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Safe at the shore

When I was a teen I was body surfing in Hawaii using a 3 feet by 2 feet air mattress. Unfortunately, I was in the surf just after a storm had hit the island of Maui. For the first time in my teen life, I was caught in an unbelievable undertow that was dragging me straight out to sea. I had not ever been in an undertow before. Also, the beaches were very scarce with people because the stormy weather had kept them away.

I began swimming, kicking, paddling as hard as I could, directly forward towards the shore, and I was going nowhere! The unexpected undertow had me. It took 20 minutes of all-out effort, and finally, extremely exhausted, I made it to the shore.

Luckily I was young enough and strong enough at that time to make it. Later I learned that going directly forward towards the shore, was not the thing to do. I should have first turned gone sideways, paralleling the shore, until I got to the outside of the undertow and would have reached the shore quicker and with very little effort.

I think these days here at Compumatrix have been just like that. Time after time, we have been caught in an unexpected undertow of the crypto World and have not been able to go directly forward to get to the shore yet as all of us have hoped.

I know it seems so often we have not gone forward at all. But…..we have never gone backward,…..Only sideways! Henry and his team have many times re-routed us sideways, if you will, to get us out of being pulled backward, out to sea. We are getting there quicker with much less effort! And soon, I believe very soon, we will be beyond the undertow rejoicing and safe at the shore!

There are countless famous people that have failed in their enterprises before they ever made it.

Here are some direct quotes from businessinsider.com:

“Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star because his editor felt he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”

“Oprah Winfrey was publicly fired from her first television job as an anchor in Baltimore for getting “too emotionally invested in her stories.”

“Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of South California School of Cinematic Arts multiple times.”

“R.H. Macy has a series of failed retail ventures throughout his early career.”

“Colonel Harland David Sanders was fired from dozens of jobs before founding a fried chicken empire.”

“As a child, Albert Einstein had some difficulty communicating and learning in a traditional manner.”

“In one of Fred Astaire’s first screen tests, an executive wrote: “ Can’t sing. Can’t act. Slightly balding. Can dance a little.”

“Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting, “The Red Vineyard,” in his life, and the sale was just months before his death.”

“A very young Henry Ford ruined his reputation with a couple of failed businesses.”

Well, you get the point! For so many of these people and businesses they had to “fail forward”. They just had to pick up, learn from their failures, and just keep on keeping on.

This is never to say Compumatrix has failed in any way! Compumatrix has always chosen the best and most solid way to get to the top of its field. It has been hindered time and time again by the undercurrents of government regulations, software updates, changes in minor’s fees, viruses, bank issues, power outages, even hacking attacks, but it has always done what it takes to make it out ahead to that blessed shore. Soon it will have its feet firmly on the ground again and what a glorious day that will be for ALL its members. Safe at the shore.

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. I am once again thankful for the efforts of so many great and honorable people around here at Compumatrix — I come in here to learn more about our business and I am still learning and I am very grateful that so many here have no issues in helping any of us or all of us — Thank you for a great read and I gotta say i like some moments in my day of going back in my days and remembering —

    1. rjh59, I too am thankful for the Compumatrix team and the opportunity the company provides to members and prospective members. Reading the informative blog posts here, and commenting on them as well, is very educational and helpful in other ways for all of us. I share your gratitude and I also enjoy reading your insightful comments on many of the blog posts. You make a significant contribution to the blog content and your positive attitude is like a bright light to guide others. Thank you and keep up the good work here.

    2. So grateful that we have been encouraged to read and comment on this new area of blog posts for Compumatrix. Sometimes indeed, in fact many times there is a feeling of going away from the shore and being pulled into the unknown…..deeply into the unknown with no sight of the shore. However, then the waters still and the shore is reachable again. (All this analogy from a non-swimmer)

  2. This article reminds me that if you focus on something and think you can you truly can. If you start off with a negative mindset you’re most likely going to fail. Failing is not always a bad thing if you put it into perspective. The times of my life I haven’t received that job promotion or I didn’t make that a sale goal, I try to find something of value to learn so I can do better the next time around.
    I think that’s a valuable lesson to learn and it seems like CompuMatrix has adjusted as the company has learned over the years. Exciting things to come!

  3. so true jennifer that if you start off thinking you are going to have trouble then more likely than not trouble is just a moment away — I truly like starting each moment or each day with that thought that Yes i can achieve success and why I enjoy coming in here regularly and reading n learning from folks here — we can yes we can —

  4. yep, totally get the under current problem on a beach in florida……was swimming like crazy and luckily was being pushed sideways instead of out to sea….because of that I was able to make it back to shore as it took some time and energy….was a rush to say the least…..

  5. I cannot wait until Compumatrix is building sandcastles on the beach shore, but until then, I am enjoying the ride. Hurdles always occur in a company, but it is how the company handles them that makes all the difference. Compumatrix is teaching me so much about the business world and enabling me with an entrepreneurial spirit!

  6. Jeff, thank you for that wonderful analogy, I must admit, being a member of Compumatrix has been challenging specially for the emotional roller coaster of 13 years plus. There have been lessons learned along the way, one of the most important one for me has been to put my faith in God and not so much in human effort. As humans we are susceptible to unforeseen changes and challenges, anything can happen, so I trust on those behind the scenes doing their job and pushing forward, but mostly in God, it will happen when He determines it’s time.

  7. Jeffery, that was a great way to put into perspective what Compumatrix has been through to get here. Over the years, I have personally watched those who have gone head-on and fought the currents instead of flowing sideways until the waters calmed.

    The one thing that Compumatrix has going for her is a leader who rides the current until a path opens up. As a wise leader, Henry Banayat identifies the “currents” then always finds a solution to move through them. When there is a will there is always a way around any situation. We are blessed that no matter what unforeseen obstacle is put into her path, Compumatrix, steered by Henry finds a better path.

  8. Let’s put it in another perspective. What if, after swimming for miles, through shark-infested waters, the far shore sometimes out of the site and the lighthouse all but a glimmer, what if we gave up hope? Lost faith in ourselves and in those trying to help us? Wouldn’t it all be for naught? I say indeed it would be! But for me, this is not going to happen. As long as I have breath in me, I will continue swimming and pressing and moving forward so that one day soon I will be “Safe on Shore.”

  9. All of us know that the horizon is far away. We do need get to the other side safely. There is high tide and low tide. Sometimes, we feel that we are not moving ahead, because the sea is rough, throwing us from side to side.
    As they say, when it gets very very dark , then only it begins to dawn. So, despite all the difficulties , we know that it wont be long when our people will get us accross, safe and sound. We have our trust and faith in COMPUMATRIX.

  10. Many times it is taught not to swim against the current but to let go with the flow.
    Crypto ecosystem is not a calm current but a jumpy one. No one knows what’s around the next bend.
    Henry and his team have learned from experience, not given up , He always find a way around it, sometimes even asking for help.
    But at the end he will bring us all to shore and it will be our turn to put into practice what we learned

  11. Jeffrey, your story rings a bell loudly for me since I survived a similar experience at Virginia Beach in 1975. I, like you, was fortunate to be young and strong enough to escape drowning by swimming parallel to the shore after life guards saved my swimming partner.

    Your analogy is 100% on point with Compumatrix maneuvering through a virtual rip tide of negative events over the years. Thanks to Henry Banayat’s vision and leadership, Compumatrix appears to be through with parallel motion and is headed at a 90 degree angle straight toward the shoreline of our opening.

  12. Jeffrey, for me it was being pulled in an undertow in the Mediterranean. Ever since then, I have been too overly cautious around water. But, I lean on that experience as a reminder that you can come close to losing and still come out a winner. BUT, if you don’t ever try, all you will come out is a WHINER!

    1. This blog give creadence to the quote “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”! As mentioned in this blog most successful people do fail and fail really good. It’s those that can fail and get up on their feet and continue to move forward that will ultimately win the race.

      In order to be successful and to have a successful business we all may feel like we are swimming a little sideways and against a riptide. However we need to remember that we know the strategy to swim out of a riptide and we need to continue to swim sideways. As long as we remain focused and continue to educate ourselves and others with a goal in mind we may be swimming sideways a little but our shore will be right around the corner.

    2. for me, it was my son and I nearly drowning when I jumped in to get him after he fell in. I did not realize until I was in the water that it was a deep deep hole and as I sank deeper in, I felt my son and grabbed him. it was VERY cold that day and the water temperature took my breath. As I came up with him I tried to swim with one arm around him and when I got to the bank, found it was a flat wall and not an incline. I shoved him to his brother who was waiting and that pushed me back out. You never know how strong you are or how big your will to survive is until you are in a fight for your life. It crossed my mind that I would drown but something inside of me said NOT TODAY!! I managed to swim back to that flat wall and used every bit of energy I had to pull myself up on the bank. To say I was thankful for making it “Safe at the Shore” would have been an understatement. I can certainly feel your fear of water Stephen. Thank God we both lived to tell about those adventures.

  13. It seems like there is a lot of deep water around us moving in two directions at once. It’s life! The undertow is like a huckster trying to sell us on a “get rich quick” scheme and the realization that we just got pulled into another raw deal.

    We are fortunate to have solid leadership here at Compumatrix and quite frankly without it, this program would be a disaster. Henry has managed to make a few safe moves over the past few years and everyday it looks like he is a little closer to his dream, and ours! We hang in there despite a few setbacks and that helps keep us as a solid unit. You never panic in an undertow situation or when in deep water. Take the time to analyze your situation. Solve the problem and head for safety.

  14. this has been a great reveal to the many wonders of the why so many around here are successful and as i read through the replies and I say thank you very much so Kevin — hence why I read and re-read all through the blogs — there is so much Great Stuff — or like back in the day “the right stuff” still enjoy that movie — lol but so much that has gone through to make each of us who we are and it is just Awesome

  15. This article by Jeff made me imagine how wonderful our beach will be when we get to it! Gratitude to Henry, Gail, Erline and other members of the Compumatrix team of leaders for bringing us here and always striving to take us in the right direction. Thank you to my beloved sister Dora for presenting me with this possibility of great achievements!

  16. What an incredible story Gail about being able to save your son ! I am dead sure that that very incident bonded you two for life in a way that nothing else ever could. When i was young, a man actually tried to choke me to death in a police station of all places. A police man helped get him off me, but it was actually my Dad who was there also who pulled his hands off of mi through. How thankful I have been all these years for my Dad. I can never ever forget what he did.

  17. Lovely story to share Jeffrey! Life experiences can bring us close to death at times making our resolve to live even greater! Thank you for that beautiful photo and reminding us to swim parallel to shore when caught in the under toe! Clearly freeing ourselves from different circumstances may require a zig and a zag!

  18. Sometimes, we are faced with those pesky unforeseen circumstances. We plan as best we know how and follow that plan, but events seem to pop up that surprise us and all but topple our well intended course of action. As a military aviator, we learned to build “space” in our plans for the unexpected. We played the “what if” game as we built our plans…what if the weather along our course or at our destination is actually worse? What if the enemy defenses are placed differently than intel provided? What if there is a malfunction with the aircraft? Evaluating the possibility of unintended circumstances in business is just as important. Granted, the end may not be life or death, but the cost may be the end of the business.

  19. oh absolutely a zig or a zag is almost always a fact in any or all that we as humans go through every day — and being in business more often than not throughout my life — you must always be aware and ready to make a great cup of coffee from what life gives you — or in baseball terms, if you are expecting a 95mph fastball and you get a curveball low and outside –you have to be able to breathe and see that pitch and drive that pitch into the corner for run-scoring double — miss my baseball — lol

  20. It is easy to be appreciative of Compumatrix and the leaders and members that work so well together. Countless times I have been directed the”other way” to keep me out of trouble and get to the finish line quicker and easier than I otherwise would have been able to do. This is a company whose members work together in the true sense of that statement. Never would a member be caught in an undertow without several other members coming to the rescue. Help comes from almost anyone, even the people you don’t know at all. Everyone is just glad to help and enjoys doing so. It is great to be here!

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