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Do hummingbirds ever slow down ?

Can the heartbeat of a hummingbird go from 1,260 beats per minute to 50 beats per minute?

Many of us that love the marvel of the hummingbird are in awe of the fact that they can flap their wings up to 80 times per second. But did you also know that a hummingbird’s heart rate can reach up to 1,260 beats per minute? That’s life in the fast lane! Much of everything a hummingbird does is fast. Except at night when it goes into something called “Torpor”. Torpor is when the hummingbird’s metabolism slows and the heart rate slows down to around 50 to 180 beats per minute. This is to streamline and conserve energy that will be needed for the fast-paced life it will face the next day.

I know that we have all wanted our finances to be “life in the fast lane” so to speak, and to truly get rolling at a good rate as far as work and business profits go. But often it may seem like we have been in a state of Torpor with nothing rapid or marvelous happening that we can tangibly see before our eyes.

But all that has ever “seemed like” Torpor to us has been indeed just preparation for the new future. When the whole world wakes up to the crypto-currency world, and we are holding some of the vital keys to this world, we will start our new journey flying fast forward in a whole new day and in a whole new way!

It has often been said that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Yes, recently we have seen some dark days worldwide in our own countries, but could this just be the darkest hour just before dawn?

When Compumatrix soon shows itself to the world with its new revised Compumatrix Digital Asset Portal and its one-stop-shop functions, all of its members will be forever grateful that the foundation and structure of the system has been built very slowly over all these years. It has been put together brick by brick and board by board to make such a solid foundation for years and years to come.

The top strengths of any company are:

Highly efficient, low-cost manufacturing

Large market share

Strong employee attitudes

Excellent customer service

Leadership in product innovation

Personal relationships with customers

High integrity

In my view, Compumatrix has all the above:

Highly efficient, low-cost manufacturing: The making of the VPC’s is all online and there is no physical inventory to manage.

Large market share: How big is the future of the crypto market? It’s going to be enormous.

Strong employee attitudes: We have seen unbelievable positivity and tenacity from the BOD and many of its members over many years.

Excellent customer service: The BOD and members are always going out of their way to help others learn and grow and get to know their business.

Leadership in product innovation: There is only one word for this……Henry!

Personal relationships with customers: This is what the company is all about; Engage, Enrich, Enhance lives.

High integrity: Compumatrix has done its utmost to comply with every legal regulation and be honest and above board in everything.

Compumatrix checks them all. My future bet is on them!

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Being curious, I wondered what the average lifespan of a hummingbird is – sadly not that
    long. A hummingbird’s life can average from 3 to 12 years depending upon species, habitat condition, predators, etc. But when we relate the story to Compumatrix, the good news is even though the company may have similar adverse conditions, we still are soaring ahead at a fast clip. Just trust Henry is going into “Torpor” at night 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jeff, for the analogy of the hummingbird being in constant motion during the day and then slowing down at night to conserve and regenerate energy for the next day. I do believe that we have all experienced ‘darkness before the dawn’ in many areas of our lives. As Compumatrix has experienced days of darkness,it is now the dawning of a new day with a bright future for all of those involved and many more whose lives will be enriched by its members and followers.

  3. Well Jeff I’m not sure if I want to relax at a 180 beats per minute on the high-end like a Hummingbird. However I am looking forward with unbridled anticipation of the Compumatrix Digital Asset Portal and its one-stop-shop functions! Once this is presented I can promise you I will feel like flying like a Hummingbird.

  4. Humming Birds may not live too long. But, during their lifespan they are very active and focused all the time.
    Our founder, Henry works hard with his team, in the background. It is our privilige to have him with us, and the BOD, working all together in close harmony.
    Despite all the delays and the “storms” , we can SENSE the turning point coming nearer and nearer.
    Compumatrix will very soon bring forth to us the opportunity to hum, fly and soar high. This will be a totally new, long-lasting and life-changing experience for those who have waited. Patience pays!

  5. Ever heard that commercial about the Mounds and Almond Joy candy bars? Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t? Well some times, most times, in fact, I do feel like a hummingbird. lol Rushing from this place to do this, catching this on the way back, in and out like a dart. Whew! But in the end, I know our reward will be sweeter than the nectar they feed on!!

    1. LOL, your comment made me smile. My mom loved hummingbirds more than any other bird on earth. She was fascinated by their beauty and how quickly they could fly. The Almond Joy was her favorite candy! Now, here is the best part of your two mentioned references that tied to Compumatrix. She had a special place in her heart for Compumatrix. She prayed every single day for the company, the members, the staff, and of course Henry. That Hummingbird can fly forward or backward just as Compumatrix does at times in order to get where it needs to go.

    2. sophye, I love the Mounds and Almond Joy candy bars – I probably eat one at least once every other day. Luckily my metabolism has not slowed down yet lol! I loved your metaphor for yourself being a nut. Sometimes life has a way of slowing us down or making us feel like we are not accomplishing anything. But like you said, in the end, as long as we just keep chipping away: we will see victory and be “living the dream”.

  6. Wow! What a creative mind. Of all the things to compare to Compumatrix, a hummingbird would probably not have been on my list. There are just too many other things you can compare us to before even imagining the hummingbird. But I must say that I like it….except for the short life span. If the hummingbird lives from 3-12 years, there are many who have been waiting for Compumatrix to get rolling longer than that, so that wouldn’t be the most appealing area of this whole comparison thing. So let’s leave that part in the rear-view mirror….for real !

    1. I’m in complete agreement with you Bill when you said “Wow! What a creative mind.” I also would not have come up with this analogy, but Jeff did and it is right on target. As far as the whole life span angle, I’m taking your suggestion and leaving it in the rear view mirror for sure. That brings to mind something that I enjoy so much about the heart of Compumatrix which is that they regularly remind Members that nobody will be “left behind” as we take off.

  7. What an excellent comparison between the crypto currency world and hummingbirds. I completely agree with this article in that Compumatrix has all the power to be a top crypto currency company in the future. Right now, not many people know about Compumatrix or crypto currencies, but it is just a matter of time before they realize what they have been missing. And when they do – we’ll be ready!

  8. this is an excellent posting Jeff P — I have compared Compu to many different perspectives in this world but have to admit this comparison and the way you wrote is just spot on and like a couple of other blogs of last couple days this is a bit deeper and lends itself to learn more about what we are hoping about Compumatrix and our Journey to success

  9. Hummingbirds, small, beautiful, can change position in seconds even fly backwards.
    With a purpose in life, to pollinize flowers for its role in life
    Compumatrix, startup, great, can make changes even take step back to move forward.
    Its purpose or mission is to Engage, Enrich and to Enhance life.
    Once Compumatrix is fully launch people will see its beauty and the potential it has to make a better world.

  10. Great analogy here Jeff! I’m excited that I learned another new word today, which is “Torpor”. I find hummingbirds to be fascinating and I get excited every time I see one, but not nearly as excited as I get working on being prepared for what we are launching in Compumatrix!!! It is something to think about that those birds can fly backwards and that we have had to go backwards from time to time to progress to where we are now.

    Again, great analogies throughout this article. Let’s hide this Torpor word from Erline and Gail because we don’t want them getting any ideas about slowing down until this thing is off the ground… LOL

  11. Excellent analogy you made, Jeff! Every day on the balcony of my apartment I have hummingbirds that come to drink water at the water cooler. They are beautiful, color and brighten my days !!! Now I will also start to see them as representatives of Compumatrix, imagining that soon we will get out of torpor and be as colorful, happy and free as they are!

  12. Thank you, Jeff! What a great way to compare two of the loves of my life. Hummingbirds coming to feed in my yard each year feed my soul. Their presence here makes me extremely jubilant. I wait for them with anticipation year after year. The sight of the first to appear stirs our whole family since we all are bird lovers.

    Compumatrix, if anyone knows me, is above and beyond a love of mine. Having watched her developed for the last 15 years has given me more gratification than anyone can imagine. The pride I feel when I see how far Compumatrix has come is exhilarating. Each step has pulled her into a future that I could only dream would be possible but in actuality is a reality. I anticipate with the same excitement each step as they unfold just like I do with the arrival of my beloved hummingbirds.

  13. Hummingbirds are more than just beautiful. They could never be classified as lazy or slovenly. If you ever watch them feed, you would see that they are anything but passive and will challenge other Hummingbirds for the nectar. Little but proud. Small but mighty. As I see it, they are the perfect comparison to Compumatrix! One day soon, the world will stand up and take notice!

  14. Great comparison! Really appreciate the Company Strengths necessary to managing a successful operation. Just being an LLC or Corp on paper is nothing compared to actually operating at a high level of enthusiasm.

    Apply the “manual” side of the equation and you have success. Being able to handle the ups and down hurdles that need to be addressed daily as well as dealing with several thousand employees (affiliates) can be a challenge. (Thanks to Henry and the Team).

    Hence the correlation between the Hummingbird and the company is accurate and sets a great analogy. Add the Top Strengths of a Company and you have a great template to start and manage your business. Keep a copy of those strengths and refer to them often.

  15. I love watching hummingbirds visit my feeder, just as I love watching Compumatrix on my computer. They both have inexhaustible perseverance! As an observer, I watch in awe what is unfolding in front of our eyes. I learned from watching hummingbirds that what you don’t know is far greater than what is coming because you can’t conceive that kind of beauty. It is to be greatly appreciated, just as Compumatrix. What is coming is better than ever imagined.

  16. Hummingbirds are a perfect analogy to the working man or woman. They seem to rest little, mostly at night, when they finally sleep. Who couldn’t relate to that?? Lol Seriously, they are a beautiful creation and a joy to feed and watch. They are perseverant; their small brains have colossal memory and intellect. They are certainly not lazy, and they know what they love! I see Compumatrix this way as well. Since members are located the world over, the whole never rests. The sharp minds of the devs are continually bringing new and better ways to grow and earn, and this is from the love they have for all humanity!

  17. gotta love the passion you see here from the folks who make up Compumatrix — just incredible and for those who really are special it is very much appreciated — I also remember back in the day the persistence and perseverance of the Hummingbird back in troy — and you get that that feeling as we as a group of Honorables continue our quest for success here — it is just a great thing we are a part of –imho

  18. Wow! I love hummingbirds and analogies and metaphors. This is great. The beauty of the hummingbird is in its lightness and abilities to move quickly and nourish itself. The comparison to the qualities of Compumatrix is inspiring. Two that stand out to me are the Leadership in product innovation — a true strength in success in the marketplace and personal relationships with customers, a marketing winner. Marketing successfully, is all about connections and relationships. To achieve it at the company level, speaks to the leadership and commitment of key staff. Of course, each of the other qualities is impressive and valued as well.

  19. I think this analogy is perfect in relating the hummingbird’s life to the life of Compumatrix. When you see a hummingbird’s wings flapping you just see how fast it is going and not all of the energy and work that it takes to support the bird. Kind of the same with Compumatrix. We educate ourselves to learn about this business and see what is going on the outside, but still have no idea the large amount of energy and work that is going on the inside.

  20. I agree with your (7) seven points of strengths of our Compumatrix Company Jeffrey. My sister loves hummingbirds, She has so many things people have bought for her. I love hummingbirds also, to me they are so mesmerizing, they are so beautiful. Right now our Compumatrix Company has everything and it would be a time to join with excellent customer Service. People caring about other people instead of themselves. Integrity and personal, a family feeling because we all are family.

  21. Appreciate your article Jeffery. I am right there with you, about our company Compumatrix. I have confidence and assurance they will be releasing the new compumatrix digital asset portal platform soon. All you stated in your post is true. I knew the information about the hummingbird and have been fascinated with them just as I am fascinated with Compumatrix. A new revolution, anew ecosystem in the crypto world is on its way.

  22. so much is just possibly right around the corner — I wish as i look at things that i knew the absolutes — but in this life also have learned to accept that life has its own way to go thru each and every day — I hope for us all here that we are that close and the hummingbird just keeps humming along and does its magnificent part of life — but as i have said before time will tell the whole truth — thats a fact —

  23. I love watching birds: blue jays, robins, etc., but I had no idea that hummingbirds went into a “torpor” mode. I like how the author related hummingbird’s torpor mode to the times we as Compumatrix members are in right now because of Covid-19. We must not burn all of our energy at once because of our excitement in waiting for the Compumatrix platform being ready for use. Instead, we must conserve our energy, stay level-headed, and continue forward as always. Amazing things in the works – I’m just glad to be a part of it.

  24. had to come back and read this posting again and the replies and so much of this ties into several other blog postings of the last couple weeks — and so much truth in the observation of the tenacity and persistence and honor actually of so many here and even though in some of our opinions this has taken so long –looking back it looks alot like we have been humming right along — and to borrow a line from another blog — ” good things take time “

  25. That’s a good analogy Kami of Torpor. Covid 19. Never thought of that. How many of of us had been forced into kind of a sleep mode in conserving all of our strength and actually resting for the first time with many of our family close at our side. For many, although very trying financially, it has been a sweet time of relationship renewal. I have seen so many mothers on the street just strolling with their daughters, and sons with their fathers. A refreshing time of saving energy for the coming future. We will all need it……

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