Salmon-The Wonders of the Rivers and Sea

Salmon are fascinating! They have been reverenced and studied for years as a food resource and a significant part of God’s creation. Let’s take a glimpse at the life cycle of these amazing creatures.
Listen to these words from the Bible. “Speak to the earth, and it will teach you or let the fish in the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this.” (Job 12:8 and 9)
Salmon can teach us so much about hard work, sticking to the right course, sacrifice, and overcoming obstacles in our work or business. From them, we learn about mental toughness and just bare survival.
The Spawning Process
No matter how far into our vast ocean a salmon has traveled, it will always return to the river where it was born. After the female salmon returns, it makes a little depression in the sand where she lays her eggs. During the spawning season, a female can make up to seven of these depressions called “Redds” and lay between 3000 to 7000 eggs. She does this by sweeping her tail into the sand, making a depression.
Once fertilized by the male Salmon, she covers the eggs over with sand, and they incubate.
The embryos then hatch into what are called alevins. They are small fish with a yolk sac attached. Once they consume the yolk sac, they emerge from the sand and feed on their own. At this point, they are called Fry and are about an inch long. They can spend months and even years in these rivers and lakes before traveling downstream to the ocean. Once in the sea, they spend anywhere from 2 to 7 years there.
The miraculous seems to begin happening when the small Salmon begins heading downstream towards saltwater. At this point, we call them by another name, which is Smolts. Many physical changes start to happen to let their bodies adapt to the whole new environment. The life-changing process is reversed at the end of their life-cycle when they return to freshwater many years later. After this first period of physical change, they head out to the sea to spend the bulk of their lives.
Many of them travel hundreds and thousands of miles from the mouth of that river before returning. This migration back home is one of God’s wonders that people and scientists have marveled at for countless years now.
Some say the Salmon can follow the earth’s magnetic field back home. Others say that the sun, moon, and stars’ positions play a vital role in their direction. Scientists found out that the Salmon can test or sense a particular river’s chemical makeup to see if it’s the river of their birth. Nobody taught them how to do that. God just designed them to function that way so brilliantly.
After their long journey at sea is completed, and they reach the mouth of the river, the adjustment processes begin again, and their bodies begin to prepare for the long swim upriver and the spawning cycle.
The spawning season usually begins in the Autumn after the heavy rains raise the rivers and streams, making it favorable for them to get back to where they all started. Things may have changed over the years, and they often leap over obstacles and swim-up small waterfalls and rapids to make it. Sometimes they navigate shallow water levels to make it back home.
Because of the rerouting and damming of rivers and streams that man has done, they had to come up with ways to divert the Salmon back up-steam to let them reach their birthplace. They do this with hatcheries and human-made water channels.
I grew up near a Salmon hatchery, and as a kid, we would go there and watch the Salmon leap up over these small waterfalls and grates to continue into the river higher up. It was a fantastic sight to see them jump out of the water time and time again until they finally made it up. They had to struggle and give an all-out effort many times before they saw success.
What is the main thing driving these fantastic fish species to endure as they do?
In the business and crypto world, many have an inbred instinct for all of this digital stuff. I love it, and you love it. But why are we involved? Is it not because we have an inward or innate instinct for these things? My good friend told me he knows nothing about digital currencies and said he didn’t desire to learn. But you and I have an inward sense. It’s a “knowing,” if you will, of how things will go in the future of finance. It’s an inward knowing.
After many, many years, why are we still here? Why didn’t we hang up the towel years ago, when everything didn’t pan out in this business as we wanted it. Isn’t it because something profound inside us is telling us, “YES, this is indeed the way to go. All the financial world is heading this way.” We are making sure that our future continues financially strong and continues strong for our future generations.
These spectacular performers, the Salmon, have taught us how to navigate great distances with surprising accuracy defying all the odds against them. The only explanation for it all is God-given instinct. Do you have an instinct or gut feeling that you are on the right path and headed towards the right river home financially? I sure do!

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Jeff great article. God is good in all that he does. Its truly amazing how these salmon come to be and the beautiful life they live. I like your transition from salmon to crypto. Maybe its faith that we follow trusting this new world of cryptocurrencies. I know I definitely dont know everything possible about crypto but I have faith that I currently know enough and my desire to know more is high!!!

  2. A very well-written blog!
    The mysteries of nature are countless. How plants grow and how animals survive in their natural habitat – is indeed god’s wonder. So impressive to learn how salmon fish move around and complete their cycle, by using their instincts!
    As rightly said by you, Jeff, our sixth sense will guide us well and take us to the right path. My inner voice tells me that I am doing well by going deeper into cryptocurrency and believing in Compumatrix. This conviction comes from deep within each one of us – especially for those who are able to see the BIG PICTURE.

    1. I think that so many of us here in Compumatrix do have this 6th sense. We have this inner knowing of the way things are going in this financial world. It’s nice to know that we now have the best of both worlds. If we have any cryptos we can HODL them and make them grow. But if we need Cash, we will be able to sell some of the cryptos thus still having both worlds.

  3. Jeff, that is a lot of information and very well written. It is certainly a place I never would have considered going to. To learn about another species that God has created and is so clearly related to our engagement with Compumatrix can only be attributed to instinct. It certainly makes sense as to why the members of Compumatrix have so been so loyal to remain engaged to get to the place of lift-off for this company. It has been a blind and unconscious pursuit to reach a goal that was determined so many years ago. Like salmon, where we wander off to in pursuit of learning in an effort to achieve our goal, we always return to continue together what we have set out to achieve together.

    1. Yes William. There has to be an underlying reason for all these members staying loyal for all these years. I know that there is some that quit and are no longer around, but for some reason that I think is beyond us, the majority have stayed true and stayed here.

  4. Jeff,Great article,nature teaches us many colors of life, salmon is also a wonderful treasure of nature,just like a salmon travels through different stages of its life,this is also amazing,in the same way, we are going through different stages in compumatrix, we are learning a lot about cryptocurrencies,these are all stages leading us to success.

  5. The wisdom of God spread through all his creation, it’s amazing how unique we are, but learn lessons from it, this is divine, the stages of life indeed teach us a lot, the journey never stops, we have an understanding of today technology, tomorrow we have hope, Jeff.

  6. great read here and the info is so fun to learn about Salmon and Nature and how so much indeed is divine — God is so prevalent in so much of every moment in Nature and also in human nature and instinct — JP did such a great job and now just pondering on — great start to my Sat. thank you Sir —

    1. Yes. One thing we never talked about in the short blog was the fact that after these salmon make it up stream to lay their eggs, then they die. Their carcasses also help feed so many other animals and fertilize the forest which feeds all the trees and vegetation on land. God is truly amazing.

  7. A salmon is a steadfast fellow until caught. I find this fascinating information about the grit of a salmon. I knew they could and would swim upstream but not about them going to the ocean. It feels as though we swim upstream many times in our lives, but we persevere until we make it. We have persisted in our dedication to Henery Banayat and the completion of our company Compumatrix.

  8. What a perfect & lovely correlation between the life of salmon fish and our instincts about Compumatrix, Jeff. I’m right with you. There have been many “a-ha” moments in recent years, each one opening my mind further into why I followed my “knowing” when a friend shared this company with me in 2015. I love how nature teaches us, and validates our intuitions, too. Thank you for a great story & reminder 🙂

    1. I know Liza that there is something inside of me pushing me forward, or I might have jumped ship a long time ago. In a sense, its kind of a calling. An inward calling to a group, a movement, a way of treating finances and caring for others in the future. I am so blessed that I never gave up and so blessed that Henry the BOD and the staff and DEVS never gave up.

  9. When we are in business , We can learn from the Salmon … They just never give up ,do they? … They battle to the end to reach their goal. to lay their eggs and foundation for the next generation to come .. For them to do that they will give it everything they got to make it. Business is like the Salmon .. to make it ,you have to give it your all .. Battle the ups and downs . Plan our business foundation and never give up. We can do it,

    1. You nailed it on the head Avery. You do have to give it all you got in business. Success is not just handed to you on a silver platter. We have to work for it. I know that Erline, Gail and all the staff give everything they got for us and this business.

  10. Thanks, Jeff, for the great blog. I see that too. I had a friend that was mad cryptocurrencies were even happening because she didn’t want to learn and still doesn’t. So I’m guessing. Eventually, the evolution of the world will force her to. I see signs saying we have a shortage of coins everywhere. That’s just the beginning. I’m keeping my coins. Who knows what will happen,

  11. Yeah Tracy. It’s interesting that there are some people even mad and vehement against cryptos. They are so sold that the old way and the old school is the best and don’t want any change. There is a guy I play tennis with who seems to be against them. When I share what I do and that I am into cryptos, he seems like he wants to argue with me like I am a criminal. Go figure.

  12. Salmon are truly one of God’s wonders of nature! They are indeed a fine example of instinct and endurance and never giving up – lots of time at the peril of death. In the early days, the salmon industry became an industry of greed along the west coast of British Columbia. They fished like this was a renewable resource, and paid the Chinese immigrants next to nothing to do all the laborious hard work that was involved only then to ship a good majority of the canned salmon all the way to Australia!! Thank goodness Compumatrix follows the salmon rather than those early processors!

    1. That’s a sad story Janis about the fishing industry back in those days. I have heard a lot of horror stories about the greed and what man will do to the environment and God’s innocent creatures all in the name of money. Thankfully, there are those who respect the environment and do what they can to help it.

  13. Another interesting and informative topic, Jeffrey. The life of a salmon is an arduous and tricky one. We who have been with Compumatrix for several years have seen this company swimming up waterfalls again and again, but with Henry at the helm it has always overcome all obstacles. I am happy to be hanging in there and waiting to see it come to fruition.

  14. Salmon is truly a miracle of God and nature. It is strange to imagine that the peasants’ workers demanded in their employment contracts that they should not be forced to eat salmon more than three days a week. Of course, this was a long time ago when their salaries consisted of natural products. It is fascinating to see the salmon walking up the salmon stairs. They do not give up. The same goes for Compumatrix, which has had many stumbling blocks, but the management always finds ways forward!

    1. Interesting about the peasants Inga. I never knew that. I would be OK with eating salmon 3 times a week LOL. Sockeye salmon seems to be the best for your with great ratios of omega 3 and 6 together. Also it’s a little bit more fattier fish, but that kind of fat or oil is good for you. Bring it on. Now I am hungry !

  15. Yes, the case of the salmon spawning process could definitely be compared to the world of cryptocurrency, and how it is evolving, in that those who are in the thick of it’s creation in all it’s aspects, do not give up. Whenever an issue arises – whether it’s security issues or creating a new coin – some extremely determined genius/group of people who have the passion find a way around, through and alongside it. Just like the fascinating salmon spawning..which I would personally love to observe someday. Thanks for sharing that with us, Jeff!

  16. That is quite an interesting blog I think the instinct part is right on for compumatrix I have always had that instinct that this company will go very far in its cryptocurrency. I learned things I never knew about salmon it is quite a process and takes years to mature as well.

  17. Yes Jeffrey I agree with you that Salmons are truly fascinating!
    I knew already a lot about them, but I didn’t know about the enormous amount of eggs they can lay. and so many other more details.
    Have seen them while living in Canada and many while visiting Alaska. The willingness to return to their birthplace and the enormous effort they make is amazing, to say the least.
    Maybe it’s the desire to learn something new that we are in this cryptocurrency business., for sure it seems to be the future.

    1. You make a good point Gitta. The desire to learn something new. The Crypto world is changing daily, and it’s a bit of a struggle ourselves, like the salmon, just to keep up with it all. We do our best, but wow. I’m so glad we got a jump on most of the rest of the world with this stuff, before it all kicks in wholesale.

  18. Great blog Jeffrey. I have to agree that our nature is stronger than any made man object put in from of us can be overcome. If let the instincts that God gave us be in charge. Fear has no place in this decision-making process. Nothing can stop us if we keep believing and working, we will get this ship in the water and it will take us to our wildest dreams. Financial independence.

  19. Yes Ronald. That is the big dream We don’t talk about it much, but so many that are invovled here are indeed looking for Financial Independence. A way to not have to rely on the status quo of just having a 9 to 5 J.O.B.( Just Over Broke) to sustain ourselves. I am excited that after the launch and down the road when many become independent, they have the heart to share with others.

  20. Great post. And Thank God for Salmon. And all they do to reproduce. Their instinct is indeed incredible. Our instinct has a similar drive. Not only for love and caring, but for survival. Mine brought me to Bitcoin in 2010. Compumatrix a short time before that. Well, it wasn’t Compumatrix then, but this is what it has grown into. And my instinct has kept telling me it is one of the ones to stay with as it WILL come into play and that is very shortly. And when it does… The world of Crypto will change. I can see it being the “Go To” place for buying Crypto’s. And we will all collectively change the world.

    1. Yes John. Wouldn’t it be nice if we became to “go to place” for crypto. Like McDonalds used to be the go to place for hamburgers and fries. I think it will be very appealing to so many people who will want to get into crypto but do not know how or where even to start. We have a lot to offer. Just hope this offering to the world will begin soon.

  21. Great article Jeffrey and well-written. In the country where I live there is no salmon but I have seen some documentaries on tv about the beauty of nature and the instincts they follow. It is a great wish for me that people would take care of nature in a better way so that our children and grandchildren also can enjoy these miracles.

    1. Yes Pedro. I didn’t get to mention in the article about how they are used to feed all the bears right before they go to hibernate for the winter. Salmon have a good amount of fatty meat in them and bears need tons of fat meat before they settle in for their long winters nap. The scraps left around by the bears help to fertilize the forests.

  22. Good blog Jeffrey. Living on the opposite side of the world means we don’t have Salmon here but we have seen documentaries on their life cycle. Those members still here with Compumatrix are all strong survivors. We thank all those who are working behind the scenes to get this business going.

  23. You are the second person Hendrik that has talked about not having Salmon. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where we always had plenty of them around. I guess where I lived, we never had any of the tropical fish like Mahi Mahi etc. Goes with the territory I think.

  24. Great Post Jeff, loved the Biblical reference in the book of Job. There is just no end to the examples God gives us from nature, the stars, the busy little ants, even the talking donkey!
    I live in the northwest and we often fish fir salmon in the Columbia river. Unfortunately the seals coming in from the Ocean are quite prevalent in that river and when the salmon are heading upstream for spawning the seals are very very prevalent and bite a hunk out meat right out of the side of those Salmon, I’m sure they die before they reach their destination. It is against the law to do away with the seals, it is an unfortunate dilemma for the fishermen.

    1. I had a great chuckle reading your comment Judy. I have a whole story that someday I will make into a blog about how we used to fish off of a pier all the time, and a seal would hide under the pier and steal the salmon right off our hooks. They were so pesky. There was nothing at all we could do about it. Too funny you mentioned that.

  25. Thanks for such an interesting blog, Jeff. It’s quite remarkable how Salmon travels during his life and returns to the place it was born. I feel sadden the damage we have created for them when we pollute their habitat, place huge dams and other human obstacles. The most amazing thing for me is the adaptation from fresh water to salt water and then back to fresh water. The Salmon is one of the most sought after fish for its delicious flavor and nutritional value. God is the only one who could create such precious gift to nature and to us.

    1. Yes Aida. I could never quite understand the fact about the Salmon being able to somehow adapt to both worlds, fresh and salt water. That was always a huge mystery to me growing up. What a remarkable thing. I guess if God can make a caterpillar into a butterfly ( two totally different worlds) He could certainly change them from one water source into another.

  26. That’s us, Jeffery, always traveling upstream and never giving up. What a comparison for this company. Who would have thought that the Salmon would have so much in common with Compumatrix. Salmon is not only one of the best fishes to nourish one’s body it is the strongest fish in nature to survive to move forward which that is what Compumatrix has always proven to do. What a great article Jeffery and so through. The wonderful thing about Salmon is their adaption to their new environment. Just like we keep adapting to our new environments when necessary through all these years since 2005. Amazing story. Thank you, Jeffery.

  27. Great Blog, Jeffery, I love salmon and remember clearly as a young man watching fascinated as they jumped on their way back upstream. It seems at times we have to go against the flow in life and to do that; we follow the moral compass of listening to our hearts. I have a strong intuition which I listen to each day and many times on the compumatrix journey I have stopped trying to work it out, but instead listened to my heart.

    1. Good insight, Inspired Insights. The one about going against the flow of the river. That really sums it up for us here at Compumatrix. We have had to go against the flow of the mainstream financial world to be involved in cryptos. The financial world has been centralized forever and now it seems like there is a group of fish that just want to turn things around and go against that old current.

  28. One of my favorite places to visit when I’ve been to Seattle are the Ballard Salmon Locks. Watching the salmon jump to get through the locks is incredible and I always think about their tenacity – never giving up. I also wonder about the tenacious attitude of all of us still here with Compumatrix. What has kept us here all these years? I’m sure we all have our different reasons but I like people that don’t give up no matter what.

  29. Great Jane. I had never been to the Ballard docks, but the one’s we used to go to were in Issaquah which you know if about 30 minutes from Seattle. It was fun to travel to Pike Place Market sometimes there in downtown Seattle ans watch them throw the Salmon to each other and one would catch them. If you have every tried to hold a fish before, that’s no easy feat !

  30. Jeff, I also have a gut feeling that things are going to change real soon for all of us and old what a happy day that will be. We all just have to be patient and then rake in the rewards. Reading this Jeff made me think about a lot of good things.

  31. I believe salmon are one of the wonders of the world. The way they fight with tenacity and every ounce of strength to get back up stream, to the beginning. If it’s through the Ballard Salmon locks In Seattle ( I have been there too!) or up any river or stream. Just as Henry is working and fighting for us to get to the new beginning of Compumatrix.

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