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Growing up was fun. We always went to the farm for the weekends with my Grandma and Grandpa, and then we would pick strawberry’s and plums until we made ourselves sick.
Nutrition is the key to all health, As I read in another blog about the soil and all we have abused it. It made me think of all things I have seen going through all of my holistic studies. (Thanks to Penn Medicine for the picture above.)

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We learned how the body broke down food, how essential enzymes were. I had no idea until I went to see a Dr with Mason one day, and we did a dry blood analysis. He told me Mason was malnutrition, but all of our food back then came from whole food since the boys were on such strict diets. It was very hard on them and me.

I didn’t understand if I’m getting all our food from whole food, how can he STILL be sick. Well, I found out later he wasn’t absorbing anything. All of his blood cells had flipped over sideways. If you’ve ever seen a blood cell, they have a dot on top we Masons had all flipped over sideways. Every single one in his body was saying no to all food.


I was beside myself. I studied, studied, studied. I tried crazy out there modalities Dr.s that did nothing to the Out there Dr.s that saved my kids and me. So as I learned, more I learned about this Dr that had a book in the Smithsonian on natural healing. I didn’t think much of that, but it was what he said. He had a seminar in Colorado here in my town, so I went. There were a few construction workers, and I remember they told him their backs hurt. He said, what do you eat and drink all day. They said soda most of the day and whatever was on the truck or whatever the wife packed.

So he said no more sodas. Water drink water, so from the reports, the men both had pain in their backs, but he did add supplements. He said the soil is dead and that we had to supplement if we as humans want to be healthy. He said that back long ago, they would cycle the ground and give nutrients back. Now we take, take, take. The soil can only give what it has to provide.

Like a piggy bank or this company, you do nothing. You get nothing. It’s all about a little work and being an investigator, and it’s funny every time I go to the Dr they say I need this and that. This last time I went, they said I needed Cholesterol medicine. Well, I know my body well, so I said I don’t need that even though my blood test said otherwise. so instead of just walking into a life of pills I didn’t need, I asked, Is there any test we can do to see if I need this medicine? Because I don’t feel like I need it. The Dr did another scan and found I had 0 Cholesterol, so listen to your body listen to your heart. This company is going to help us all, and I’m just grateful to be here.

The secret is nutrition. You may not be absorbing what you take in. Stand up and hold the medicine up to your heart, and if you lean into it, your body wants it. If it pushes away, it doesn’t like it. Pretty simple. Put a soda to your heart. Your body will go backward, then try water; it will go forward. The body will talk to you if you can think outside the box just a little.

The pills could cost a million dollars if you don’t absorb them, they are no good. Our bodies are not cookie-cutter, so we are all different. What works for you may not help me at all. The bottom line is to listen to your body. This company will give us the chance to help many people, and I look forward to the day to do that. Share and help the world.

About the author

Tracy Wight is the proud mother of 4 beautiful kids. She worked with Holistic Drs in Dallas, TX before moving into Cryptocurrency. She is proud to be part of such a great Dream coming to life.


  1. Great Post Tracy and I am a firm believer whatever you put in your body, can heal you or make you sick. Food is your medicine for a healthy body and mind. Sodas are pure poison and if you drink them you will have the consequences sooner than later. Comparing this to Compumatrix, been a founding member I have put in a lot over the years and I am ready for the rewards.

    1. Your right about sodas. In Europe, when you want a second drink, they charge you. A Dr. once told me yes, here in the US, you have Big Gulps. They do not have those in Europe. In the US, we get free refills because she said POISON is free. These people using these machines that make everything carbonated terrible. Compumatrix will make thing so that our older members who need help can get it. This is once big family.

  2. Great post Tracy,I care about my health,our health is in our hands so choose a strong and healthy diet for a healthy life,fizzy drinks should not be used at all, It is a poison killer,physical activity is essential for good health.In the same way, I am associated with a very good company compumatrix and I am very proud of my decision.

  3. a good read definitely — have learned thru life that ” man” is not a very good user of Nature — we tend to be very very?? — also agree that there are still many good ways to go at life and naturally win — have developed a daily physical and also must include emotional or mental plan also imho — prayers and hopes — work in my life — thank you Tracy for sharing —

  4. Well written Tracy, sadly since the Industrial Revolution our food supplies have become less fresh and more processed, meaning that our food supplies are no longer really feeding our bodies. More and more people are studying how they can give their bodies a more balanced meal without spending too much time on preparation. Hence, we see the growth of Meal Plan companies who deliver your meals with everything in the box to your door.

    1. That’s very true. We do have companies popping up to make healthy meals. I even tried one. I didn’t enjoy it, but people are definitely trying. Plus Covid made people have to stay home and cook. I know I have in the past. Thank you!

  5. Nice Post Tracy, my wife has been into natural healing and eating and of course I now am the same. We eat organic as much as possible, grass fed animals, no hormones, down to earth and natural. We don’t have soda, chips, cookies, any junk food in our house. We do take vitamin supplements, as you mentioned the soil is depleted of nutrients. The average person out there is overweight with all the great tasting garbage the food industry puts out for us to eat. Eat healthier and you will be healthier. We both grew up in the country eating fresh foods and we continue to do so. You are what you eat.

    1. That”s what I heard growing up, and in Church, you are what you eat. I grew up having fun with food now. It seems it’s all radiated, and all vitamins are gone. I appreciate your knowledge. I wish everyone just knew. A lot of the deaths we have had are overweight people. I always pray everyone will get it.

  6. You are spot on, Tracy! Being a healing artist, natural ways of healing have always appealed to me. In recent years, I’ve had first-hand experience in how far down the rabbit hole conventional medicine has gone. I’m not talking about the marvels of surgery or emergency rooms, but the everyday health options people are given that do more harm than good. And one of the most powerful solutions is…consume whole foods & sustainable water. Now we have “doctors” writing books about how valuable eating REAL food is as if it’s a new idea. Crazy. I love your passion for true health and look forward to seeing what you do with it. The world needs it.

    1. It’s crazy when I was in my 20’s they had me on ten different medicines. But I was still sick all the time. Lung infections every month. So I left Texas and its mold, and in Colorado, I’m fine. I don’t take any medicine, but before I left Texas, it was a four-year battle to figure out how to balance myself. Now I only use my rescue inhaler when needed, and of course, my supplements, vitamin cottage has a lot of good things.

  7. So true Tracy! We are what we eat and I would like to avoid the medications that our healthcare forces me to take. But I do not know any food that is diuretic, and that is what I must have for my heart fibrillation. I grew up on a small farm run by my father and we ate healthy food every day.

    1. I had heart fibrillation. It started up when I started going to the chiropractor. He over adjusted me, if you can believe that. Another chiropractor had to fix me, and he said the last guy had caused it in my son and I both. I had never known that could happen, but I’m not sure what food helps that.

  8. I identify so much with your blog post, Tracy. Our family too have always been learning, researching, and reading about any and all things relating to abundant health of mind, body and spirit. That is an excellent, simple way to test whether your body will welcome or reject a food or whatever you want to test. For sure healthy food comes from healthy soil. It is wonderful to hear that your family have discovered what works for you all to maintain health – kudos to you!

  9. Nice post Tracy. Very interesting about the mainstream doctors take on Cholesterol. What most people don’t know,. and the docs won’t tell you is that if you don’t take in enough cholesterol, you body will make it. Cholesterol is one of the main carriers in the body taking proteins and nutrients to the places in the body that need it. It’s only when you have high insulin from a high sugar diet that cholesterol can hurt you. Stay low on carbs and sugar and we are good to go.

  10. Indeed, let food be thy medicine. Like Tracy, many people are finding out that by doing your own research into a very important part of our lives, requires education, and the desire to learn something that’s very essential in our lives, proper nutrition. Like me for example, I finally got into researching natural ways of nutrition about 7 years ago, and I haven’t stopped learning, and I’m very happy I did. We’re organic beings, and we only respond to natural health, not big pharma, every doctors to go solution !!

    1. I have a few friends who are Dr’s and they have all said they take a few months on nutrition and move on. Their main thing is broken bones, more like crash care, not health care.

  11. Thank you for your post Tracy. It’s very interesting that in the last decade I have turned to listen to my body much more and as symptoms appear inevitably because you body starts to complain, I am becoming more inclined to try natural products. I want to know what food or what gland, nerve makes my joints hurt in the morning and of course, the dreaded gut and all his signals. I am more aware of the mind, body connection and it’s undeniable co relation. The internet is a blessing in this respect and all you need to do now, is get into YouTube and will find a wealth of information that can help you.

  12. I’m with you on that mindset, Tracy! God gave us a mind for a reason – for our souls to use to find natural solutions for ourselves. Trouble is, we’ve been real lazy as a society, always running to the doctor or emergency room for the slightest sniffle. I gave that up years ago, after an alarming series of misdiagnoses and/or partial diagnosis and inevitably some drug or another (usually either/or antibiotics, or pain meds of some kind). I felt “the call” – and like you I grew up in a setting where we had several gardens growing every year, with all kinds of pickled, canned and frozen produce that we processed ourselves. I now appreciate all that “hard work” I went through as a child…it gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to make my own decisions when it comes to my health and wellbeing.

    1. Good Tracy, the fact nutrition is as you have stated it. I was always told as a child you are what you eat (of course as a child was plenty junk food). Still as an adult, and knowing better than as a child, we still tend to cheat and consume our “junk” food. Perhaps a little to much.

  13. You are what you eat I have heard that saying a lot over the years. My mom was a naturalist she made her own pills and put herself in remission from breast cancer for 10 years, unfortunately, it came back from the stress in her life at the time I believe. It was estrogen cancer from prescription drugs she took years earlier that shows how dangerous they are. The doctor even said her heart was very strong for 73 yrs old and she probably would have seen 90 or 100 yrs old, that made me furious because it was there drugs that killed her. To this day they still prescribe estrogen to patients something needs to be done.

  14. Thank you for a great post, Tracy. I can’t wait to hold something up to my heart to see what my body does. That is just too cool. My first thought is that this “trick” will not work for me. I know, quit being so negative and just go try it !!! I have been in athletics most of my life, from grade school to the NFL. I have always been told what to eat, right or wrong. Now that I am “old”, I am sure that it is as important as ever. Your post also wakes me up to take a look at and challenge some of the medications that I am taking daily. We put so much trust in doctors that is really unearned. The first thing they want to do is give you a pill. Anyway, you have given me much to consider. Thank you for doing so.

  15. Tracy this is an excellent article. Truth is hard for some to accept. Once a person changes his outlook and gives their systems what it needs, they can feel the difference. I agree with you about the nutrition feeding of our body. We also are feeding our brains with knowledge about Compumatrix. We do want to live a long healthy life to enjoy the rewards from our Compumatrix businesses.

  16. Tracy it’s true you are what you eat and yes the soil is being depleted of nutrition and substituted with artificial and dangerous chemicals in the process of growing more food per acre and making more money. The chemicals used in fertilizers get into our bodies through the foods we consume. I try and get locally grown and organic food as much as possible and hope and pray to be protected from the effects of these chemicals

  17. I’m a pescatarian since 22 years back. Back then it was quite difficult to find any good and healthy substitution to meat. It’s much easier today!
    Growing up in the country we learned quickly the meaning of good and healthy food, and it’s even more important when you grow older.

    1. Yes, it is, and it’s essential to teach our kids. They won’t know any of this if they never see it. I live in Colorado and know people who have never been skiing. or up to the mountains that is amazing to me.

    2. So true, you are what you eat, as they say. My daughter was in college, and her friends were talking about health, and she said, oh, I know all that my mom told me that all the time I know all about nutrition. She was happy to share all she learned with them, and then she called to tell me. It just made me feel good me saying it and her acting like she wasn’t listening when she was.

  18. Thank you for that informative post Tracy. I never knew a blood cells could turn sideway and you could suffer from malnutrition even though you are eating three meals a day. Truly you are what you eat and even though it is sometimes really hard to eat right I am going try and do better thanks to your article. Thanks again.

    1. We had a dry blood test done, and we saw everything in my blood. Chlorophyll is the best blood cleaner that I know of but anything green—super greens and enzymes.

  19. Thank you for your wonderful words Tracy. I like it very much. I produce food with my agricultural farm and I use the natural way to do that. Good treatment and use of the soil and no toxins. In that way, my products are healthy and very good for the body and the mind. And if you grow the vegetables with love and care the harvest is excellent.

    1. That is amazing. I would love to have fresh food. My grandmother was huge into growing everything. My mom tries but just not the same. I wish my grandma would have left her green thumb behind in one of us grand kids.

  20. Informative post. Thank you for sharing your story and your background about nutrition. I agree with the energy of food. I am very fortunate that my neighbor gives me fresh vegetables from her organic garden. They taste better than store-bought produce. I am very particular about what I eat now, as I can feel the difference with good healthy food.

    1. You are so lucky Kristin, if you can get fresh eggs those are the very best. The first time I brought them home my son that was 13 at the time had like 8 hard boiled. I had two but they tasted so amazing. I have a chicken and a beef lady all farm grown. It just tastes better.

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