5 Things You Should Know About Compumatrix

Compumatrix? What is Compumatrix? Compumatrix is a web technologies company. It is global. It is multinational. What does these words mean? Compumatrix develops solutions to enable people. We build enabling technologies. These technologies is fitted to you like an armor and these are equipped with tools.

A global business means we are present in several countries worldwide. Not in the form of buildings or four-cornered office spaces as those we consider obsolete. It is within each and every one of us, on our gadgets, on our PCs. It’s the 21st Century. Globalization is breaking every barrier of trade and it has changed a lot on the way we do business with each other, wherever you may be in the world. Multinational means we work as a member of humanity and no longer divided by our race. We are one nation. All motivated by our desire to uplift others as we uplift ourselves towards a common goal of achieving success.

For those who have been with me since I founded this company, have you ever asked yourself what kept you here for so long? Deep in your hearts, you believe. Deep within, you dream. But I tell you, it is time to stop dreaming. Wake up! And start doing something that will matter to you and your loved ones.

We have been through a lot these year of 2014, but failure is never part of what we have accomplished. You know that for a fact. Our business is here to stay and it will uplift you. But to be uplifted, you must work for it using the tools we provide you. Using the words we share with you. When I created this program, I know it will help a lot of people who are seemingly surrounded with several challenges. It’s time to break free and lead your business to the next level.

In order to do this, you must understand the 5 facts about Compumatrix.

1. It’s a Direct Selling Business

We sell virtual prepaid cards. These are no ordinary cards. It’s multipurpose and it’s available globally through each member of our program. What we intend to do with the card is to facilitate and enable people to have access to an online payment solution so that they can participate in this phase of globalization. We aim to reduce transaction processing to zero while at the same time provide a lucrative business that you can run on your own, as a team or as a business and employ millions of individuals all over the planet. If there’s one industry that will always be on the forefront of this globalization: It is the payments industry. That’s why it is a Trillion Dollar Industry.

2. You are part of the Co-Production Process

We have made it clear from the very beginning that in order for you to be able to earn more, we have removed the middle man, the whole seller and called upon each one of you to be part of the co-production of the cards. With this initiative, it provides you a better return on your investments since the operating costs becomes yours.

3. You are Paid in Virtual Currency or Cryptocurrency

This is not new to us. It was only a few years that it had been formally accepted. We knew about this even during our Eonpay program. Now, the virtual currency industry is booming. Although there may be some that still thinks that this is just a fad, they are totally mistaken. Countries around the world are working round the clock to create a feasible regulatory framework for virtual currencies. These movements towards regulations validates this industry.

You will still find a lot of people that may be against or just confused about this industry even if they have been using virtual currencies through their phones, credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards. They only have misconceptions that are totally curable by their willingness to learn and proper guidance and education. One thing is certain, the Virtual Currency or Cryptocurrency Industry is here to stay and will continue to evolve and innovate the way we pay. Now we can build our incomes based on real productivity and not in debt.

4. You signed up to run your own Online Business

As a member of Compumatrix, you should know what you signed up for. You signed up to be an online entrepreneur. And like any other business, this requires your passion, excitement but most of all, equip yourself with knowledge. Rule number 1 of entrepreneurship is you have to love what you do. The industry we’re at has a very competitive landscape. Your primary advantage is that you’re on the ground floor. But we have also designed this program to work favorably even for those who will be joining us at a later stage.

Every business needs customers. In order for you to attract customers, you must show them your strong passion and dedication. You must have an answer to every question. Continue to educate yourself in order for you to break through barriers and be able to jump over any hurdles to see your vision through.

5. This is not a get rich quick scheme

Even if you see your account balances seems to increase more rapidly than an ordinary savings account, it is not a guarantee that you are getting rich quick. You still need an extra effort to do the primary purpose of this business, to help manufacture the cards and start selling. In order to sell, you need customers. In order to get customers, you need to market, educate and inform your prospects. If you think there’s an easy way to do that, then send me an email.

By knowing these 5 facts, I hope that it enlightens you further towards your success in running your business with us. Should you have any questions, visit our forum.

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. Compumatrix is also like a family.
    We care for each other..In good times and in bad times!

    1. I totally agree about Compumatrix being like a family. Even though we are individual business owners we really come together as one. Through good times or bad we are all there to help support each other. On a personal level when we maybe dealing with family or friend issues or on a business level people are always there to help.

  2. A super extended family in the whole wide world!!! I was able to meet and connect people through this company..Thanks to Compumatrix!!!

  3. The set up and design of Compumatrix has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. I have happily stayed with this company all of these years, because yes, deep in heart of hearts, I know that this is the future of Money, and this is the way that all the financial systems are headed. They have been headed the way of digital currency ever since I got in back in 2006. By the way, what a wonderful journey it has been !

  4. With the onset of the COV19 pandemic, many businesses in Australia especially have turned to non contact forms of payment. During the Pandemic, Cash is becoming more & more a disposable form of payment.

    Prior to the Pandemic there was a lot talk from many International countries about Cryptocurrency’s. The demand for a strong, robust flexible cryptocurrency system

    Compumatrix ” The solution” ?
    Comupmatrix Part of a ” New financial system ”

    This is only the tip of the Iceberg for Compumatrix.

    We now have countries economies in a tailspin, with Australia officially in ” RECESSION “.

    There are hundreds of thousands of unemployed people looking for opportunities to replace lost incomes.

    ” A New beginning “

  5. When you know something is going to be huge, you stick with it. That’s why I’m with Compumatrix & Henry. There is no doubt in my mind how much this company is going to change lives as we open to the World to Engage, Enhance & Enrich each other. It’s like magic…only better.

  6. Since 2006 Compumatrix came to change lives
    It is not a scam or ponzi but a realopportunity
    I like to say ” Compumatrix doesn´t give you a job, but a business
    in this COVID-19 who doen´t need one
    Join #Compumatrix today

  7. All I can say about Compumatrix is….there is nothing like it in the business world today…online or offline! It is going to revolutionize working from home. It is the most exciting opportunity that has ever been offered to anyone who can operate a computer and in the not too distant future, Compumatrix will even be available on your smart phone! Engaging, Enriching and Enhancing your life will be so easy the whole world will want a part of it!

  8. Compumatrix is full of vibrant individuals. From the beginning I have felt so welcomed and treated as family. You can always find help if asked and pointed in the right direction

  9. I agree with you Anthony there are many many talented Individuals here with us and if pointed in right direction you can find the help and information You need and want — I am hoping beyond hope that as we grow again and move forward there will many thousands of like minded Business people here and all working together and succeeding — God Bless

  10. This is a great 5 step guide full of information. Even though it was written over a year ago it sounds even more exciting today. With everyone working from home during Covid, Compumatrix seems like a better idea every as every day passes. Many of us have it in our hearts and drive to be an entrepreneur. Compumatrix is a great vehicle to accomplish your dreams.

  11. Reading this article gets me excited about Compumatrix all over again! Everyday I am consciously thankful that I have the opportunity to be a faithful Compumatrix member. This is a 21st century business unlike any other and it has the potential to make a significant contribution to both individual members as well as to communities on a global scale.

    I look back at when this all started, and then at the evolution of the company over the years to arrive at this point in time and I am amazed at the journey as well as eager to take the next step forward. Speaking of looking back, take a look at this 89 second Compumatrix promo video from 2013. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5GH1pOdnes It think it will put a smile on most members faces for a variety reasons!

  12. so many good things to read about and learn from and knowing this business is a business and it has a core foundation of 5 principles and if we learn those factors and practice I truly believe that I will further myself and also hopefully help others in their quest for success –just a great read again

  13. We are truly lucky to be part of a company which is truly a life changing opportunity.And thank you Henry,David and all board members for your efforts to build this strong company.
    May God Almighty Bless Compumatrix,and make it grow to even better and stronger.

  14. I would have to agree with the replies written through here — we truly are a global entity with so many different folks from all over the world –it is so impressive to wake up and feel a part of this organization or business actually — just so nice and it gives me the extra impetus to keep studying and trying to better and learn more — thank you Henry and Co.

  15. I am reading this blog again and seeing even more information to learn from and keep always at the forefront of talking with others –that we actually are independent business people and are responsible to go as deep as you need to learn how to be successful and if we are really good may be able to bring along a few with us —

  16. “This is NOT what I signed up for” – This is how I felt several weeks into my first semester of college. I signed up for the School of Engineering at Cornell University. I changed majors several times before I graduated (with a “BS” degree).

    In Henry James’ blog above, he stated, “As a member of Compumatrix, you should know what you signed up for.”

    It took me several years and experiences to understand the necessity of understanding “what I signed up for” before I venture into something head long. Fortunately for me (and you), Compumatrix has evolved into what it is now. This blog on the 5 Things You Should Know About Compumatrix is as brief an explanation you will see on what will change your life forever.

  17. The more you know about Compumatrix, the more you have to be excited about being a part of something that will no doubt have such an impact on the world of business!! How awesome to be here at this time and to realize we our position for greatness!!

  18. Henry , as one of those who have been around here a long time Yes there is a certain piece of me that has always believed in the basis of business here and the thoughts and efforts that have gone into this business — and sometimes i may have forgot that it is an individual business perse’ but it is also a Family business and it is nice to have that backing at times — thank you Sir for your Vision and sharing your Dream — rj

  19. While the five things I should know about Compumatrix are helpful and definitely things one should know if they are in this company, I am going to focus on something that sparked my interest. I sit behind my computer screen everyday typing comments and drafting articles alone, but I forget that I am part of something much bigger than myself. I am a single member within Compumatrix, but globally people work around the clock working to keep this company running – it’s amazing. Compumatrix is worldwide and I never want to forget that!

  20. I have to laugh! While reading this blog post for about the third time, I saw an ad for an MBA program at CU Boulder. I clicked on it since we were researching some information the other day for an unpublished blog. The reason I had to laugh is because the ad was taking me in one direction in business but this blog was giving me much more valuable information that will direct my future.

  21. It’s always good to be on the ground floor with good people. The opportunity to be educated in the realm of cryptocurrency while marketing and building your own business is a secondary benefit. It will be up to us to engage others in order to take this business to the next level.
    Once we do this we will make a mark on the world. It will be so exciting to see everyone’s business strategies in the days, weeks, years to come!

  22. this is still an intriguing read and knowing that the original blog is almost in short form — the underlying meaning and true wisdom that it gives each of us is that good — I do believe we here may very well make that global impact in the financial world and very soon and I also agree with fact that each of us should take it upon us to grasp the true meaning of who and what we are here at Compumatrix —

  23. I am glad to know these things about Compumatrix. Perhaps I will be able to do number four on the list and open up my own online interior design business! I can get supplies pretty cheap and then decorate it to sell for a profit! I am so excited to be able to be a part of this company!

  24. we all truly should stay enthused and excited about how we are going to keep our business working in the right direction — always keep good business in our perspective and work very true and correct way to keep Your Business a success — may not have all the answers but we here have many good parts and stay on that Truth and Correct path — time is on our side — imo

  25. Henry those of us that have been with you awhile realize there is no actual get rich quick scheme, and that knowledge is power, and so it is with a new zeal as we start to produce and sell cards at a whole new level. I know we must entice others to see what we have and then educate them in how we do business, and so I thank you so much for this opportunity.

  26. do not mean to over step my postings but after reading the new postings over the last couple days this blog posting was just a simple but effective read and knowing the simplicity of compumatrix and how doing business Correctly and most of us that is most important — it is nice and fulfilling inside to see us grow and get closer and closer to being that 1st one out here to be successful and also Family — thank you so much —

  27. Thank you Henry, this was a concise but very informative post. Your 5 facts about Compumatrix should give anyone a clear picture of what we’re all about. I really liked this concept and I quote “All motivated by our desire to uplift others as we uplift ourselves towards a common goal of achieving success”. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if more people would adopt this mindset?

  28. Nice blog Henry! I just can not say enough about this company Compumatrix. I am just glad I am in this business. No, you can not get rich quick, but I can not wait until we get to do the cards again and when everything comes together. I am also glad to see these young kids joining, that is a plus. We Are Family!! It is great to be here!

  29. it is so nice to to read thru so many great blog postings and then put those postings in with the replies of so many talented business cohorts and then you sit back for a moment and put in perspective the truth and business acumen of so many and in honesty Learn and then Learn some more — business 101 — right here — thank you

    1. Compumatrix its a road to the unknown,where people from all walk of life,come to be part of a whole new frontier,that is shaping the world of doing business today,buying and selling,trades,peer to peer,soon to have a debit card system,To be able to call your own.
      People helping people,sharing ideas,thoughts,wisdom’s,Sharing the wealth’s to help spread common grounds of humanity future,the old ways of doing business is outdated from the 19th 20th century,In the 21st century,humanity future is Sharing the wealth helping others,No more of the selflessness of thinking of “SELF” will be allowed to be accepted in the 21st century of doing business,honesty and transparency and caring,will be the backbone of humanity future.Corporations of greed’s and misdeeds will closed by the untold millions,thought out the world,its is happening as l speak.”Are you Ready” for the 21st century.Indeed I Am,,,

  30. Henry very much appreciation for all your effort and time and business smarts and so much international wisdom — there is so much going on globally with this virus pandemic and so much changing under the quiet parts and these changes make it that much more difficult to get any business off the ground but i believe we are close —

  31. Thank you to Henry for giving people around the world a great financial opportunity. 5 facts clear our mind about the compumatrix.I am very glad  to be a part of this family. compumatrix is a testament to the hard work of Henry and David. Thank you for great information about business.

  32. after reading a couple of the newer blogs and led me back to this great posting and it is so much a true story and it makes realize how patience also is so important in the overall success of any biz not just Compu — and with Communicating and –Success is just right around the Proverbial Corner –at least in my opinion it is — thank you again Henry — rj

  33. This is great Henry I love the 5 points you have listed here it spells it all out and explains everything best of all it is global all around the world which was no easy task. I think this is one of the greatest online companies in the world it is unique and very profitable and user friendly.

  34. Thank you for the blog Henry. We seem to be at the brink for Compumatrix to be launched and we can see the rewards from years of loyalty, work and learning. The five points are clear and concise to understand where we come from, what the future holds and how far this company can take us. Virtual Currency is here to stay, I’m glad I am one of the founding members and I hope all the members across the earth will see the rewards in 2020.

  35. in business any business you must always have a concept of what you want and need for your business to succeed — and this posting is just that stepping stone perse’ to what we are trying to accomplish here — there is so much great stuff in this posting and when we put things in perspective — wow I can just say Thank you Henry not just for the ideas but the perseverance n persistence to succeed —

  36. this is literally a must read over n over actually — Henry is so true and correct — You must love what you are doing — I call it a Heart Thing — if Heart not right you lose — and #5 Compu biz is Not “getrichquik” but many told themselves the opposite — sad but in any Biz –Persistence Truth Honor and Perseverance with your Heart Right will lead you to Success in any Biz — jmho — thank You Henry for the opp here called Compumatrix — rj

  37. Thank you, Henry. I love this a global business that will grow, and this is something that will grow with us all together. We, as a whole, will grow. We may all be at different stages, but the ultimate goal is the same. For this, to be generational. Something we can give our families to grow and thrive from.

  38. With the benefits of Compumatrix and the ease of use, it is almost time to let the rest of the world know about this amazing opportunity. So many benefits with potentially nothing put of pocket to change one’s life. It’s time to get really serious about what we have. The world needs this so badly right now, it’s not funny. Thanks, Henry, for your determination and motivation. We have a fantastic tool in our hands to help the world.

  39. There is no doubt that Henry had a huge dream when he kicked off the company all those years ago. His 5 principles are as appropriate today as they were at the very beginning.
    Now his dream is about to become a reality and all those who have stuck with the company through thick and thin are about to be rewarded. 2021 is going to be a very special year thanks to Henry and his hard working staff.

  40. I have been thinking of late Sir Henry that we need to use our icons on there pages and share the knowledge and power of our Company “Compumatrix” with the world, after all I am on my social media sites daily and others could enjoy life as we do!

  41. Once Compumatrix launches , Compumatrix is going to explode. A home based business with what has been going on in this crazy covid-19 is going to be over whelming to everyone but the Members ,CEO , and any one that has been following Compumatrix This is Big and only to grow bigger once the word gets out.

  42. Compumatrix has evolved into a highly technical web business that will change the financial outlook a great deal. It will give the average person the opportunity to get into a self sustaining business with little outlay of cash. It has survived several attacks and many hurdles not expected, only to solve the problems making CNNI stronger and more adaptable to the everyday life style we have morphed into. Covid 19 has change the world, but it has also opened the door for CNII involvement of supplying income opportunity not seen before.

  43. Thank you Henry, Compumatrix will change the way people look at the financial world. It has opened my eyes to learning the process. With your determination and hard work with making compumatrix come to a stable financial outcome for many is unbelievable. With everything happening in the World, it has been a challenge to face I know. Compumatrix will change many lives for the better and a safe place to trade all because of all the hard work done by you and staff members. God Bless each and Everyone!

  44. Who would have thought 17 years ago that this business would grow into the greatest opportunity there is for people but especially women who have had little opportunity to feed and clothe their children will now be able to work from home and make not only a living but a new way of life. I know many will take CNII and run with now that it is going to erupt onto the world.

  45. 17 years down the track and Henry’s dream is about to become a reality. Now is the time to really activate this extraordinary business opportunity that we have been handed on a plate. We now have a really wonderful chance to become real entrepreneurs and it is up to us to take the bull by the horns so that this extraordinary company can become one of the biggest in the world. So as our dream is about to come true let us spread the message far and wide.

  46. Yes, firm belief with which compumatrix joined is getting stronger with time,It’s time to move on with the global web technologies company compumatrix,yes we need to wake up now and introduce the world to this great business with our positive words and deeds,we are all ready to play a role in the business of compumatrix, that seeks to strengthen humanity on an academic level,making better profits with virtual currency with virtual prepaid cards this is a very unique method,over time, this business has become easier to understand,I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this global business.

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