cards, , are actual products that have real value. It is easy to create and easily sold.This is a real product with real value and something to be cherished these days. This is a wonderful opportunity to earn Virtual Currency that can be used for purchasing real products. Definitely a real game changer.

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