JK Rowling doesn’t understand Bitcoin? It’s a Galleon.

For someone who created a currency in the magical world of Hogwartz, why is it so hard to understand? Are we speaking parseltongue when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Even Elon Musk had his fill of interacting with Rowling with the hopes that she gets it. Several other bitcoin personalities like Tyler Winklevoss, Brandon Blumer, Vitalik Buterin, and Daniel Larimer tried their best to explain.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, tokens, altcoins, and other digital currencies are money on the Internet. Think about it like the Galleons in Hogwartz. Magical people use the galleons to buy stuff in her magical world. The same is true in cyberspace, another world invisible to the naked eye but everyone is on it and everyone values it. You’re just in a different magical world called the internet.

UPDATE: After much fanfare, J.K. Rowling finally bought her first Bitcoin at an exchange rate of $9,429.94 on May 16, 2020. It’s like another pizza moment in the history of bitcoin. NOT.

a fake account actually did buy a bitcoin or not.


Are you a bitcoin fan? What would you say to J.K. Rowlings to convince her to buy a bitcoin?

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  1. No she didn’t ( it was a Fake JKR that said)
    Well for any Harry Potter fan , good news #Compumatrix holds and distributes Galleons to be traded Compumatrix DEX

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