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Enforcing Immediate Change

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the reboot of businesses worldwide. Several businesses were caught off-guard and a test of resiliency had been put into motion. Several tech companies scrambled towards the new normal. From flexible working arrangements to work from home strategies, several workers had to jump into the world of online work.

At Compumatrix, the “new normal” had been our default way of life since its inception. However, it doesn’t mean that we are resilient to the changes posed by the pandemic. We are still at a status quo between getting paid first to work or work first to get paid.

Compumatrix battle cry is to Engage, Enrich and Enhance Life. The mission in itself is straightforward. It should be followed in its proper order.

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Focus on the word: Engage

Many of us would rather earn a living by working for ourselves than for someone else. Before jumping into the world of freelancers or self-employment, you need to ask yourself if you are ready to engage in a whole new ball game. Is it really the right thing for you to do?

It is not going to be easy. But one thing for sure, you need to have the ability and the capability. It takes money to make money. The same principle is true with online work.

Now, even if you do have the ability to do your work and the capability to fulfill demands you can’t just trust your friends to jump on board with you. Try as you may, you simply cannot run your business without clients or customers. You can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. You have to make things happen. ENGAGE with your potential customers. Write your personal story. Eventually, what you want to accomplish is turning your customer into who you are now. In marketing, good things don’t happen to those who wait.

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So, how do you tell the world about your business? There are many ways to accomplish this task. Just make sure that your message is not lost among the thousands of others competing for your customer’s attention. Always remember that it all starts with your personal story and journey.

What would be your story if you don’t have results yet? How do you measure your results? Is it in terms of what you’ve learned or is it how much you’ve earned? As a neophyte in the world of online work, everyone starts with a clean slate. What has inspired you to work from home? What is your goal in life or what is it that will finally say that you have succeeded? Every success story is different for every person because of the way they define it which is great. Your success story is an embodiment of your very unique outlook in life.

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. I agree that it is time for us to get back into the routine of conducting our business. We have been taking a break for too long… in a waiting mode.

    1. Part pf getting back to business is making sure that your business does not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the community and world. This demands that we strategically post things about us, and articles to help the community (while identifying with the company). This is a challenge for many I am sure. We all have offline task and jobs at this point unless we have been able to retire from our task working for others.

      1. One of the things I think is important as we in a sense ” Go Live” again with the business world opening up is to start from the inside out. We need to really focus on shopping local first and foremost to help support out community business. Hopefully a lot will be able to make a complete come back but I know some will never open again.

  2. Great Article Henry!! We MUST be ready for change at all times…knowingly or unknowingly we are hit with variables that will either take us down or cause us to regroup, go back to the drawing board and emerge with a new path… always resilient and even more determined to succeed and become a leader in world wide economy and showing the world we are innovators and trail blazers…

  3. Proactivity has to start from within and this is only accomplished through self-study. Learning about the business before jumping in is key to any home business. Dedication with a forward focus is the push needed to be successful. Great article.

  4. Great thoughts! It is definitely time that we get up and start our engagement on a more active level in our business…..Compumatrix! THings are getting exciting again, and we need to help set the momentum for the great things that are before us!

  5. Sow a little, Reap a little, sow a lot more, reap a lot more.
    We reap what we sow. That includes negative & positive things.

  6. There will be some huge changes in the world as part of the fight against covid-19. Many companies will suffer from these changes.
    It’s great to be a part of a company that stays in front of these changes.

  7. A sudden change make us feel uncertain on what we can hold on to the future.Yet we need to stand up and aim high..Goal digger I must say for us to move forward and not to dwell in this pandemic.Thanks to this company by lifting members through being firm in your goal to engage,enrich and enhance.

  8. I am so ready to work this buisness and I can feel the excitement starting to rise again, so many more people will now be looking for online work due to the pandemic and the loss of jobs, and we are in the best possible position to take compumatrix to a higher level

  9. For some of us, the COVID 19 hasn’t changed our lives much. Those who have the gift of being able to stay at home and work, usually saw little change in their work schedule. How ideal Compumatrix has been for us. Also for many people during this pandemic, it was a unique opportunity for them to find out that they COULD INDEED do most all of their work from home. I suspect many will continue in that change of working from home.

  10. There have been So many changes since we began here, both from within and outward influences on us personally and for our business. I remember from one of my first training classes….. “to succeed we Must remain Flexible” … Sometimes it’s hard to keep up but I believe the Reward will be worth the Effort! Blessings to All

  11. The lockdown around the world has made people think vary carefully about their old values, what enriched their lives, what did they take for granted? I have known many people who thought they had a job for life and a pension at the end of it. Many take their health for granted but when we are put in a position where walls are put around you emotionally, financially, physically and mentally…you look for freedom and independence. Compumatrix offers that freedom and allows each individual to be self-empowered in every way….but also allows that individual the opportunity to help others to be self sufficient and financially free…lockdown or not.

  12. One of the scariest things to do is to head into business for yourself. It’s also one of the most rewarding, in all aspects of the idea.
    Scary – You have to manage your time and be disciplined with no one to blame but yourself.
    Positive – You have to manage your time and be disciplined with no one to blame but yourself.

    Being in business for yourself means you must be in a constant learning mode and being better than yesterday. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by having a mentor. Someone that will not only help with advice and guidance, but to be accountable to.

  13. I love Compumatrix “battle cry”, Engage, Enrich and Enhance life! Great article, that gives the full meaning of what our company – and our business – will be. For many engagement is in organisations or sports communities… for me – it is how I can engage the younger groups, those who will be the next compumatrix generation. Some people think of enrichment as cash in their pockets – but enrichment is so much more than money. Enhancing life for other people is for me the greatest gift of all.

  14. The Universe is ever-changing…The Earth, like its climate, is ever-changing. Likewise, the life that dwells upon it is also ever-changing in nature, form and function. In the same fashion, those of us who are a part of this vision that is Compumatrix are called upon to be ever-ready to change. What doesn’t change is the formula for successful adaptation: Engage with others (as we are social entities), Enrich (those we engage with, Knowledge-{the how-to’s}), and thereby Enhance Life, not only our own, but also for whom we bestow the goodness we’ve acquired.

  15. Yes we hear a lot about the New normal, how exactly it will look like is anybody’s guess for now. One thing is certain though, working from home will definitely be a part of it so there will be a big opportunity for Compumatrix to establish itself in the front line when fully functional of course.

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