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Secret Steem Fork forces Blocktrades to disable STEEM Support

According to various sources in the Steem Network, Steemit plans a secret hard fork of the Steem network. This is because the source code had been hidden from public view and review and the Steemit group had been very secretive and no public announcement had been made on the Steemit blog either.

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One of the rumors seem to imply that this hardfork will be to change the power down time for Steem to 30 days (which was one of the proposals made by Steemit Inc)

According to Blocktrades:

If this was the only important change being made, it’s difficult to understand why the source code is being kept secret.


However, this forced Blocktrades to discontinue its support for STEEM on May 19, 2020. Sources say that the hardfork will happen on May 20.

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  1. Things always look suspicious when they are done in secret! WHY secret? What are they hiding? Don’t they realize how this looks??? Wow.

  2. It is sometimes difficult to understand what many do when it comes to things of value to them. What is important and necessary to some is very unimportant and unnessary to others. Hopefully this move will contribute to a greater success for the.Steemit.

  3. Interesting article. I agree why keep it secret? It should be transparent. things done in the dark will be reaveled whe the light is turned on. Keep it above board.

  4. It seems that companies decide to do a Hard Fork for a number of reasons, mainly to maintain a currencies value or to reduce the amount of data that is required to be saved after each transaction within a blockchain. Why they would want to keep all this secret is puzzling, but sometimes the way some people carry on business is only for them to understand.

  5. So May 20th has come and gone, and I am wondering if the fork did indeed happen ? I don’t like it as the cryptocurrency world prides itself on open ledgers, and this is not open at all. All now being done behind closed doors. No matter the outcome, it tends to lose the trust of the general public and that is never good for any company or system.

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