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Compumatrix has come a long way. From the group of people earning via Forex via Network Marketing, to Online Advertising, to Monetized Social Network Platform and at present turned each member into an Independent Associate as part of our Compumatrix Entrepreneurship Program. The Compumatrix Entrepreneurship Program is a direct selling program focused on the sale and distribution of Packaged Compuceeds (Compumatrix Proceeds: the Compumatrix Virtual Currency) otherwise known as the Virtual Prepaid Cards. Compumatrix uses this sales and marketing strategy in order for the circulation and distribution of our virtual currency to be fast, unique and rewarding.

What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

The Compumatrix Virtual Prepaid Card is the first ever, non-expiring, virtual prepaid card which enables people to earn or save online. No other card is out there that allows you to consume it and participate on our platform which allows you to earn, save or increase your bottom line. Each prepaid card in the current market is focused in providing you their in-house service. For example, if you buy a prepaid load for a mobile phone, you’re buying airtime and SMS credits to consume in a specific number of days.

If you are a member of Compumatrix, then it is important to note that you are already a part of the ever-growing virtual currency industry. On our Compumatrix Online Community and Blogging Platform, you receive Compuceeds as payment for each and every activity you contribute. Our virtual currency is not based on cryptography but just plain arithmetic and online productivity. We don’t have a public ledger since we keep our accounting and ledgers private. One important fact that members on this [virtual currency] industry must understand is that, receiving virtual currency is a final and legitimate form of payment. And thus you are already paid out upon receiving payments in Compuceeds on your Cryptoceeds.com eWallet Account. As of now, since we don’t deal with exchanges, the only way to turn Compuceeds to Cash is by participating in the trading portal platform: Compumatrix.co.

How to use the Trading Portal: Compumatrix.co?

A member starts by funding his portal account. This is done by buying VPCs from other Independent Associates online or offline. With his available balance, he can use this to buy cards to sell offline. Several members have already cashed out using the Offline Procedure. Of course, this procedure requires knowledge about this industry, work, effort, determination and perseverance. Your ability to earn depends on these qualities, which are always part of running any business or endeavor. As an Independent Associate of Compumatrix, your main task is to promote and be an advocate of Online Work to Earn or Save using the Internet.

What is the Virtual Prepaid Card for?

The Virtual Prepaid Card is a prepaid load that is used to fund ones portal account in order to start earning via online trading. Just like a mutual fund, participants need to subscribe to a given product in order for the system to sell those subscriptions. We are the only prepaid card or prepaid load that enables others to participate on earning/saving online. Our target market right now are people who wants to earn and save online and that is a very huge market. The portal works as a distribution/marketing channel which aims to increase the membership base of Compumatrix in order for the company to build a critical mass of users (big data) which can thereby attract online advertisers which helps in further monetizing our digital currencies and merchants that will join us on our network making us their preferred payment method since we offer them zero transaction fees and instant payment processing of orders from anywhere in the world.

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