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The Story of Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer

This is the story of three friends who were born on the same year.

Their names are Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer.

On their 30th birthday, they went drinking in a bar.

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Towards the end of the night, Mr. Invest Now said, “I want to start investing now. I’ll invest P20,000 every year until our 40th birthday. Do you want to join me?”

“Not now, I’ll invest and catch up with you later,” said Mr. Catch Up.

“Not now, I’ll wait a little longer, and invest when my salary’s higher,” said Mr. Wait Longer.

On their 34th birthday, the three friends met again at the same bar.

“I’m ready to invest,” announced Mr. Catch Up. “I’ll invest P20,000 every year but I won’t stop on our 40th birthday. I’ll invest until we’re 60!”

“Great to hear that! How about you?” Mr. Invest Now asked Mr. Wait Longer.

“Now now, I’ll wait a little longer, when I have more money,” answered Mr. Wait Longer.

On their 40th birthday, the three friends were in their favorite bar once more.

“This is my final year of investing! I’ll no longer invest starting next year,” announced Mr. Invest Now.

“I’m not stopping,” said Mr. Catch Up. “I’ll continue investing until we’re 60 years old.”

“Finally, I will start investing!” said Mr. Wait Longer. “And I will invest P50,000 every year until we’re 50 years old.”

On their 61st birthday, the three friends decided that they will go to Munich to attend the Octoberfest.

They took out their investments, which they all placed in the same mutual fund.

If the compounded annual growth rate of the investment is 10%, who do you think made the most money?

Mr. Invest Now


Mr. Catch up


Mr. Wait Longer


The Clear Winner


Time to answer a question…

Are you going to invest now, catch up later, or choose to wait longer?

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  1. interesting way to bring out a point of why we should invest NOW and reap the benefits later!! So many are caught up in the instant gratification idea that they lack the patience to act now and benefit later…

  2. This is a great article with a powerful visual. This education was not taught in much detail when I was first starting my career. I plan to share this with a nephew graduating this year. Our conversation will focus on investing in Bitcoin for his future! Thanks for posting.

  3. I think the graphs and seeing the difference between the 3 scenarios speak a lot louder than words do,I wish I had had the knowledge and the means to follow this example many years ago,but hopefully we can try and get ahead of the game very shortly

  4. I have always liked compounding it is a amazing concept and great way to save. funny how it works out when you do it the right way, kind of like double a penny everyday and see how it adds up to a substantial amount in a years time.

  5. This post has interesting information and even practical, for Generation Z and Millennials. But for myself (a Baby Boomer), I am going to be “Mr. Come From Behind” with Compumatrix and cryptocurrency fueling my rocket ride. LOL

  6. Well three persons: Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer, had their own preferences. My point is why should I identify myself with any of these three: Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer. It is not always correct to Invest Now. Suppose market is high, I mean prices are above normal price, it is not wise to Invest Now, but preference will be Wait Longer. From collapsed market, when prices start rising, then Catching Up becomes necessary. So, there is no hard and fast rule that we should always: 1. Invest Now, 2. Catch Up and 3. Wait Longer. It all depends on market trends. The crux of the whole scenario is to get good Return On Investment (ROI).

    1. Fifty-four years ago a young couple were faced with making a decision as to who they would be/follow. The choice of being like Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up, or Mr.Wait Longer was discussed at length. They opped to follow Mr. Invest Now. That decision is the best decision they ever made. There were times when the investments couldn’t be as high as they would have liked but each month no matter what something went into their account. Today they are enjoying the fruits of that choice. Using common-sense and adjusting when necessary are key to a full successful savings plan.

  7. Well, currently I am investing. I have never been a procrastinator and as good as that may sound, sometimes it worked against me. I was too impatient and found myself investing without doing any research and I landed up making huge mistakes. I learned the hard way and now when I invest, I make sure I have done research and due diligence before I jump in. I also do not put all my eggs in one basket any more. That was a huge investment mistake. Looking forward to the future that my investments will bring me now.

  8. Excellent story and great advice for someone who is young to consider. Take this advice while you have the chance to be the an “Invest Now” person. I wish i had done that back when I started my first full time job as a teacher. If I could go back in time, I would start investing from my very first paycheck! As we can see in those 3 examples above, it makes a huge different when you start.

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