Because we forget

Because we forget, and revisions with changes rise up, sometimes we need a few reminders so this will be such a time to review of who we are, what we do, what our industry encompasses, what our industry IS.

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I think it is time for us all to once again refocus on some very pertinent facts in terms of ALL THINGS COMPUMATRIX.

The first signs of life for our company started back in 2005. There have since then been several changes, remember PSX, Eonpay and other things with the significant change being made in the 2009-2010 reorganization with the resultant emergence of Compumatrix and Networks International Inc. The company has since that embryo stage gone through many adjustments to arrive at where it is today and notwithstanding all those successes we still face the need to continue this emerging process to become a most successful company in our Industry. This is the reason why we still describe ourselves as a Start-Up.

I am going to give this report in several parts. I will even divide those parts up into some sub parts. Therefore this topic of sharing will need several postings.

This platform can be described this way. Individualism is not a gain since its main focus is on the “me” element and not the “us” element. So, for us it should not be how can “I” gain but how can we “all” gain. How can the Company and the Community gain and all of us move ahead together to a better, brighter future. Yes a most prize-worthy goal for us to agree upon for each other and the future.

The strongest cord for each of us is “community” and the “focus on it”. This is the uniting force, the positive force as against the divisive negative force. Might I interject here with a little subtlety this question; Who is in control of this focus, in this adventure that we have all consented to take (no one has been forced to join)? This, uniting force and focus is the debt of caring and helping that we all owe each other and more than anything we owe to our Company as it pioneers and leads the way through, into this very new industry with it’s attending revolutionary “ECOSYSTEM”. I remember many years ago the phrase; “the family that prays together stays together” While prayer is a good thing for us all, what I also glean from this; is, “the community that believes strongly together will strongly succeed together”. So the question now is; are you going to be part of that community, this community – our community and bind strongly together in it?

So let’s see;

1 Lets’ say is the refresher of who we are. It will include some of the industry what it means in general;

2 Some about our system, our paradigm, our product;

3 the DEX platform and the rationale for it, and some of the rules, and;

4 Community and Focus

I am going to address these in no certain order; however maybe we will start with #4 first.

The reason for this is that for many members this is a BIG challenge. Yet this is the core that should bind us all together that we All should achieve for each other. This is really what makes us tick and work together OR on the other hand it could become a ticking time bomb scattering us. I know that we have all heard this saying “united we will stand firm but divided we will fall flat” For US AND THIS COMPANY that is most emphatically true. We cannot in this industry atmosphere and “ecosystem” be anything but united. Will you be in agreement with this?

For you see this is the one function that is very important BECAUSE it is the PLATFORM OF VALUE for the company and members together.

Remember this, the leadership in this company is faithfully here, positioned to lead, to help, to guide, to teach, to develop understanding of what to do and how to do it and to encourage everyone because we know that everyone is at a different level of knowledge and position on this trip we travel.

David Morris

Yet, we want everyone to reach the destination thus, there is a certain level of need for patience, however, even this accommodation must see progress of graduation in each member evidencing steps of advancement and comprehension. For how would we characterize the 14 year old that is still in kindergarten? So what do we do? we do what some have already said; we move onward, forward, and upward.

This then brings me to the topic of focus. In the case of Compumatrix we focus on the development going forward and not on the perceived delays. We stay positive and not become negative. We focus on our goals not on the present status. We focus on where we are going and the success thereof, not on the moaning and groaning, grumbling and complaining nor the sentiment of when, how long; but rather on the progress that each and every day offer with the attenuating hard work being done by our staff and the many others partnering with us. We focus on gratitude for an opportunity to be participating in something great. We focus on our community’s well being and definitely we focus on following the rules, protocols and faithfully doing our part. This in turn will help us focus on being helpful leaders helping the staff and even each other.

Let’s use a baseball simile; we do not want a pitcher to focus on the knuckle-ball, the screwball, the deceptive big curve ball to try to confuse, to deflect the batter (member) from wholesome happy participation in the game. But this just might be the picture of some who focus on continual interjections of statements of controversy or questions bordering on the element of “me” and not the “wholesomeness” of the community. Questions that bring into focus doubt, impatience, with the sole cause to what I call “stir the pot of controversy” Our community focus MUST rejects this!

So, for our community to move positively forward gaining ground little by little every day, it is most incumbent on us all to stay and keep our focus on the goal of the company and our leaders to move us all to success. For when you go your own way, do your own thing, ignore strong instructions and protocols it only means you have lost focus or never had any to start with, you just want your own way of what you want to do, and not at all to abide by the orders, protocols and standards for the community.

More to follow, so bye for now until the next day or so!

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. I remember the beginning with PSX and Eonpay.
    So much has happened since then!
    A huge development was made when introducing Compumatrix to the world.
    Looking forward to the next step forward!

  2. Well, if there was ever a great illustration of the story of the tortoise and the hare, it would be Compumatrix. We did not start off as a flash in the pan get rich quick scheme. Slowly, methodically, steadily, little by little, inch by inch, failure by failure, we have reached the place where we are today. And how strong and how deep is our foundation now. Houses can go up in a day these days, but how deep is their foundation ? Ours goes so deep, and now it will be allowed to go so tall !

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