Decentralized Business Administration

Decentralized Business Administration

I have been thinking about my future business plans a lot lately. I wasn’t sure if I would write this blog because I couldn’t come to grips with where I would start. Before I really get into this, I am going to refer to something I stated in a blog I previously wrote on blogging.

In the blog, “Writing a Blog,” I wrote the following.

“As I stated above, I may or may not have the title. The subject might be the title, or the title will be written around the concept from the subject. If the subject is something that isn’t clearly defined, I might just start writing.”

 When I sat down this morning, I did not have any intention of writing a blog. I logged in to trash several blogs that were in the draft. These were previous blogs that, for one reason or another, became rejects. I decided if I was going to continue to blog, I had to take a deep look at what I wanted to share. I told a friend of mine a story about tomatoes. Then I told him I had become the tomato. It’s a long story!

I came up with the title of this blog although it may be changed at some point while writing this blog. The title at some point may wind up becoming a bullet point for this blog. I had to come up with something that would fit my future business plans and the best I came up with at the time is Decentralized Business Administration.

I have been looking at some business schools lately because I have been after some information that I wanted to blog about. Of course, they don’t want to give you information unless you tell them who you are first. This morning I ran across an ad in our blogging site for Business Administration for a local college nearby. I clicked on the ad. The same thing occurred of course. 

I began thinking about this concept of business administration. What was it they don’t offer. In Michael Ellsberg’s book, “The Education of Millionaires”, he talks about the lack of sales education in Business Administration Schools. With a deeper dive into this thought pattern, I came to a reasonable assumption. I probably won’t find what I am looking for here either. This is when I came up with the idea of Decentralized Business Administration.

Business Entities (Design)

I should include the Google Drawings page I put together last year on this. However, I would not want to tempt anyone into stealing any of my business names. I have 14 structures on that page. A lot has changed since then. Last week in a meeting with a legal firm, I told the representative I was talking with that I would ultimately need at least 20 entities to accomplish my goals. These goals started right here with a late-night conversation with Henry James Banayat regarding the things we will be able to do because of Compumatrix.

Now we can circle back around to the concept of Decentralized Business Administration. Compumatrix is a decentralized business concept. While thinking about this, I concluded that whatever I did as a result of Compumatrix has to be an extension of this ideal. Therefore, my plans have to be as decentralized as possible and by any means as diverse. 

I plan to partner with some of my more distant family members with a business concept. Starting, this would center around Compumatrix. Beyond this would be the beginning of the Entity structuring. Each partner would be a key employee of a particular Limited Liability Company (LLC). This LLC would contract with the main corporation (C-corp). The C-corp would contract with a Payroll and Tax Administration Services company. (The details beyond this would need a more inclusive write-up.)

The components of the above structure would include multiple contracts, entity structures, investment products, and above all, cash flowing life insurance policy. (The cash flowing insurance policy mandates specified structuring of its own to fully function as necessary.) 

Above, I mentioned the 14 structures I had in my Google Drawing page. This includes a variety of structures such as Trusts, Foundations, and Charitable Remainder Trust in addition to the Partner Structures I mentioned 2 paragraphs ago.

Since I am jumping up and down on this page, let me quickly mention something regarding the conversation 2 paragraphs up (again). I breezed over mentioning the Cash Flowing Life Insurance Policies. This is just one of the keys to the entire design. There are 2 financial advisors out there you may be familiar with I won’t mention their names (d.r. And s.o.) as they tell everyone to stay clear of Whole Life Insurance. Their claim is “buy Term Insurance and invest the difference!” I am not going to argue with them as they have some validity with their statements. However, buying the right product is even more important than comparing apples to oranges. The Whole Life Insurance product I am talking about is like comparing 2 varieties of Apples. I will not discuss this further at this point as it necessitates certain educational opportunities to understand the different products and what they can do and more importantly, WHAT THEY CAN NOT DO!

I am almost off-target now with the direction I wanted to take. With that said, let me get back on target before I close this up. Last week, I prematurely met with a legal firm regarding my business plans and the structuring of entities. I say prematurely because I wasn’t planning to have this meeting until we have officially launched our Compumatrix business. I had to secure information on another matter so I set up the meeting. 

Every moving part of your business plans needs to be carefully oiled and maintained. It’s like a fine-tuned car. You are not going to top the oil with anything you might have in the garage, but you are going to buy the best car needs. Your business is similar. For me, I have studied this for years. Once we can move forward with our plans, it will be time to pull all the pieces together. It will be time to talk face-to-face with the lawyers, the accountants, the personnel management company, the life insurance people, and the investment companies. (Did I mention the purpose of the Cash Flowing Life Insurance program?)

Until next time, GO Compumatrix.

About the author

Stephen Sampson is among the founding members of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network and writes various topics about life and business.


  1. I like the start Stephen and and the finish is so very true — I will also add a something that I know you know that with any Business Launch and future Success Patience and when taking Action and Following your Plan part of that will turn out how patient you actually are when rolling out any business plan — many failures occur when so many of us went Too Fast and put the Cart before the Horse — great blog posting with real learning —

  2. A great blog post and even though I really didn’t understand what you were saying, it kept me reading until the very end with just enough enticement to be able to say, I will be waiting for the moment when you are ready to share more information about the business plan/structure you are going to set up. So I too will say “Go Compumatrix”

  3. This blog offers some great advice – one must go over every aspect of the company in detail in order to have a successful business. I completely agree with this blog in that it takes time to develop a product and start a company that is profitable. People are going to reject business ideas, the company may lose funding, and/or have other setbacks, but it is important to continue believing in and backing the business you worked so hard to create.

  4. Compumatrix can mean many different things to its members. For some, it’s just another income, to others financial freedom.
    I like to tell people that Compumatrix doesn’t give you a job, but a business. We are or become entrepreneurs in this crypto-ecosystem.
    But I must correct myself, Compumatrix is a platform where tools are offered to build that dream be a business or a routine lifestyle.

  5. Janis, I’m with you on understanding all of this. Trust me when I say the writer of this blog is dragging me in this direction all the while I am kicking and screaming! It reminds me of this joke. Why did it take 3 boys scouts to escort the old lady across the road? She didn’t want to go!

    Since the writer of this blog is my husband, I can say from my vantage point, a lot of studying has gone into this. When he wrote this, I asked questions regarding the amount of information. He said there were many parts of this blog that would need to be expanded into a separate blog. He said he had been studying this for many years and didn’t expect most people to pick it up in one blog. Looking at the book he had in his hand, I commented, most people don’t get excited about reading tax books either!

  6. Steven, Thank you for writing your article. Not being of a traditional business mindset, it was hard for me to follow what you were saying until you applied the decentralized to compumatrix. This company does have methods that I do not fully comprehend, but I get the gist of it. I am trying to understand your cash flowing life insurance program. The thoughts I am having are whether it is about real-life insurance or a decentralized digital currency company that we will be producing a continual life flow of crypto cash and a secure future? In my mind, I like this concept of cash flowing life insurance.

  7. i am learning as i study thru these blogs and replies to so many great reads on business — as time has progressed and technology has gotten way past my understanding — the “decentralized ” a business is the more opportunity I believe success is much more probable — even when you put old business concepts to work the less regulation involved the better the chances are for a success —

  8. I own my own business, but since I own an interior design business; I always have to be creative on how to design and layout a space. I believe that thinking about the endless possibilities and opportunities one can do with a space makes one’s mind sharper and more creative than the average person. I hope my interior design skills can help me succeed on the Compumatrix platform. Fingers crossed!

  9. Yesterday was a busy day around here for Stephen. I haven’t seen him as engaged in some time. We are all waiting for the “Big” event! Stephen was on the phone with the legal advisors again. He was going over some of his plans once we roll out. After he was off the phone, he explained how the conversation went. One line that stood out was this. “The dream that Henry placed in my head late one night so many years ago.”

    I know we are waiting for what Compumatrix will do for us. Many of us that are fully aware are that Compumatrix is so big and we are looking forward to what it will do for the World.

  10. Thanks for starting this blog. We may need a sequel… Please… Having studied different life insurance policies and what they call variable or whole life products; most of the time you should steer clear. They typically offer an investment and death benefit within the plan. The benefit of most of these is that they grow tax deferred. The power of tax deferred growth is huge, though. You will find the same tax deferred growth with the likes of IRAs and 401ks etc. I’m not giving investment advice bc I’m not an investment professional. But most of the time you should not venture into these variable policies. If you need life insurance to cover your debt, do so with term. If you need investments, stick to investments and keep them separate. That’s the advice I have been given over the years. Now if I’m missing an element related to the Compumatrix part, please let us know in another blog? This blog may need a second blog anyway, because you also touched on llc’s and c corp’s. A very interesting and timely discussion. Id like to hear more about what would be best for our businesses and why? Tax advantages, loss protection (ie write offs if hacked) etc. There are differences that benefit each set up and it would be great for someone to give us professional input? Thanks for the blog and getting our business wheels turning.

    1. corchi124 I am running as fast as I can to Whole Life insurance products as soon as I can! I will only approach Term Life insurance as a part of the Whole Life package. There is a lot to explain how this works. Your mention of a possible sequel is right in line with some of this information. Also, as you stated, I am not a professional either. I have spent countless hours studying this material and I do participate currently with Whole Life insurance. There are many parts of this to share. I just have to find the right avenue for this. The true beauty of using this policy is that I can borrow against it and come back to Compumatrix to keep the door swinging both ways.

      I am currently writing up my business plans for my Entity structuring. This includes a C-corporation, Trust account, multiple LLC’s plus more. The reason for the multiple entities is to spread my plans to accomplish many things. One of those accomplishments is to leverage Compumatrix with other family members. There is a lot more to this story!

  11. oh i just enjoy coming back and reading the replies and the actual blog and after reading other blogs it is so simple to put the blogs together and enhance each of our opportunities for success and i agree a sequel would not be bad idea and so much can be put together that we as a whole and also as an individual entrepreneur put these ideas together and seriously if we stay decentralized in our business and keep regulations to a minimum — boy does I thing we may very well be close to awesome —

  12. When I was in my youth there were no computers Pocket calculators were just becoming commonplace so I am in a very steep learning curve which as a partly retired mature lady I find a challenge. I am very much hoping that when CDAP opens it will be simple and comprehensive. Pushing a few buttons isme limit.

  13. this is such a great read and when you put so many of the smaller parts of any business online or offline — it is just so imperative to not overthink any part of it and if the biz is too menacing to you or scares you then on those parts please go get professional help which in all reality professionals making sure you are legit in any country is important beyond — jmho —

  14. had to come and read this great blog posting after Gails 10 years in the future run — so much great thought processes and as we go forward here and honestly in our own life — keeping Patience and Perspective of our own situation — if we remember to Continue to just Breathe and not put too much into this or that — with Patience and Perseverance –Success will be as we say just right around the corner — hope and belief —

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