Capitalism in a New way

The freedom of our country and freedom for all men was fought for and established. We are a country built on capitalism. Any person willing to work and dare to dream could pursue such. They could create any type of business. Most businesses were genuine and reasonable, but like now, some were corrupt, but they still had the freedom to operate a business. Through the years, some companies overcame the smaller ones and grew their companies into great empires. Still, they had the privilege to do so: America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I want to talk about the good people who held to their beliefs and dreams, the backbone of America, those who showed us the way. We have to fight differently to continue what America was built upon, the American dream, and a better world with peace and blessings for all. This is what I am trying to instill in my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I encourage them to see good and think about what type of work they would like to do or what kind of business they would want and do it to the best of their ability.

The profession each of them has chosen is diverse; One son and his son operate their own business and are mechanics, His daughter, who is a great teacher, has her certification to be a principal.

My youngest son is also a mechanic and his son works in a warehouse but is learning about the crypto world.

My next to youngest son is a Battalion Fire Chief. His eldest child, a daughter, chose to be a parent. Her husband is a middle school basketball coach and teacher. Their eldest son chose carpentry, while his youngest, a daughter, is in nursing training and has started a business called Operation Basket of Sunshine Embracing with love. You can find her on Facebook. Their youngest son works in a hardware store and is preparing to enter the navy.

My eldest grandson works two jobs, one of them being a firefighter. My next to oldest grandson chose to be a policeman, and I am very proud of him and pray for him every day. I am proud of all my children and grands. They and we are not perfect, but our business as parents is to love, nurture, and encourage them as we grow the future.

For years I have wanted to show the young, not just my own, the good qualities of our country, and what capitalism means, and how much better things will be if they embrace a capitalistic way of life. Work hard, grow a business of their choice or work for someone else, and be proud of their accomplishments.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy today as there are so many rules and regulations to follow. Many blogs could be written on these strict laws, and the effects these have on businesses. But, that is not the purpose of this blog. My goal of this blog is to share and teach good and Godly ways of living, building a better world for our family members, and seeing their dreams fulfilled.

Since things are changing in this world, my thoughts have turned to the crypto world. I am learning and want to share with the younger ones, about this new concept and the new way to freedom. I have taught one grandson, and he has purchased a little bit. We are now teaching him about our great company Compumatrix. Not all minds are geared to learn about cryptos and digital currencies, so we show those prepared for the teacher, and are ready to be educated. A new concept in business worked in a new way—marketing for the twenty-first century.

I read Gail’s newest blog tonight and decided I needed to refer to Quarantine Quandary on I am so delighted by her desire to prepare her younger grandchildren. They are our future, and we need to teach them. I liked her teaching plan and how she broke down the steps on what she will teach. I found it humorous that like minds think alike, and we both saw this need in this time of lockdown. I will, with her permission, implement her plan into my training. Love it!

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Enjoyed reading this blog, Carmen. I know that there are some flaws to Capitalism, and those need to be addressed but I agree it does promote freedom in business creation and rewards those who work hard for success. I don’t believe anyone can be pleased if everything in life is given to them. They would never know the blessings that hard work brings.
    Thank you for the compliments on my blog, Quarantine Quandary, and of course, you can feel free to use any part of it.

  2. what a great read Carmen and agree capitalism has flaws but America was built on Freedom not government or some other other “ism” and being an old kitchen guy with a few other strong points — honestly I have one child and she is a much better Baker than i — and couple of my nieces n nephews are also involved in the food industry and it makes me smile — maybe did a few things correctly being who i am — ??? love these Blogs so much great stuff!!

  3. To have the freedom that capitalism brings is indeed a true blessing . Of course there are flaws also but people do have choices. My grandchildren always got a job as soon as they were allowed to be hired. They started saving to be able to buy a car after they had their license, and their dad matched their savings. My middle grandson saved more because he wanted to be able to buy a bit better shape car than his older sister – again they had choices! P.S. Would really like to also participate in Gail’s teachings listed on her blog because they are at the exact right level for me in their simplicity i.e. grandchild level 🙂

  4. The one common theme through all this is to work for what you get as those who are given to just don’t have the shine of the Man or Woman who set out to make it using their own talents. Now here comes Compumatrix and it’s going to be a delight to see how many lives can be changed for the better through this stay at home period and beyond using our model.

  5. Capitalism is a backbone for more then just the USA. It thrives in both good and bad ways throughout the world. Teaching our kids about it is key to the survival of all of our kids. Taught my 1’st set of kids how to own and operate a business and will be teaching my 2’nd set as well. Entrepreneurism is the only way forward and we need to also teach comapssion along with it.

    A term Bill Britt referenced in the way back machine when he was mentoring me. Compassionate Capitalism is when the business owner succeeds more by helping others foster and grow their own business. Compumatrix adds to this because of the way it is structured. We all earn by helping one another – be that using the portal in the subscribe and retail end of it. Helping people get involved with Crypto’s in the easiest way possible. Never mind the offering of a business that will be second to none once it is up an running. Never mind that there is no referral program. Doesn’t need to be the way it has been set up.

    Yes – teaching our kids the ways of crypto is essential for future business. And showing them we can be comapssionate about it is even better.

  6. No government system, be communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism, or whatever is pure and flawless in its action.
    But I do take that which gives liberty to do for ones good as long as it doesn’t interfere in other beliefs and goals.
    Compumatrix allows me to work myself in reaching my goal of independent freedom.

  7. Carmen, cudos for the blog. As a mother and grandmother you hit the nail right on the head. What an accomplished family, top to bottom. You have so much to be proud of and we know you are.

    Totally agree with the need to get this younger generation moving along in a more productive direction instead of the one so many are taking today. There is a lot of distraction around them and those that have been brought up to respect others are not out in the street.

    Giving them something that is productive like Compumatrix will lead to making them better citizens. Having a goal that adds to a stable productive life helps to keep all sorts of issues and problems out of their everyday lives. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love how your whole family is involved in bettering their lives. They are all different but yet it’s clear they were all given a sound basis in their early years that formed the desire to become contributors to society and caring adults. This is as it should be!!

  9. I love how many of the members of your family work in professions that protect our capitalistic way of life. On the other side of the coin, we have to also do our part in producing through our capitalism the means to keep this system alive. We have to maintain a certain level of independence yet not a free for all attitude. I will be the first to admit that Compumatrix is not for everyone. However, I intend to introduce it to those that will embrace it!

  10. Yep, Coky, I agree. All forms of government have flaws. BUT capitalism is the freest form to allow its citizens the unlimited capacity to create and build a business without restrictions. Yes, it favors good work ethics, I believe and does NOT reward those who sit on their behinds and expect the government to take from the workers and give to the lazy.

  11. Well written blog Carmen.Read all the comments which are well thought of and make good points.
    A society that puts Equality before Freedom will get neither.A society that puts Freedom before Equality will get a higher degree of both.
    Milton Friedman.
    Capitalism gives us Economic freedom that helps us to get Political freedom, ignore Social be improves efficiency and encourages Innovation thereby cutting the cost and providing more Profit.Thus resulting in Economic growth of the country.
    At same time it may create Monopolies that pay lower wages , ignore Social benefits creating Social division and be Exploitative.

  12. Capitalism always opens up new avenues and paves the way towards progress. When we are economically well-positioned, we become more creative and our minds think of expanding and moving ahead. That is what our focus in life should be.
    Communism and socialism are outdated and restrict people in many aspects. Let us all work hard and work smart – therein lies our success!

  13. I have seen first hand the fruits of dedication, effort and hard work paying off big time. America is indeed the land of opportunities and most people will give you a hand when you are starting up. Capitalism is where entrepreneurs, farmers, professionals and skilled workers can make a good living and thrive on their own to be successful. Immigrants who arrive here with little funds can find their way if they love what they do and become good at it. Most importantly, what capitalism gives the individual is the freedom to make choices, when you apply your talents, the sky is the limit, I have seen this many times and still happening every day.

  14. Freedom and Entrepreneurial Spirit is the backbone of great countries where any one with a bit of tenacity and perseverance can make themselves a Business Success and elevate many around them to a better life and it takes Capitalism and Freedom of that ” Ism” to give any of us that Choice to be whatever we want to be — Freedom is a Choice —

  15. Excellent post Carmen, and thank you for letting us in on all your children and all that they are involved in. You are pouring your heart into the next generation which all of us need to be doing. How thankful we are for all of those who took us under their wing and mentored us. They are going to be needing you real soon when the crypto world begins to have much more of a major impact on people. For such a time as this !

  16. Excellent post, Carmem! Of course, capitalism is not perfect but it is the fairest system in my opinion. It offers the possibility to grow through dedication and effort and allows people to be free to dream and to pursue their life objectives with hope. Regarding the crypto world, it is an inevitable reality and those not willing to learn about it today will have to, sooner or later.

  17. I love that we have the freedoms to choose what we want to do in our life: where we want to work, who we want to marry, and where we want to live. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities my country gives me and hope to make opportunities for other people one day too! With the Compumatrix platform, people will have even more freedoms to follow their dreams and make their goals come true!

  18. Loved the read Carmen, I’m happy to see your kids reaching their dreams and enjoying life. Compumatrix will give so many of us the freedom to build what we want and share what we can. We all have dreams but not everyone acts on them. I feel we as a group are all here for a reason at this time, the young the old, all of us. It’s a nice group of people we have. I see why many of you are here. We have many good teachers in this group. Thanks to all of you for sharing.

  19. as the reading goes around and replies of so many great people — just absolutely enjoy reading the blog and also the replies — so much great info in all the parts — and honestly so much effort and time goes into those who participate — it really is worth the time to read and even more so the effort put forth — hope this blog arena continues and the great people here continue to share the Wisdom — so wonderful — truly —

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