Virtual Currency versus Payment Processor Mindset

With the virtual currency mindset, you already got paid the moment you see your earnings in digital form which gets you excited attracting everyone else around you to join by either buying virtual currency or virtual currency packages from you directly or online. The payment processor mindset, on the other hand, gets you excited when you receive the cash on hand and that’s the only time everyone else around you join. So instead of earning faster, there is a very long lag time or waiting period if you employ a payment processor mindset which obviously keeps all your prospects away from you until that moment you receive cash. With virtual currencies, you can close deals faster and earn cash faster via peer to peer trading or in this example, by selling the card available to you directly to a prospective client. Whether you use #compuceeds #bitcoin or other virtual currency, always remember that receiving these means you are already paid. You’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. Had never thought of receiving ‘fiat’ with the cards directly like that… But for sure this can be a way for some!

  2. Isn’t this just beautiful? To be able to run a business online, and have all the tools necessary at hand. You don’t even have to be an educated salesperson to sell the cards you create, and cards in your inventory may be sold while you are blogging, or doing something else to put fuel to the crypto eco system. By learning more about crypto currency you will be able to participate in the change of way of dealing with currencies in the world.

  3. I cant wait to get back to buying and selling cards again, it was exciting to see the cards being sold and money put into your compumatrix account,I have missed that side of the buisness,and look forward to seeing what else is coming down the pipeline

  4. Very good illustration with the comic version makes it very easy to see how it works and it is that simple to do, what a great business concept it is looking forward to working with this online and so in so many countries as well.

  5. That cartoon reminded me of the excitement of selling VPC with Compumatrix. It used to get me out of bed very quickly in the morning to rush upstairs and switch on my PC to check which of my cards had been sold. Some days I did not have to check back later either, I could just refresh the page and another card had been sold. I remember those days and I am really looking forward to them again!

  6. It’s a good way to earn money and let the money work for you while you can do other things.
    I miss those times when you bought alot of cards one day, and when I checked my account the following day I could see some already being sold!
    Will be a great when everything is ready to go.

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