Quarantine Quandary

Mom! I’m bored!! What is there to do?? (plugin Dad, GG, Maw Maw, whichever name your precious loves call you)

We, you and I, didn’t ask for this Black Plague (might as well be, right?) but here it is nonetheless. The kids are locked up with you; even grandkids whose parents are deemed “essential” workers are without sitters so they too are with you. Not that you mind, but how on Earth do we fill their time and preferably constructively?!

Let’s see. We have played all the games, till they are just boring for everyone; entertained the dog, tried to bathe the cat – wouldn’t recommend! Sang every song from kindergarten through late adulthood we ever thought we knew and in every key known to man. OK, some I’ll admit was alien inspired I’m sure!! And eat? Oh yea, we have cooked up some concoctions that I wasn’t sure if we were to eat it or wear it. And who knew? You can cook marshmallows on the kitchen stove! I’m still trying to figure out how to remove the burnt marshmallow from the oven door. OH did I mention it was between the glass on the inside? Don’t ask!!

And we have been under lock-down now for how long? The days seem to run together, is this Monday again? Wonder if the school will be in session this year? We are out of toilet paper, AGAIN??

OK, OK, if we are going to be cellmates, we need to use this time wiser! I know on the other side of this “thing” we are going to look back and be super glad we made it BUT if we have wasted this time and not gained an ounce of knowledge, how much better off are we? SO, inspired by Carmen and her blog on her family business, I have decided that now is the time to start teaching/learning about Compumatrix and Cryptocurrency.

Moving forward, we need a plan. After much consideration, I devised an idea. 99bitcoins is an excellent site for learning about cryptocurrencies, so it will be used extensively!

Here’s the Plan: Learning Bitcoin

Note: No Cell Phones, Game Boys, Play Stations, TV, etc. allowed during this time!!

  • A brief history dive into Bitcoin:
    • Creator – Satoshi Nakamoto – discussion
    • whitepaper – discussion
    • Increase in the value – discussion
    • 10,000 Bitcoin paid for a pizza; how much they’d be worth today.
    • The smallest unit of Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿.
    • Earning satoshi on Faucets – (which they will love because it’s like playing games.)
  • Sign up with 99bitcoins for their beginner’s Bitcoin course – This is a straightforward course, written in lay terms. One video per day for a week received in email to watch and learn.
  • Each day we will view the video of the day and take notes and ask questions.
  • Briefly review each video seen the previous week.
  • Learn what “Forks” are, besides eating!!
  • Discuss the forks of Bitcoin – how and why?
  • Check the current price and the market cap of Bitcoin and the forks on Coinmarketcap.comenter daily!
  • Bitcoin
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
  • Bitcoin Cash
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
  • Bitcoin Gold
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
  • Bitcoin Private
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?

Introduction to a few of the major Altcoins:

(a little math exercise)

Check current price and current market cap on Coinmarketcap.comenter daily!

  • Etherum
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
  • Litecoin
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
  • Tether
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
  • XRP
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
  • Cordano
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
  • Binance Coin
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
  • Chainlink
    • Current price
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?
    • Current market cap
      • the increase/decrease from yesterday?

Learning about Compumatrix:

Engage, Enrich, Enhance – company motto

  • Founder/President – Henry James Bayanat
  • an evolution to the current business model of Compumatrix.
  • our developer – Blinc
  • Sites we use
    • DEX
    • Blog site
    • CDAP
    • Discord
    • Forum
    • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • point system – the business model and foundation
    • Discuss various companies such as credit cards, banks, and websites that offer point rewards.
    • How to earn points.
      • activities to make points – Blog site (other activities to be announced.)
    • Value of points (we can only discuss the number of points to earn on the Blog site at the moment)
  • The need for an exchanger to convert points to spendable currency – discuss
    • exchangers


An overview to familiarize –

*Although this IS a site we use, remember, Compumatrix does not own Bitshares DEX. Compumatrix USES this site and has built its own ecosystem here with the publicly available open-source software.

  • What is DEX? – A Decentralized Exchange
  • Why is it used? for buying, selling and trading various assets
  • Touring the DEX tabs –
    • Dashboard – navigation page
    • Exchange – connects to the trading page
      • buy, sell, exchange assets here
    • Explore – search out and view:
      • blockchain activity (this is a live view of the trades going on)
      • assets available – search by:
        • smart coins
        • UI’s – user issued assets
        • market predictions
      • accounts – search
      • witnesses
      • committee members
      • markets – search for particular ones
      • The fee schedule for each operation
  • Touring the Dashboard tabs
    • portfolio – lists what assets you own
      • active – which assets you choose to see
      • hidden – which assets you do not want to see
      • visual – a visual rendering of your assets
  • open orders – shows any open orders you have; you can cancel them here as well.
  • margin positions – certain assets are loanable but read up on and understand how that works before doing this or you could get your account in hot water!
  • activity – you may view your accounts activity here but be aware only a few are stored here.
    • use the “download activity” button found on this page to download your complete account history, or make a copy of your history daily or weekly or before the activities drop off because of the max storage being reached.

In order to ensure they receive a well-rounded education, we will also be teaching gardening, canning, and preserving, balancing a home budget and basic living skills (cooking, cleaning, laundry, hygiene, etc.)

Of course, after this would come learning more about CDAP, how to trade, and about the various altcoins and their original purpose. That will all evolve as they can understand and absorb. They are too young right now to join, but I believe that it is in their future. It is my opinion that the children of today will see a very different financial world that we adults grew up knowing. That is a good thing!

20+ Funny Homeschooling Quarantine Memes & Internet Quotes
OK, so I exaggerate! lol

Before anyone gets bent out of shape thinking all work and no fun for the kids; I am a firm believer in exercise and taking care of our health, so there will be plenty of playtimes too – sans ANY electronic devices. In fact, they won’t even know they are learning how to “make” their own toys and entertainment! By searching online you can find tons and tons of activities for all age groups. They love doing crafts so why not incorporate that as well??

Teaching this will be an ongoing thing, with no set times or deadlines. Schooling in this will be done in conjunction with homeschooling and online courses some of the grandkids are already doing.

There is no rush; the intention is to teach them to be self-sufficient entrepreneurs and prepare them for the world they will be part of in the near future. What better business model to learn than Compumatrix, and what better learning group than family?

About the author

Gail holds one of the most challenging role in the Compumatrix Leadership: Membership. She ensures that that members and potential members enjoy the benefits of being part of the Compumatrix community.


  1. When the schools closed in March we decided that it was time for us to stay home. And we are in quarantaine since then. We only leave the house to do some essential shopping and that is it. During these almost 5 months till now I never felt bored or not knowing what to do with my time. I do pretty much the same things that I did before the pandemia started and that is more than enough to fill my whole day. I like my life as it is today.

  2. This blog covers it all. Finding activities to keep you and the kids was fun the first 30 days, then we realized how hard home schooling is. Thank God for teachers. If you follow the guide set out in the blog not only will you learn about cryptocurrency and the crypto community you will see what it takes to be knowledgeable and successful in Compumatrix. Take heed read this blog and use it a a road map, share it with others. When you recuit new members give them a copy of this blog.

  3. I agree this has been a learning curve and just change. Never thought I’d be wondering about toilet paper. My son is older but we all felt that sting, the kids all teaching themselves the last few months. I agree. We need teachers. Kids need to be together but I did use some of the time at home to update everyone on our progress with Compumatrix, I’ve told the people I’m helping follow the information in the forum. Sharing and keeping up is critical to success and I know this company and all of our families will be fine. We are all very excited to be part of something so amazing. It’s slowly coming together and will be better than amazing. This is like a huge family to us all and we will thrive as a group and a company. Henry is amazing, what a dream he has and to watch it bloom has to be an “Out of this world” feeling.

  4. During quarantine my family definitely used this time to learn and educate ourselves as much as we could about Bitcoin. At this time, a good part of society knows it exists and maybe even owns some, but does not truly care to learn what it is. This article also shows how during quarantine we should be making the most of this time. Many people will never be at home as much as they have these recent months, and should use this time to their advantage and educate themselves on things.

  5. Coming from a one room school era and being the only one in my grade for six years, it was evident that the only teacher wasn’t the “teacher”. All the students helped each other and the older ones taught the younger. This worked marvellously! One thing you may like to add to your well outlined program. Oh yes, could I also join your grandkids – seriously that would be a great course to learn bitcoin, etc. – have you considered offering to us all? I’d definitely sign up!

  6. Now that is a creative way for children to pass the time. Away from all the social media platforms spending their time learning having fun and spinning their youthful minds. I would think that the generation x’ers will take the cryptocurrency much faster then we as the baby-boomers. Either way I agree Compumatrix can help them set their own destiny.

  7. what a great read and putting this with other blog postings it is so nice to keep the learning curve –curving — and the learning still learning — do I wish that it was down to a science sure — but then teaching the children or even us olders would be more of a chore than a Joy — do agree with those who believe Schools should be open and definitely a part of each day — but guess will see as time plays out ??

  8. It’s Gail! It is not being easy for families who have children with online classes at home. But we are all having to learn new things on a daily basis from this horrible Pandemic. Thank you so much for sharing information about Compumatrix!

  9. Amen Gail! I love your blog. Like minds are working together. I am working on a blog about teaching the younger ones about the crypto world. I have now incorporated some comments about your blog. We are so blessed to know one another in Compumatrix and to learn from each other. I think we are all alike more than we know. We all seem to have a desire to repurpose our selves and renew our thinking, as well as bringing the younger generations with us.

  10. Sophye, liked your post and know that I learnt a few things.The way you keep yourself busy with this lockdown is quite impressive. there are a few things that I occupy myself with are gardening that you can take young ones to join you. I have been learning about Hydroponics Aeroponics etc .also have interest in painting and will start again soon.I do have a large large collection of postage stamps that I collected as a hobby and am thinking of disposing it off as with advancing years no one after me will be able to handle that.Other suggestion may be to get them to meditate,do Yoga and leave you alone for a while.
    But they are receptive to learning about Compumatrix and all about Cryptoworld all the more better.Itwill be very handy for them in not too distant future.I wishI had a GIGI to teach all you can.

  11. How nice that they can learn about Compumatrix from their Grandmother! I can relate to the quarantine as it seems like we have been in lockdown for the whole year so far. It sure makes you wonder if ever we will be back to normal, whatever that turns out to be!!

  12. The only kid in my household is me, so I teach myself. I always love to read, listen, and search for things that interest me.
    Since the crypto ecosystem is my business I spend time reading Compumatrix blogs, interesting all of them. I also, spend time listening to many podcasts from crypto advocates that teach about different crypto topics.
    So many things to learn from Compumatrix.

  13. Talking about keeping busy. It may change from one person to the next , but i know my self that i am never bored and always being occupied with something. Not much has changed for me during the last few months , since during the very hot summer months it was always almost a must staying at home more then the rest of the year. Going out for my early morning walks and later in the early evening again. Have to have my daily walks , no matter the temperature. The rest of the day is keeping busy at home , doing some excises with the comfortable AC . Cooking healthy from scratch to keep a healthy and strong immune system . No kids around and not many of the neighbors here either during the summer. Just a few doing there own things .

  14. Across the US, due to the spread of coronavirus disease, children are affected by physical distancing, quarantines and nationwide school closures. Some children and young people may be feeling more isolated, anxious, bored and uncertain.They may feel fear, and grief, over the impact of the virus on their families.

    Children who are abused will suffer because nobody is there for them. Unruly kids drive bring their parents crazy because they are bored and without structure; many will be alone at home because somebody has to put food on the table and parents have to work. I agree with the comments on creativity, but the reality is very different. A mother in Dallas, TX threw her autistic son in a lake because she couldn’t take care of him.

  15. Great blog GS, many good reminders in there and a few tidbits of future that fit into our everyday existence.

    Children today are so much more advanced in some ways but not all. Growing up in the street we learned a lot, not all good. I couldn’t imagine being cooped up in the house for several months with my 3 brothers. There would be a lot of physical and mental scars for sure.

    Sadly yesterday I read an article stating suicide rates are climbing for High Schoolers around the world. No social interaction is depressing many of them who are getting bored with phone calls and videos. Having a 16 year old half sister who thinks she can call me at all hours gives me a clue how she and her friends feel. Tried to get her interested in our world but not having any success. Either way I will now answer the phone when she calls.

    For us who are “grown up” (sort of), our world is Compumatrix. Our family as well. We are a diverse group that manages to keep each other smiling for the most part. The down side is the recipes and yeah I have tried a few.

    We all have days where the dark cloud comes by but we deal with it. Trying to stay away from the TV and the outside world as much as possible. It’s easier to find something else to do. At least here in NC we have our mountains, we can ride around unimpeded, the stores are not too busy early in the morning, and the restaurants are opening. Hit the Olive Garden last week and it felt a little strange, but we did get over it quickly.

    Fellow travelers all, take care of yourselves and your families, life is a one time deal! Now, go do something constructive.

  16. What an exciting and fun read.
    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would have to be teacher, homemaker, and carer all in one. What a learning curve this has been. I have a ten-year-old who I only four months ago (to my shame, because I didn’t pick it earlier) has a reading disability. Although we live in Thailand, I wasn’t aware that his Thai reading was that of a grade one. But fortunately, one of the schools offered a Thai course, and he has improved by leaps and bounds and even managed to get into grade 5. I taught him to read English. Did I mention that he is Burmese born in Thailand, and we have been caring for him since he was one month old? Oh, the tears and frustrations we shared during the lockdown. Fortunately for all of us and the sake of our sanity schools reopened 1st July. Very strict safety measures must be adhered. He has come down with a cold (don’t ask me how) as I am obsessed about sanitizing and wearing a mask when we walk out of the front door. But he wasn’t allowed back at school until we had him checked out at the hospital and a medical certificate saying that he didn’t have Covid-19.
    With his reading problem, this whole lockdown has been a blessing in disguise as we have managed to get his reading level to an acceptable level. He is enjoying his new school.

    He has learned to make breakfast and also now helps with the household chores. I am so grateful I live in Thailand as we haven’t had a case in 63 days and counting. Everyone has worked together and adhered to the rules and regulations.please be safe and let’s hope by 2021 this will all seem like a bad dream.

  17. Thank you all so much for the kind comments. I pray we all make the best of what life throws at us, no matter where we live in this world. We are such a diverse group, yet we make it work by loving and supporting each other even through a pandemic. I have always believed there is a silver lining in every cloud. Perhaps one day, we will look back at 2020 with gratefulness because I believe in all things, human spirit dominates with God’s guidance.

  18. most definitely a wonderful read here and the replies to go with the blog just is great stuff and so much here to add to other blog info and seriously the learning for us under informed keeps getting more and more good bonafide information and honestly my confidence has improved — not arrogance but courtesy of many wonderful people here have grown and thank you all so much — rj

  19. Think You Gail for sharing informative  Information. I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things by staying at home in the Quarantine and especially I learned a lot every day from compumatrix  blog. I got a lot of information about crypto and thus I don’t know how the day ends. I love to read books I used to bring books from library but now I learn from compumatrix blog.Thank you Gail and compumatrix.

  20. Excellent post Gail. Being a seasoned Home Shcooler, I agree with all that is said. Teach your kids about Entrpreneurship. My 2 kids were taught nutrition and math in the grocery store. And YES, teach them about crypto currencies as they will have a huge part to play in all of our futures. You wrote out an awesome guideline to follow for doing so.

    I have been blessed with another 2 children to raise (adopted) and am excited to teach them the same. And the entire family will be taught about the Compumatrix system. One of the best compassionate capitalism business models on the planet.

    Our kids are our future so we must be diligent in teaching them not the ways of the world, but the ways of success IN the world.

    Thanks for the awesome post.

  21. Gail, you are amazing! I am going to copy and paste this article and save it for reference. It is so well laid out, not only historically, but with so much relevant information for today and into the future. Thank you for who you are and all you do for all of us.

  22. Gail has once again summed up everything for us. It makes it so easy to go over all the important points regarding CDAP and the DEX, to start with.
    So, all the more reason to re-read and make notes and go over Gails other blogs. There is a lot to learn and not only that – we need to know how to apply all of it, safely and correctly, when dealing with digital currency.
    Waiting for your next blog, Gail. A big thank you, is the least I can say.. Gracias, nuevamente!

  23. so very true on reading previous blog postings by many here who have a tremendous understanding of what we are doing here and also so much on being successful Entrepreneurs and small business owners — there is so much great stuff and learning is part of this — thanks many times over —

  24. These are strange times of a pandemic. But having children and family at home and always around can really be a good opportunity for family learning and iteration. Of course, we have to take that time out to entertain the kids, but taking the time to discover and learn new things together can be as much fun as any recreational tasks.

  25. What a Brilliant blog! When you got into teaching Compumatrix and Crypto, I shot up and took notice. I have my business plan put together and although it revolves around Compumatrix, I do not have that piece outlined. I can literally take your outline and bring someone up to a high level of understanding. We are so fortunate here at Compumatrix to have access to an in-depth education into the Crypto World.

  26. The times we live in are bizar. I never thought that I would be in the position that I am in now. Living in the middle of a world wide pandemia. Since march I stay at home and that seems very boring but it is not. In fact my life is not so much different than my life of before the pandemia. I have lots of things to do, as I always did. So for me it is not much of an ordeal to stay at home.

  27. That picture gave me the best belly laugh! Thank you for the comprehensive overview of Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Compumatrix. I had the reverse of boredom during the lockdown with my daughter, we have too many things to do, which has been the greatest gift. I will review the Coin training as I always learn something new from a different perspective.

  28. Quarantine has been a perfect time for me to learn about Compumatrix and the cryptocurrency world in general. Thank you for this plan to learn more! Rest assured I will be following it and analyzing the trends of both bitcoin and all of the altcoins you mentioned! I truly just love the cryptocurrency world and cannot wait to learn more!

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