Faith and Hope


Faith and Hope Against Fear and Loss.

We hear so many sayings or expressions on a daily basis throughout each and every day as the year goes by..

The question is what do some of them mean, yet really, one could say, what do they all mean and how do they play out in my life. Or do they? What can I do to be in control and to not be tormented mentally?

For you see I believe that words carry power and they are greatly responsible for what we are and then become long term.

We have all heard the expression of “bless you” and yet most of us say it without any regard to understanding the meaning. Yet those two words carry with them a huge power and anointing.

First, a little etymology, we must begin with where these words originated from in terms of usage with man. I know for many you will stop reading here after I mention the origination of these words, the concept of “blessing”.


This is strictly an ETYMOLOGY (WORD) STUDY: So do not ascribe it’s posting as permission for religious or political post to be made by others.

Let’s start with the definition as to dictionaries: you can do your own research!

These are directly from google search:

–to bless= pronounce words in a religious rite, to confer or invoke divine favor upon; ask God to look favorably upon.

–it is like: bestow, commend to God, benedicite, commend, praise, sprinkle with holy water, consecrate, confirm, give benediction, anoint and anoint with oil.

—SYN. –endow, favor, provide grace, bestow, furnish, entrust, present, grant, vouchsafe, afford, accord, give, donate, confer on, lavish on, endue.

Now after this following statement many will leave and stop reading because they do not believe and think this is some kind of religious treatise which it is not. HOWEVER, from ALL the studies made, this word and this concept is stated and said to have originated in the Garden of Eden moments after God created it all. God started out by SPEAKING “saying” and then He saw it was all “GOOD”. After creating man and woman he saw it was good and He BLESSED them, that is, He invoked Divine favor on them. God spoke, He looked and saw it was “good”, He was “happy” and glad, and He saw man in His own Image and He then Blessed them to be fruitful and to rule over all and thus partner with God. But then this man committed high treason, and God saw wickedness come on the earth due to the willful evil acts of men. Now the blessing would not work. But God did not quit. He start to look for anyone that would behave in a righteous way so He could set into force an agreement with them to bless them and through them the world. So then, there was the flood, which has scientific evidence bearing it out as something that did happen. So now Noah comes onto the scene, and God blessed Noah and his family, But then we have the tragic events of the “tower of Babel”. But, again God did not give up because He again started looking around for someone and found a man that He knew would be a willing candidate, that would by choice choose to follow God. It was Abram and so God Blessed Abram who, because he covenanted with God became Abraham, all this is just history in the Jewish and Arab world and it is hard to deny history. Abraham became a righteous man by God’s own standards and through him all men became blessed.

That is the origination of “to Bless” and it is a force in our midst today because God never quits,

though at times you may. He never does and that is the basic concept of “to be blessed”; that is, God never quits in His efforts to help and give divine favor to any man ready to accept it by faith and belief. We are told that God’s eyes go throughout all the earth searching for those that He can bless. This implies a very emphatic concept of what God is looking for from any man to Bless him. There is not a lack of many that believe on a God or those that say He is Lord, however, it seems there is something a little more specific in what God is looking for that resides in the heart of a man or woman giving them candidacy for a “blessing” from Him. In all the studies and searchings it is found that God only removes Himself from those that will not believe nor acknowledge Him as existent.

Thus, we understand that “to Bless” is an act of Faith. It is the force to make happen success and bring hope and joy as a reward to those acting in faith.

Now lets go back to the forces of:

Faith and Hope over against Fear and Loss.

First let us acknowledge that these are basic human behavior traits not spread across to all the animal kingdom of living beings.

Faith is a substantive thing that works at generating hope and the converse is the same for fear and loss. When you have faith it means it comes alive for you and similarily when you have fear it dies. Notice that this force that works in all humans starts with the feelings, the emotions, and then it creeps into the “what if” or the “maybe” stage of the brain and eventually begins to enforce itself on the mind or the thinking. From there it takes on words that become spoken and these are the engines that make things come to pass. So, if you think it, but do not say it then you have begun an effort to control and eventually make happen or eliminate that thing, whether by faith or by fear.

Let’s say you think something not the best about you and your spouse and then you state it.

The result is not the best, there could be an argument and bad feelings get exposed that most of the time do not accomplish anything good. But lets say you shut your mouth and do not give voice to those thoughts, the outcome is after a day or two you have forgotten it all and your spouse was never the wiser, so now peace continues to reign.

Check this chart out:

F oundational to Have

A application of the Overwhelming

I nward Spirit power (not brain power) to Presence to

T emplate the Engagement of

H hope into reality


F alse lacking

E vidence overcoming

A ppearing Sense of

R eal uccess

Another thing that can be said is that Faith Blesses but Fear Destroys!

Faith shows love and fear shows hate; Faith is uplifting and brings joy; Fear is judgmental and condemning

So listen to people, check out how they write, that is, check out how people express themselves and you will know the core state of their heart. That is, if the core is of faith and hope or fear and loss. Positive joy and gladness or negative distress, fault-finding and complaining. Many of us have heard the expression, “check out your heart” as related to feelings and emotions.

Now how is Company connected to the words “be blessed”. That is easy to answer from the very start.

This company some 15 plus years ago even though under a different name when it started was looking at the idea to “bless” those that joined or enrolled as to become members.

So you see, I say all of this because the heart of Henry the heart of Compumatrix and the Board is to bring Faith, Hope, and Joy at being over comers of challenges; and accomplishers of what for some seemed impossible. It is to make it possible for everyone to succeed in the scope of their dreams. Compumatrix seeks to be one of the integral answers for peoples needs and generate joy and the sense of well being. I remind you of our motto; E, E and E in life. I know it but do you?

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. what a read this is — I have to say thanks David for putting forth a detailed thought process on Blessing and what it entails and engage our emotions in a positive way — this should enrich all of us — I am so encouraged after this read but do know I will read this many times over the next few days — again much appreciation to the author–

  2. David, my faith in my creator is vital. My faith and hope in Compumatrix are also great because it comes from a source of knowing within me. I have confidence in this company and Henry James. My hope and care for all of us here in Compumatrix are to be incredibly blessed. So many times, I will conclude a letter, email or talk with the words many blessings. My heart is that all in this family will be exceptionally blessed. I count it so and hope all in this family will see yourself as blessed because you are.

  3. David,First of all I would like to thank you for such a good post,from the beginning, my faith has been very strong with compumatrix,It has become much stronger over time,compumatrix is a great blessing from God for all of us,there is light of hope and blessing in the lives,over time, that confidence in compumatrix and Henry James has grown exponentially,compumatrix is a engage,enterprise and enthusiasm in life.

  4. David, thank you for your very well-articulated article.
    I am not going to get into religious beliefs or practices but I agree whole heartedly that one should monitor his speech and writing.
    As James Truslow Adams said
    “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.”
    I’ll leave it at that, thank you David

  5. Words and meanings are very important. Some words mean different things in specific jurisdictions. We must acknowledge this and act accordingly to the appropriate definition of specific words in specific jurisdictions.
    Faith is defined as the evidence of things hoped for and not yet seen. What a powerful word. With the faith all members in Compumatrix have shown over these years, we can see the fruits being awesome and almost tangible. Keep the faith. In all things.

  6. This article reminded me of the saying; “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me”. While it is true that names cannot hurt us physically, they can be harmful mentally and emotionally to the point that we may never forget nor forgive the name caller. Words can be much more powerful than physical injury. While many physical injuries will heal in time, the damage from spoken or written word can last for a lifetime.

  7. Thank you for the uplifting speech. I think all of us who havewith been Henry since the beginning have all used those words more than once. Love, Faith and Hope. I know for me that when I first started as for so many others, I was looking for a quick buck. But there was something in Henry that kept me in this program. It was Henrys love and gentleness and his never willing to give up on his dream that kept me. His foresight and willingness to carry us along in his dream.

  8. David a very well written and a powerful article. Faith is a very important aspect in ones life.It’s the hope and trust that good will come when you have faith that keeps you going, and honest to God if you don’t have faith one will be enveloped with fear which does have good results and lead you down a dangerous path

  9. Very interesting David, I think the important point to remember is that faith comes in many shapes but a lack of a faith in something outside yourself creates fear which takes hold and makes even the most amazing thing frightening. After years of working with people who have struggled with PTSD, it never ceases to amaze me the strength of faith.

  10. Totally agree David with Faith and Hope we can overcome any difficult task by the Will of God Yes we need the faith to have Willingness and Grace of God Almighty,which gives us success in our daily lives.And it is the same with our Founder Henry who created Compumatrix for all members to benefit and grow with the Faith and Hope by the Will and Grace of God Almighty.

  11. Where would I be – if I didn’t have faith? I would be lost! Yes, David, I know the E, E and E and I know that if you didn’t believe in this company and it’s founder Henry – you wouldn’t be here. It has been a long and interesting journey – great for learning things I would never have had a clue about if it wasn’t for this Company. A company that can give so many people an opportunity they can not find anywhere else. An opportunity where they have all the tools needed to start working, and with hard work they can enhance not only their own lives – but their home communities, countries and so on… Thank you Henry, Compumatrix, and the Board for bringing Faith, Hope and Joy into mine and others lives.

  12. The three most important words that can shape our lives. Love because we can share it with family and friends. Hope that we can lead a lovely life and faith that our dreams can come true. With respect to our company all three apply and very soon those dreams will come to fruition. We will then be able to thank Henry and his team and spread more love, hope and faith to others perhaps less fortunate than us.

  13. Thank you David for this enlightening blog.
    I believe, without Faith, there is no Hope. Without Hope, there is no Faith. These both go hand in hand.
    We are so blessed as a Compumatrix family to have a leader in Henry who has both Faith, Hope, and the Love of this company to move all of us forward to Bless many throughout the coming years.

  14. Compumatrix has been worked on for so many years many have felt the first part of this verse. Prov 13 :12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”: Many have been overwhelmed by the time frame which has caused frustration, anger, arguments as words have been spoken. I’m so glad it does not stop there, it continues: “but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”. BTC value has increased immensely in that waiting period. When we launch, faith, hope and joy will be the order of the day.

  15. Thanks David for putting together a detailed thought process on Blessing and what it entails and engage our emotions in a positive way, this should enrich all of us. I’m so encouraged after this read. My faith and hope in Compumatrix are also great because it comes from a source of knowing within me. I have confidence in this company and Henry James. My hope and care for all of us here in Compumatrix are to be incredibly blessed.

  16. Thank you David for the enlightening blog.
    I believe that we have to have gratitude for our everyday life and we need the faith. Without it, there is no hope. Yes these all go hand in hand to have a better world.. WE are all blessed at this special time. to have Compumatrix come into fruitation. Lets put our energy into this so that we can help others through their journeys too.

  17. Great blog David…I really believe you need faith and hope in everything you do in life. I truly have full faith and hope in Compumatrix…I know Henry has never given up as he has all the faith and hope possible. Being negative gets you nothing more than more negativity….

  18. I agree – negativity can be the root of all evil. Negativity causes stress and that can lead to untold illnesses including death.
    Positivity is the name of the game and we have so much to be positive about and very soon the dreams of so many will reach their climax.

  19. Thank you for your post David. When standing with God there should be no fear. Put on your armor of God and fear will be blocked at the door of your life. The hard part is giving your problems to God and having faith that he is in control of your life. By excepting the Lord as your savior you can have peace and being Blessed by his word.

  20. Thank you David for an elaborate ,decent and educational blog.yes in our lives the triad of love,faith an hope are of utmost important and it behooves to us that we believe and do not err in our lives.My faith in Henry from the inception of his Idea has thus evolved over the period of 14-15 years and am glad to be a part of Compimatrix

  21. HOPE
    Does not only work as a driving force that makes us embrace the future with optimism, but it also gives us a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Hope does not tell us the meaning of life, yet it suggests to us that life has a meaning.

    Faith and belief are different because belief is about thoughts while faith is about actions. Faith is an active force that demands us to do things and to express ourselves by working towards our dreams and desires. Faith is the engine of life.


  22. My whole life I never feared anything except very tall heights .LOL
    My future was always , nothing will ever stop me from doing what I need to do . Innovation always kept me ahead of the game and on top of things , Even though staying on top of things becomes a challenge at times. I run 2 business of my own and 2 of my husbands all at ones .. One get to thrive on the adrenalin … I never thrived on HOPE , just hard work.

  23. Thank you David for your insightful post. The life that one is dealt, is not always a life that one would choose for oneself. With out hope that there is a better place, no place where there is peace and perfect health, no place where life and situations in life are harmonious, it would be hard to look forward to the next day without hope. Song writers Bill and Gloria Gather once wrote a song that says it perfectly…”Because He lives I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone, Because I know, I know He holds the future, then life is worth the living just because He lives.” Without hope for a better tomorrow, today would not be worth living.

  24. Thank you David for this post! Today we need faith more than ever. Especially if we take into account everything that has happened in the world in recent years. I am sure that our company, its staff, and members have proven themselves many many times during the years, especially during these pandemic times. And we are still here because we have faith in what has been built by each one of us as a company and a team.

  25. Our day-to-day conversation needs to emanate faith (assurance of what is coming) and hope (positive desire) for what is ahead in life. I sincerely believe that COMPUMATRIX in its day-to-day progress does exactly this for each and everyone that claims this company as a part of their life. If you do not feel the same way, it is probably because you are not allowing the day-to-day successes to shape your view of the company!

  26. Thank you David, Faith and hope can spread like a virus just as fear and hopelessness can. But if we stay focused on the good and send out that energy. It helps those in darkness find their way to the light and hope.

  27. Nothing happens without a force being exerted. Events may continue to happen without a force applied to it but it started with a force. Hope, imo, is the belief an event will happen because of an unknown source even though that person doesn’t know what the force is. Faith, to me, is believing a known source with exert a force that will produce a specific event. Sir Isaac Newton wrote about events and the cause of those events in the physical world. While faith can be part of the physical world, it is caused of events in the universal world. I have “faith” my car will start because I know & trust the mechanic insured the forces necessary for it to start are present. In some cases, I “hope” the car will start because I don’t know the mechanic and his qualifications. Some “hope” they will go to Heaven when they die because they think they deserve it. I have “faith” I will go to Heaven because I believe the force generated by Jesus’ death on the cross followed by His resurrection will put me there.

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