A Refresher

Today we will take some time to discuss a refresher of who we are, what we do, our new industry.

Again a reminder from the previous post:

It is important for a COMMUNITY to maintain-one focus one vision. Two(one for community and one for me) visions constitute a division.

Let’s begin:

First maybe a hint to go back and read a few posts in the Forum CEO Corner.

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I must say here that this topic is a very expansive one so in order to cover it the best we can, we are going to have to touch on several subjects. This might take several posts in order to be fair in the coverage of the topic. Also, be mindful that this is a very fluid topic, subject to changes, in and of, operation. So please bare with me.

I think the best way to start here is to once again remind ourselves that the industry we are a part of and connecting to, HAS NEVER existed before. This in of itself is a very loaded concept. It is a revolutionary industry one of Hi-Tech parameters, of which, some are having to be created and developed even as we grow and march forward. Think of the Industrial Revolution, the steam engine the horse & carriage to automobile revolution, the pony express and letter writing to the telephone, the telephone to the internet and emails then to the smart phones and texting. In each case the road was fraught with challenges, that many thought too encumbered to solve. It is in this sense that we are still a “startup company”.

Now a startup is a company designed to grow as quickly as possible. The lack of geographical constraints differentiates startups from small businesses.

A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed

Neil Blumenthal

A Start-up can go from 5 to 10 years and in most cases stops being a start-up once in begins as a company to generate a consistent large income. In recent years, startups have been more often than not equated with new tech type companies. But the two are not intertwined through new technologies because of the internet do have a high proportion that are startups. The internet and smart phones allow for this success and growth. One of the prominent labels for a startup is to be able to claim a newness that in turn gives the image of having its finger on the ?pulse of the future?. This label in turn can generate the qualification of the ?cool? factor making it highly attractive as a new member in a new industry and business type world. However, when the atmosphere changes the ?tipping point? from innovative to very ordinary and common then the overall impact and character of the company changes which individually and collectively redefines the company, which could mean stepping away from being a startup. This dynamic can lessen as the company grows.

Our Industry is one that is; Decentralized, Internet Web page based and connected, it’s Global, it’s a Crypto Ecosystem, with a major Peer to Peer style, with platforms and connection for asset and currency inter-change, even trading, of convergence, of earnings and distribution, of the blockchain. Now think hard about that statement and how many individual parts are having to be developed and then for them all to be integrated and synced together to make it a super success and yet, still somewhat people friendly.

So who are we?

We are a community of people who believe in the individual value of this new industry (see last CEO CORNER POST). We are a group of people that agree to the need for this revolution to take place and succeed. We are Compumatrixite Revolutionaries.

I ENCOURAGE you all to stand and be proud of your company, unite yourselves with the goal of your leaders and become positive influencers to many that need to join this movement.

Bottom Line is: what is your attitude like? What can describe what you are all about? Is it a positive influencer or neggie complaining fault-finder? Besides being a community of like-minded people we are a group of entrepreneurs, business people growing our individual business acumen through our activity to produce a product of great value, the VPC. This product is the result of our personal efforts to build a business that can share success with many others that are searching for a good paradigm to build and grow their business. This basic paradigm is built on the principle of mining the mind, that is, the talent of thinking and writing -blogs, commenting on other people’s thoughts and writings. etc.

To really understand the scope of Compumatrix one must go well beyond the idea of just getting money or making money. While there is that side of it the more powerful side of it is the ability within its model to take along with it hundreds even thousands of people. These people become enveloped with the overall power and purpose of Compumatrix, while at the same time being the integral part of its whole. It thus becomes obvious as to why we, the company would demand that we all hold high the standard of discipline and good generic behavior over against that of the negative style of the miscreant? (unbeliever). There are only two choices; to believe or to not believe, and proportionate to that, is the negative or positive commentary. You will be known and believed by your words.

There is no escape to that veritas. There is no escape or excuse of innocence in words spoken or written or your behavior thereto. How you define Compumatrix by word and behavior is the way, the manner in which it will ever be defined in your world of influence.

A major feature of this company is that it’s platform invites for many varieties of programs in which we can engage. This of course is the result of being a virtual currency/cryptocurrency functioning enterprise. This fact alone opens up many roads for a diverse realm of actions. We can interact one to one; merchant to one; merchant to merchant; with charities. This is opened via the VPC’s. We can interact with different global assets.

The central part of this diversity is our paradigm: an online form of work (mind centered, a mining of the mind) that leads to awarded points which lead to the crypto coin which is the currency of the company and thereby they can lead to BTC or other currencies (or coins) or to engaging with merchants enabling a conversion cycle for the coins to negotiable values, even fiat.

This takes us to the next subtopic of what we do. The VPC PARADIGM.

But in between these two I want to make this point:

What we are discussing right now, right here, is the strength of this business. I say this because I see an abundance of references by several in the Discord room to the ongoing “hype” of the many BTC operations the blockchain operations of others, new exchangers, new, basically, what are startups in this industry. Remember many of these startups are seeking ways to “make” money they are not coming on the scene to be benevolent givers and many are using the opportunity afforded them in this scenario to raise money attract “investors” by enticing one to join their ranks and use their platforms. They paint glamorous pictures of their great opportunity.

Items about Cryptocurrencies-investing, trading, join this and learn how to do that… etc. So, please be fully aware of this side of this new industry.

Now, please know that I am not against this or these entities, But right now you are a member of one of the premier companies already engaging in much of this “hi-tech” and a company that is ahead of most in its total development of platform and integration. I just remind everyone to not let yourself get deflected by these many pop-ups in this industry; know two things they are not veterans, and they are not in it but to get a part of the pool of money out there because of the swelling tide of this new industry. So just be careful of what you can get caught up into by losing focus on Compumatrix and its development in this industry. These are what I call deflectors of the focus we must maintain.

Also remember that we do not major in BTC or CRYPTOs as a main structure focus but only as a tool that enables us to move forward and pioneer new strategies. So when you find these things and think about posting in the Discord room, first do your due diligence on them and then ask yourself are these good for Compumatrix or are they just items coming up that will only be deflectors and detractors that divide the focus. Often an overload of information only confuses and does not fine tune things. An overload of info can be a detriment or enemy to Compumatrix goals and purposes.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. This is a great article that sums up who, what and how Compumatrix is along with how she functions. You hit spot on the fundamentals and keys to the success which has developed over the years. A positive outlook is a must in this new world of crypto. Thank you for your leadership.

  2. Wonderful insights David ! You have said that this Companies path has never been trod before. It’s kind of like NASA’s first successful visit to the moon. There were many failures and so many things that had to be learned before we heard those words, “one small step man, one giant leap”. I am so proud that we as pioneers are in this initial capsule waiting for all of history to prove it all true and successful !

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