7 Habits of Highly Successful People

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise.” (Proverbs 13:20)

Let’s take a look at some of the habits of successful people to grow our business potential.

1)Successful people categorize their life into four areas: Family, Business, Health, and Spirituality.

Family – What good would it be to become a millionaire only to lose touch with your precious family in the process?

Business: They stay up with the latest innovations and trends and are diligent in their business. “The hand of the diligent will rule.” (Proverbs 12:24)

Health: Successful people have disciplined exercise and disciplined eating habits. They take time to read to gain knowledge and insight into their field of interests, which keeps their minds healthy and on the cutting edge.

Spirituality: They need something greater than themselves to strengthen their soul and spirit through spiritual means. For Christians, they do this through prayer and God’s word.

Successful people give 100 % in each of these areas. When it is their time to do business, they give themselves 100% to their business at that time. When it’s family time, they are 100% focused on family and not scrolling through their phone reading emails while dining with the family or walking in the park. When they exercise and eat, they give full focus and attention to getting the most out of the time spent doing those things. Giving 100% at that time means that they are not focusing on other things at that moment. They are engaged.

2) Successful people realize that there is always something more to learn.

They realize there is an infinite amount of knowledge and science out there and that they do know it all. It’s that hunger to research and learns more extraordinary things that keep them on the top of their game. Do we all know that much? In the overall scheme of things, we are pretty small. Understanding how little we are makes us thirsty to gain more wisdom and knowledge in every realm of life. Wisdom says, “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.” (Proverbs 8:17)

3) Successful people set boundaries and a schedule for their downtime.

It can’t all be work 24/7. Though people are successful, they force themselves or carve out a time, in the day, or the week, or month, to ensure they have downtime. And during that downtime, they are not working. Many people use their rest to continue working but in another form. Successful people have learned how to guard their downtime. They don’t let anyone or anything else take it away. If that means not answering the phone, then so be it. If that means waiting to get back to someone later, then so be it.

4) Successful people embrace change properly.

If we are breathing, change is going to happen in our lives. Many accept change because it’s an easier way. It’s like when someone tells us we must do something. Many times, it’s always easier to accept a change than to try and resist. Change is uncomfortable, but we should never lie to ourselves and take change just because we don’t want to stand up for ourselves. Successful people don’t easily let themselves get pushed around. They don’t only accept something and then later complain and whine because they didn’t stand true to themselves and just received the change. Successful people know how to “roll with the punches” of growth and find creative and profitable ways to embrace it.

5) Successful people possess the ability to be genuinely vulnerable.

If they show vulnerability, people can relate to them. They don’t just show their weakness to get sympathy from someone, but genuinely are only real people. What is it that we love about highly successful people? Isn’t it that they don’t come across as the high and mighty? We say, “Oh, he is so down to earth.” It’s like Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time, joking around about how he injured his knee while helping his kids get into the bathtub. We love those stories, don’t we? It lets us connect to them as the real people that they are. Like a real man or woman, successful people are not afraid to express their feelings.

6) Successful people never lose their sense of humor.

There is humor in everything around us. Successful people look for it and know how to find it. We should always make fun of ourselves and not take ourselves that seriously when relating to others. We can make fun of those around us in a thoughtful way, but never in such a way that we are hurting them. But we also need to be a real person. If we do say something that someone takes the wrong way or offends them, we need to be a real person and apologize. Again, successful people know how to relate to individuals and treat them with all the respect they deserve.

7) Successful people go beyond the status quo.

“And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.” (Matthew 5:41)
I am thankful that Henry did not just settle for just some average system when it came to Compumatrix. He kept striving and going beyond the mainstream thought of the digital currency world. That is why we are in the position that we are today. Let’s go beyond! Let’s do more than our share of the work. People will love us and respect us for it.

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Very good post Jeff! I really hope that all of us as members of this great company called Compumatrix will be capable of putting into practice all those attributes as soon as possible or, at least, be able to learn and develop them in due time. We have great members here…

  2. Interesting blog you done here Jeff ! I am so looking forward to Compumatrix opening it’s doors to the world. I worked long and hard with Compumatrix .. and am excited to be with the Company. I will be traveling and taking my Compumatrix business with me so NO down time here … I will be having fun while doing my online business.

  3. I agree with the whole 7 points of your post Jeff. I worked in retail for over 53 years.. Owning a business it more than just a 9 to 5 job .. Sacrifices all the way around … I broke 3 ribs just a day before I had to go to the largest wholesale show of the year .. One I could not miss .. plane ticket bought , hotel booked .. I had to be there , no way out of it .. So I say this because of the story you put in about the guy falling in Bath tub .. Well That was my story as well … Slipped in tub. Nothing I could do accidents happen .. and business has to go on. Pain or no pain.

    1. Wow what a trooper you are Lorna. So sorry to hear about the ribs being broken, but you have proved that like so many others in this company, you are not a quitter. Yes there needs to be much sacrifice and we have seen so much of it already.

      1. Thanks so much Jeffrey .. I never knew I was a trooper , LOL ..but one has to do , what one has to do, When one has to do it .. I really would have wanted to stay home and wallow in my stupidity for my accident .. But when one owns their own business ,, Things just have to get done now matter how painful. In other words , I had no choice.

  4. Geff , I Admire your posts, men and women of the world would be all the better off if we adhered to some of your writings, As I am an amputee now it is hard for me to get out into the present world. and apply your advice as I used to do. AS once a sawmiller and director of our company, your comments were just as important as sales of timber. I would encourage people of all ages to strive to better themselves by even applying some of Geffs remarks. The world would be a better environment to live in

    1. Thank you Robert for all your kind words and letting us know a little about your situation. What a great soldier you are to continue on fighting the good fight and never quitting either. You are just as valuable as anyone else in this company.

  5. That’s an excellent list, Jeff. Instead of jotting down or copying and pasting the list of seven bits of advice, I personally focus on being my best in every day. Somedays that means just fighting back and/or coming to terms with the negativity that may have inadvertently accumulated around/in me, and other days, it means the most wonderful joys and happiness in being alive. It just seems that regardless of my intentions at the beginning of the day, life has different plans for me….and it may be that this day is one where I have opportunities to deal with (and permanently, at that) issues that may have plagued me my entire life. So I deal with them, and if I can walk away and say that I feel lighter and clearer inside, THAT to me, is true success. And so I go, day after day, towards bigger and better goals!

  6. Great article Jeffery.I agree with you about the “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”,and we should also try our best to follow their footsteps to be able to progress and succeed in Life.

  7. Great post Jeff, 7 habits of highly successful  people,I try my best to apply them in my life,change is always good and accepting it with positive thinking can lead us to success,we are all very fortunate to be members of the compumatrix business,hard work, trust and confidence lead to success,It is my belief that the path of compumatrix is only leading us to success.Thank you so much for such a great post.

  8. good to see you blogging JP it is a joy to read your thoughts and there is much wisdom in this posting — it is fascinating to me as I look back and how now I focus more on these types of plans and such but back in my younger days I kind of flew by my seat of the pants –but when I was successful these 7 habits were almost always the reason why I was successful — thanks for a great read —

    1. You too rjh have seen that wisdom applied leads to success in every area of your life. I like the part about never losing your sense of humor. Successful people are not afraid to tell on themselves because they are secure in who they are. They too can laugh at themselves.

  9. Family, Business, Health, and Spirituality……I agree it is so important to strive to give 100% to each of these areas separately. Though, that can be difficult to do at times especially for the feminine group – we love to multi-task! To me, always keep a sense of humor. This is a very valuable key to enable us to be able to be efficient at doing all the other areas 🙂

    1. As important as money is to family and marriages, I feel it’s important that we don’t put the cart before the horse. I have seen a few poor families, though not having much be content in what they have and have a great marriage. Then I have seen other very successful businessmen struggling in their marriages being more married to their work than their actual wife.

  10. Great blog Jeff. Well explained. Any one that follow these steps with dedication will be a success in whatever project they undertake. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Great blog, even if I do not agree with everything presented. There are plenty of people who enjoy great success because they tackle things head on and find a way around whatever is in their way, often with humour or integrity. The last part I definitely agree with, HJB maintains dignity, compassion and humour as he pushes ever onward to bring his vision to all and we should all be grateful that we can be part of this.

    1. Yes. It’s nice to see Henry relaxed and laughing when we do these seminar calls. It means that he is in control. When people are not in control of things and what is happening they tend to be anxious and all serious. It’s good to see.

  12. Jeffery, your list for becoming a successful person, is refreshing for me. Not tooting my own horn, but several of these points, are natural reactions for me. I have been implementing them and will not apply the others you mention to become successful with Compumatrix Networks International, LLC.
    I look forward to the day all the successful family members can get together.

    1. You too Carmen could write a blog about this for sure in all that you have accomplished in life and in business.

  13. Another great topic, Jefferey. Thank you for the outline that successful people follow. Yes, I can see all of those characteristics in Henry and staff. Some of those I have yet to perfect on, but can certainly understand the reason for being diligent and purposeful. I will keep a copy and hopefully at some point I can say “I am truly successful”.

    1. I know what you are saying Gloria. In a sense, you are already very successful. You have stayed with the company who is now on the winning side of all of this and soon to reveal how great it is. I think all those who have stayed the course so far are truly successful in my book.

  14. Thank you for your thought-provoking ideas, Jeffrey. My belief is that success, ultimately, is living each moment as a loving being. Always seeing the highest and best in others. And, following my internal guidance system, my intuition. For me, this is being in “flow”. Life becomes easy as events unfold naturally and opportunities appear, seemingly without effort.

  15. You nailed it Paul. We could have enough faith to move mountains, and be totally successful, and have all knowledge, but if we don’t have love, we are nothing. We are just clanging symbol without love.

  16. Great summarization of Stephen Covey’s book by the same name. If you don’t have a copy I HIGHLY recommend getting one and taking it all in. I can’t stress it enough. Thanks for the reminder of this excellent tome, written so many years ago.

  17. Really some thought provoking and true concepts that are timeless. Only thing is, one needs to remember all those precepts and keep them in front of ones self at all times to make them part of ones lifestyle. But reading and contemplating on them once again is always a reminder of how our live should be developed and lived.

  18. “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise.” (Proverbs 13:20). This scripture on its own reveals a whole new way of life. Its surely a great way to refocus on ones priorities depending on where one wants to have a successful life in all aspects. Successful people giving 100% at all times means that they are not focusing on other things at that moment. True to that! I have a saying of my own called the “Daily 100” where I give 100% of what I do. It wasn’t easy at first but with time it gets to second nature and indeed in the end it pays off well. Thank you Sir Jeff for bringing out to the light about the 7 things successful people do. Its changed my priorities and perspectives towards life in general.

    Blessings Sir.

  19. Jeffrey, I like your articles, “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” your writings are genuine and have had practical experience, I think of that verse I think “Romans 12ch 11v” “Be not slothful in business” I’m not going to add anything to your postings, I my self being in business in sawmilling, have followed the Christian principles, which brought me peace when dealing with customers.
    I look forward to more of your posts.

    1. What a great verse for us all Robert. “Be not slothful in business”. I hadn’t read that one for such a long time, but it is perfect for us and our situation here. Thank you for sharing….

  20. After rereading the post about these timeless principles, the word or concept that comes to mind is peace. Peace of mind and soul is the goal of everyone. But how does one receive that peace by oneself? The harder one tries the more entangled one gets in self doubt and anxiety and finally gives up on any hope of ever achieving true peace. But peace is not achieved through actions of ones self, but through the inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, and confidence of Gods word and His wisdom that is found only through God. Try if you will to obtain all the peace in the world by yourself and peace will never be realized, never. Only when one invokes Gods power to overcome situations of life, will peace, true peace come.

  21. Yes Don. I totally agree. We do everything on our part to do His will and achieve what He wants us to achieve, but ultimately it is Him who will decide if we prosper of not. A man can receive nothing unless it is given to him from Above.

  22. so much Wisdom here in the Posting and the replies — my gosh it is inspirational beyond just words — and on the Peace True Peace — so very True in that we do not create or find peace — it is Created and we breathe it in and Live it True !! will be reading this many more times — so much here the 7 Habits just the Beginning — imho —

    1. Thank you as always for your great comments rjh. You are so faithful there in the blog area to keep commenting and keep everything generated well. I think the fact that people have stuck with Compumatrix for all these years are truly successful people. They all have elements of the above 7 tenants.

  23. I agree with most of the objectives. Money helps money but corrupts family values for many. There are many who achieve notoriety and wealth but lose touch with reality and the accepted norn . very sad so many celebs cannot handle the fame that they sought and resort to drugs or alcohol to try to square the circle.

  24. here we go into another new year already halfway into this first month — and back to study this great blog posting — there literally is so much good in this writing and the replies are helpful also — just enjoy the peace and inspiration here in every moment — much appreciation —

  25. 2021 looks like it may fulfill the dreams of many who have stayed with the company for so many years. Very soon there will be access to funds. It is a tribute to the company that they had to cross every t and dot every i to get it right .We should all thank the Lord that all along they have been thinking of their members unlike so many fly by night companies. Now we have to play our part with careful use of the resources we receive. In that way we can all prosper together now and in the future.

    1. I know that you mean Patrick about the fly by night companies. I was in about 12 or so of those fly by night companies years ago, and only one of them lasted for 3 years. Most never lasted more than a year. Now Compumatrix is going on 15 +. It has stood the test of time.

  26. I was totally expecting the list from the book the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People…. but found it was a new list, refreshing. The 7Habits list is good, but always like seeing different perspectives. So many good points. I believe that one of the greatest things about being a business owner is my own personal development — there are so many things to learn. It is a great learning journey. Being vulnerable and willing to take risks, another quality that takes courage. And I do believe that it also takes vision — having the end in mind. Thanks for sharing new insights.

    1. As you say, being vulnerable and willing to take risks, another quality that takes courage. There have been many courageous people here in Compumatrix that have stood the test of time with all the Nay saying going on in the background about scam companies and all the rest. I thank God Compumatrix fits the bill of success in all those areas.

  27. Thank you for posting about the habits of highly successful and immensely rich people.all of the points make tremendous sense and we /I will try to follow at least a few of the rules and habits as posted.I do intend to apply some of the habits portrayed by you and see how well I do with the ownership of my Compumatrix business

  28. Thank you for posting about the habits of highly successful and immensely rich people.all of the points make tremendous sense and we /I will try to follow at least a few of the rules and habits as posted.I do intend to apply some of the habits portrayed by you and see how well I do with the ownership of my Compumatrix business

  29. It takes all sorts to make a success of a business.Foreward looking as well as plodders.Believers and non believers.Without a good mix it is very easy to classify people who do not comply with your vision as second class citizens or of less worth. A good mix will lead to greater success.

    1. Well we certainly have a mix of all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds in this company. We are multi-cultural in every way. I love it that it is an international community. People from all walks of life, old and young.

  30. This is a very Interesting blog Jeff. I’m so looking forward to Compumatrix opening it’s doors to the world. I’ve worked long and hard with Compumatrix and I’m so excited to be a part of the Compumatrix business. I will be traveling and taking my Compumatrix business with me and sharing it with friends and family. I’m so ready to serve the CROW PIE. It looks like 2021 may fulfill the dreams of many who have stayed with the company for so many years.

  31. Looks like 2021 will finally be our year Paula. And it looks like soon you will be serving some big slices of that CROW PIE. We all have waited so long, but in the end we will all confess that it was genuinely worth the wait. You have worked long and hard and deserve to taste of the fruits of all your labor. Won’t be long !

  32. I agree with the points cited by you, Jeffrey, and I still add that what makes a person successful is basically his quality of life. The person who has peace in his life manages to reconcile any and all activities, and therefore make everything possible and well done, and all this helps a person to succeed in his activities. With calm and peace of mind everything ends up working out, that is a fact.

    1. I like your thinking Dani. When you truly have daily peace in your life you are able to remain calm under most all situations. It helps you to think so clearly which allows you to be so successful in all you do. I think people that have busy and distracted minds, cannot focus well and it ends up hurting their productivity.

  33. It’s all about balance. When they say that both the lack and the excess of everything is bad, that is what they are talking about. You need to have these four pillars in harmony to be successful. It is a difficult mission, especially in today’s world, but if you focus, get organized, have support, both from family and friends, and in your faith, you will be able to achieve your goals.

  34. Yes Bruno. Totally agree. The book of Proverbs says that a false balance is actually an abomination to the Lord. He knows how we all need a balance in our lives to be successful in what we do. I know businessmen that have lives that are totally out of balance. They are very successful in business, but they are losing their family life and marriages. There is a time and place for everything.

  35. These principles are very practical and applicable. As Benjamin Franklin once stated, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” I am a person who is fully committed to achieving success in life. However, I can get so carried away in planning to excel in my work or business that I forget that there are other areas in my life that deserve my full attention as well. What would be the point of attaining so much financial wealth if I lose my health or the people closest to me? In the long run, balance is the key!

  36. I like the way you think Fwangui. If you lose your health or those closest to you in all your pursuit of wealth than what good is any of it anyway. I we fail to plan we will indeed plan to fail. A good balance is the key to success in every area of life. The great thing about working from home online is that we can spend more time with your family if we choose too.

  37. Thank you Jeffery, These 7 points are great for moving forward in life, It is true that change is life,when we accept change, it means that we are living a life of success. Success requires time to learn something new,we have all seen a lot of changes in compumatrix over time and are learning a lot from it,many changes indicate success for all members.

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