Memory Lane

Today my purpose is to stir our memory and then to remind ourselves why we are here. It is sort of like a reconciliation of our mindset or rather the impetus of thought that inspired us for joining this “company” way back when. What was it? What is your memory of it?

I know for many it was the underlying thought that I am seeking? some program among the multitude offered back 10-11 years ago, that would help me get out of my difficult situation or help me improve my economic situation. Or, plain and simple, a supplement to my meager income of that time. The reality was I was searching for some, any program, that would help “rescue me”, one that would most likely only require passive participation of me. Part of that continuing mindset was because we had engaged maybe one or more of the offerings of that day on the internet.

There were so many out there, we had tried several and we would like to try more with the hope of landing the real “helping, rescuing me one. Is this close to your mindset 10-11 years ago? You were looking for something easy from which to acquire money and not something that required too much work, if any, much less the activity in doing a business or having such a mindset.

For many, if not the majority, this was the goal and the thinking process that helped make the decision of what program to follow and implement for myself. For most, it was not seeking out a company with which I could partner and then become a business myself using their protocols and platform. And yes, I understand that over the years much has changed from that first program you joined. But reflect on how many of those HYIP programs you joined or thought to join are existing much less operating today.

It is unfortunate that for many that is still the incumbent deciding factor (HYIP) of their continued pursuit of this Company “Compumatrix” and it is not really to become their own business with an inner motivation to make strides for success and also to motivate others to do the same. If that is you, how unfortunate, since the opportunity that today’s financial world offers is to made and to develop this new Eco world to fit our companies future and prospect for great and then greater success. There has never been a time in this global atmosphere of currency than the one of today that can make this really work for everyone’s success. The world of the Digital currency, the Cryptocurrency, the Decentralized and the Blockchain. In this new world possible changes and tweaks, -probable, minor adjustments to protocols and processes -probable even some of major degree again -probable but the underlying goals, structures and foundations are solid for today’s Eco world.

While I, overall, really understand that primary involving mindset for many that started, do find it disappointing that still for so many it appears to remain being that whole single idea and complete goal to just get (not really earn) a little bit of supplementing income and not much more. The consequence of this mindset has been the steady impetus of personal lacking and wanting among so many members and then followed by the growing dependence on this company rather than themselves to make their ends meet at the end of the day, the week, the month, the year. Yes, many of the circumstances of these members are sad, unfortunate and even distressing and yet would they be in any different state or at least a little different state if one would take the term Compumatrix out of the equation in the totality of their life, unlikely.

So, we do understand all these situations and stresses that each individual member faces. Nevertheless, everyone MUST re-direct their mindset and begin with an earnest commitment to adapt to the parameters and protocols of our business Compumatrix. While it has changed on several levels, one thing is certain it is still here and pushing ahead toward a successful future for everyone. As a business, each member can set themselves to earn, however the will, the motivation, the internal fortitude is something all must personally synchronize to the mind set of their realizing ” I can earn” from this platform offered to me, if only I decide to work it and develop it as my separate business. This means that you must realize and entertain the real value of your product. We must realize and agree that Compumatrix is not at all at fault for the conditions of where each of us are today in our life’s journey. Now it, Compumatrix, does help in the area of hope for the future, of faith that something good is coming into my life and that of engendering the atmosphere of family, whether a member is good or bad in their behavior or attitude.

We must believe in the future, for if we do not then we are dead and paralyzed in the state of present living and our tomorrows will never come, and that wonderful future will never materialize.

In conclusion, I thoroughly recommend to you and encourage you to read the latest offering from the Chairperson’s Corner. It will give a further nuts and bolts idea of the struggle our company has been dealing with in its push to succeed for our future.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. There are a lot of lessons that we have learned over the past few years. There have also been a lot of good and bad experiences. I think the most important thing about all that we have done and been through is that we use them as learning experiences that propel us forward to bigger and better;.

  2. It’s amazing how you mentioned those HYIP programs, that WENT just as fast as they CAME. With all the programs that I was involved in trying to make money on the internet back in 2006, only one of them lasted 3 years. That was the longest. Most never saw the 1 year mark. That 3 year company did pay out, and did pay out well, but then it had to close Now 14 years later, WE Compumatrix are still here and going strong. Longevity in ANYTHING is such a stabilizing factor.

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