Get Rid Of Anxiety

The human brain is a collection of different emotions. According to a study, the brain of an adult human being can learn and change and adapt throughout life. Scientists call this ability of the brain neuroplasty, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by rewiring connections, our brain works according to ability, it can be a physical habit or a habit of thinking, if anyone If there is a tragedy or someone is going through a difficult time or is losing someone, it is a matter of all these events, in this way the brain becomes the center of negative thoughts when you think about it constantly, it becomes a powerful habit, that’s why small things cause anxiety, for many people, fear of the future can lead to anxiety, people with anxiety feel very weak.
Free yourself from Anxiety; for immediate relief from anxiety, stand up, close your eyes and take a deep breath; your brain will feel very light.   

Stress can be eliminated forever; we start thinking that God has given us many blessings; thank God very much, doing so will initiate positive thinking.
   By following all these points, you can get rid of anxiety.

1. Exercise daily in the fresh air, take deep breaths; exercise lowers your body’s stress hormones such as cortisol; when you exercise regularly, you may feel more competent and confident in your body, promoting mental wellbeing.

2. Before going to bed at night, you thought today was a great day; everything went very well, now you will sleep very comfortably.

3.Eat fresh fruit for breakfast. It also refreshes the brain. It enhances the ability to work and can do many things that keep the mind free from negative thoughts,

4. When you wake up again in the morning, you feel fresh with positive thoughts

5.Read your favorite book, especially at night. It gives you a good  sleep.

6.If you don’t have a garden in your house, grow beautiful flowers in small pots. Seeing colorful flowers reduces anxiety.

7.Find out about any of your friends or close relatives and tell them about the things you are interested in doing these days that make your time pass very quickly, Keep in mind that both men and women benefit from friendship, find the humor in everyday life, spend time with funny friends or watch a comedy show to help relieve stress.
8. It’s hard to feel anxious when you’re laughing. It’s good for your health; In the long term, laughter can also help improve your immune system and mood, try to make a lot of positive changes in your life; this way, you will be able to achieve the joys of life.
9.If you are fond of cooking, then cook and invite your friends, you will feel happy.

10. Go  to the hospital once a month, see the patients, this way,  you will feel better.

11. Donate as much as you can ,this will bring inner happiness.

Let’s thank God and follow Henry. God has given us a very precious gift. Compumatrix is giving us all solid financial support. In the future, we will follow in Henry’s footsteps and think of helping others financially; this will forever eliminate the anxiety.

About the author

Ali has been surfing and learning from the internet since retired from day job. Certainly managed to learn a lot,and also earn at the same time.
Have managed to become Internet Marketer,with main interests in Blogging,
IT,Blockchain,Fintech and AI.


  1. a very interesting posting and with each reading and looking at the points my anxiety level does decrease and my stress goes away — however as each day does move forward and some of my decisions are not the greatest — these pointers will be a help keeping my moments of each day the best and most fulfilling — appreciate these points and the effort —

  2. Good points for those who are suffering from anxiety. Not my problem since I feel like to be a very positive person and trying to surround myself with mind-liked friends. Trying also to avoid negative thinking people in my circle. Life is too short to be miserable most of the time.

  3. I enjoyed reading this book called “STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING”
    Our minds trigger both positive and negative thoughts.
    Anxiety stems from diverse situations – most of them are often beyond our control.
    As ALI rightly mentioned – a healthy lifestyle improves our physical and mental health. Once we start thinking positively, our worries diminish and our lives change for the better.

  4. Thank you Ali, Very positive post about anxiety, great points to reduce anxiety,we need to keep busy to reduce stress,It’s true to live  life in a positive way,It is human nature to have positive and negative thoughts in one’s mind,try to be happy yourself and keep others happy too.

  5. Another fascinating post. It really disturbs me when I see people suffering from anxiety but those comments really spell out just how you can combat that.
    Fortunately I have never had a problem with anxiety I always believe in positivity and believe you never know what is around the corner. We should always remember that anxiety causes stress and stress can kill you.

  6. Anxiety! This is quite a big deal especially with the current global economic instability that has brought about all sorts, forms, shapes and sizes of anxiety. Thank you Sir Ali for the enlightenment on the basis of how to avoid anxiety in one’s life. Doing something one likes is key for the suppression of cortisal and the release of endorphins [Feel Good Hormones] which in turn reduces anxiety. Above all being thankful to God reduces anxiety. Henry James indeed has brought about a relief of anxiety though Compumatrix.

  7. It’s amazing as to how I’ve been impacted by this blog on the basis of getting rid of anxiety. Exercise has really stood out for me especially where it comes to getting rid of anxiety. My nephew has really been emphasizing about putting some exercise in my daily regimen. When I commenced, my goodness, my performance in business and daily activities increased tremendously. I can boldly say that anxiety hinders ones progress in many things in life. Thanks Ali.

  8. I like your suggestions! For me, that is called self care, and it is something that I focus my attention on daily. It can be challenging, but certainly offers abundant rewards! Simple things like the things we eat, the routine we have before we sleep and the thoughts or mantras we use as we move through the day can make such a difference. Thank you for your suggestions, Ali!

  9. Beautiful post, Ali and so important for us to focus on reducing anxiety. I agree 100% with you, Ali! Having nature in your life, even if it is only a few pots of flowers and your thumbs are anything but green is an excellent way to stay calm and centred! Plus, all the other tips you mentioned are very important to work into one’s life and daily routine. Will work on this today.

  10. Very good points Ali. My wife and I do stretches for around 20 mins. every morning, listen to soft music and find time for walking
    and down time. This has helped us for many years. However many of us have to work (us included) many hours an have limited time for themselves. We had to reorganize our priorities in order to accomplish this. Any one can, if the desire is there. Thanks Ali for reminding us. Excellent post.

  11. Great subject for a blog Ali. At one time or another we all experience anxiety. It is a debilitating feeling and state of mind. The stress relievers you pointed out can be helpful to all, and each person should choose which of those, or any combination thereof, are most beneficial to them. I would like to add that interacting with a pet can greatly reduce anxiety in many.

  12. When my mom was sick I use to get Panic Attacks they were very scary and debilitating!Deep breathing was the only thing that would help me, I couldn’t walk or move, only manage my breathing.I can attest “All” of the points listed I have adopted with the exception of #10 to maintain a Stress/Anxiety Free life. They Really do help! especially #1,#2,#4,#6

  13. For me stress is a huge key factor to improve people’s way of living.
    There’s so much stress all around us these day, both at work and when it comes to general living.
    I’ve found out that meditation is a good way to release some of the stress, especially the negative one.

  14. I have learned that to remove my stress walking helps. I try to walk at least 2 miles each and every day. I usually play music to help me keep calm and to get a steady pace. I think relieving stress is important to one’s health. Thanks for pointing out to us that there are many levels of stress.

  15. Healthy post Ali, get it? LOL. Not sure what stress is, or anxiety, since I’ve always kept very active my whole life, and I eat pretty good. People do get stressed out for different reasons, and some live in constant stress, which of course could be a major to speeding up your death. It’s too bad that people believe and live in the fear that the media puts out there on a daily basis, time to lose the number one contributor, the TV.

  16. Very good post Ali, if only some of your points and suggestions could work for me. I am a worry-wort, think I was born a worry-wort and today despite being much older and probably a little wiser, I still stress way too much. I guess though it is never too late to change and I plan to work on this side of things so I can enjoy my latter years relaxed and as free as possible of anxiety.

  17. Thank you all for your wonderful and motivating comments.This will surely give me a lot of motivation and boost to continue writing articles for our blog post,and educate others.
    Compumatrix itself has helped us relieve our anxiety,and motivate us to keep our spirits high.
    God Bless us all.

  18. Anxiety! What a topic that resonates with me once I read this blog. It’s amazing as to how anxiety can cause one not to progress in anything life offers, i.e.; Business, Opportunities, Relationships and many more. Anxiety is one thing that should be dealt with with immediate effect. I’m glad that you mentioned exercise and eating healthy. I was ever underweight and skinny but when i started going to the gym and eating healthy, things changed and turned around for me especially when it came to anxiety. I can surely relate that anxiety can be ridded of!

  19. Thank you Ali for a great read. Yes anxiety is a big problem these days, many children are effected by it. Schools can create a lot of stress and anxiety for some kids.
    Needs to be dealt with in the early stages because can take over peoples lives. I do know people with anxiety and know how hard is for them ….. Positivity and laughter are great healers , exercise and eating healthy are very important in many ways .

  20. Thank goodness for TV and internet lol . My stress level would be sky high with all this covid-19 stuff going on .. Compumatrix keeps me connected with people. TV keeps me connected with what is going on in the world news and also takes me in fiction ,and fantasy.
    I sure will be glad when warmer comes ,that I can connect my feet to the earth. Planting soon.

  21. I have been dealing with anxiety this past couple of months. We have been trying to pack, and move to another state and trying to do this without paying anyone to help. Then we were in a head on car accident and the anxiety of having to travel that same road over and over. But we do eat healthy and we do pray and thank GOD for HIS keeping us alive through that horrible accident. We are outside a lot, being on a farm. So I agree with your ideas on reducing anxiety. They do work.

  22. I find that exercise does a great deal for me and is a good way to reduce or eliminate anxiety, stress, depression….. My passion is cycling. When I am riding my bike, the world can drift away. My focus is on the road, the path, the biking. It also becomes a place of meditation and creativity. Great ideas happen for me while cycling. I think finding your way to feel that is important, whether it is hiking or sailing or biking or just working out…. being outside in the world, using your body can make a huge difference for your mind and perspective.

  23. Indeed, neuroplasticity is a beautiful mechanism inherent within each of our brains. I believe childhood brings about many good and maybe not-so-good patterns. Working diligently to repattern and set up new neuro pathways so peace can be found daily shows you are an evolved being. Stress, in my opinion, is always with us and to a degree needed for life itself. Your blog is a grand reminder of the many free or inexpensive stress relievers available to anyone!

  24. I am very sensitive and emphatic by nature and I used to get emotionally involved in things that I could be better off without. I learned the hard way, but that has helped me to grow and find ways to remain calm and not be affected too much by events or people; better yet I avoid them as much as I can. I found praying and meditating in the Holy Spirit is one of the most comforting and strengthening tools for my peace of mind.

  25. Ali very good post about Stress and ways to relieve it.Simple easy to do things that you enumerated if practiced diligently will definitely help.Any hobby will help distract you from stressful situations and be of great help.I for one do 4-5 crossword puzzles and one or two addition to all suggestions,Meditation and practicing Yoga may be of added benefit.

  26. Ali very good post about Stress and ways to relieve it.Simple easy to do things that you enumerated if practiced diligently will definitely help.Any hobby will help distract you from stressful situations and be of great help.I for one do 4-5 crossword puzzles and one or two addition to all suggestions,Meditation and practicing Yoga may be of added benefit.

  27. Thank you, Ali. I loved the information; another good way to calm yourself very quickly is walking. While you walk, you’re moving the left and right side. As you walk, you say positive affirmations to yourself. They treat veterans with this. A friend went through this, so stress can change and cause lots of problems. Learning to cope helps. As we’ve waited for a long while, things are looking great. I’ve done lots of walking. Smile;)

  28. I appreciate your post on overcoming anxiety, Ali. I follow some of the items you listed, and I will implement the others in my total healing of mind, body and spirit. To me, trusting God is A #one. As a man thinketh, so is he. What we dwell upon is what we become. So I think on what so ever is good truthful and pleasant. We change our thinking and change our outlook. Sometimes people need a purpose to change and come out from under anxiety. I see Compumatrix as a worthy purpose as they deem to Engage, Enrich, and Enhance our lives.

  29. Awesome read Ali. Lifted my spirits just doing. so. Our brains are such powerful machines. We have the ability to change things just by thinking in the positive rather than the negative. Do you GOT to go to work, or do you GET to go to work? Or do any of the things that you have listed above. Very powerful change of attitude, by just changing one word.

  30. Excellent article on anxiety. During this time of so much angst and turmoil it is sometimes to stay focused on the good things. I have a recording I listen to every night before sleep that helps me keep things in perspective and less anxious.

  31. Nice job Ali. I would add one very vital thing to your list – Meditation.- it will alter the way your brain functions. Another example of neuroplasticity. Research has shown thru the use of functional MRI’s (Professor Richard Davidson, Univ. of Wisconsin – world renowned psychologist/ neuroscientist) happiness is determined by the activity in your left pre-frontal cortex, as measured by blood flow. The more activity there, the happier you are – this research has shown conclusively that meditation increases that activity in the left pre-frontal cortex.

  32. Thank you all once again for your much motivational comments.This is my second blog and it will surely motivate me to write more articles to educate and help them to understand our Compumatrix business which will soon take us to new heights in terms or learning and earning.God Bless us all.

  33. Yes, Ali, we are going to incredible places. So many great suggestions. I know keeping your chakras open to receiving is essential too. The body is a fantastic machine. So graceful the way the inside works. Now the outside, that’s a different story. I know compumatrix just started as a dream, but we are now peering in the windows to our new world. I, for one, am very excited to be heading in the right direction.

  34. Thank you Ali for the information on Anxiety. A lot of people do not understand anxiety, t is hard to overcome once you have it. With having my strokes and heart problems i get anxiety quite frequently, as when i feel a headache coming on , my worries are oh No God not another set back. I have learned it can bring on many other health issues, high blood pressure etc. Yes exercise and diet are a key role into being healthy and to relax, fishing is my favorite. Like Henry when he started compumatrix he done a lot of catch and release to get thing right so all of us could benefit. God Bless to all

  35. this is such an inspirational post — i have read this about 5 times and then i go practice some of the pointers and it is more than a wow moment — I also go back and read other postings by other members here and literally can not thankful enough or more appreciative of all the effort and strong business help — great stuff literally — rj

  36. Some very good things to use in our everyday lives, and yes God is a positive influence and one to talk too often about life and problems. Friends are also a good influence, and a very good friend helps when we need someone to talk to about our troubles; not to mention family.
    Exercise is definitely a cortisol producer, and if one listens to music, especially up beat, and positive music or even Christian hymns like I listen to.
    Ali, keep up the great blogs! And yes we need to thank God and His influence on Henry and the BOD!

  37. All the the things that were expressed are so important for a balanced out look on life. Sometimes when one looks to far into the future and is concerned about what could happen instead of waiting and letting life work itself out, is where anxiety rears its ugly head and puts us into a area of life that we would not want to be. Thank you for your insightful post.

  38. Ali you chosen a great topic for the blog,many people get caught up in it and it becomes very difficult for them to get rid of it,a little anxiety is the name of a healthy life and normal emotions,but if one is constantly going through this process, it is very dangerous,above points are very helpful for get rid of anxiety,I think meditation is the best way to avoid anxiety.

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