You of course are asking this. Prepared for what? Then you might ask was not 2020 enough of a change in my life?

After all, every time I left my home, I was told to wear a mask as if radioactive dust was floating all around in the air.

Besides that, schools were closed, as families we were separated, no more dinners or parties. There were big scale lock downs on businesses and anyone fortunate to still have a job, they had to work from home with their kids having school at home.

Your feelings are I have stared at the ceiling and out the windows long enough. So, really now what do I have to prepare for?

ONLY this, cash is going away. It is the logical evolution of money. It has the good the bad and the ugly. Yet it seems to be inevitable.

This is a change that was accelerated in 2020 but it went unnoticed but for a very few people.

This is not about the “federal reserves” growing the printing of money but something much more succinct, the replacing of cash. Or in a practical sense that “money” you have in your bank, that is in your wallet or purse, that money you stash away “under the blanket” to keep safe is taken away and replaced by something else. Something still considered as good as cash, but you cannot physically hold. Ten or fifteen years ago this would not have been something sensible to discuss or even mention.

Yes, we do live in the world of Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum which have accepted “store value” with a combined market capitalization equal to the annual gross domestic Product of Mexico. But you would be mistaken to think this is what we are writing about here. No, it is not the wealth held in crypto currencies for they are not that practical in the purchase of goods and services like “cash”. Notwithstanding, even the “Musk’s” of today, most others do not see these cryptos as true currency. You can buy through your credit card or bank account, but these cryptos are by most treated as a “commodity” for trading, mostly because of their volatility.

So, what are we talking about here? Very simply the concept, and today MORE than a concept, of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). This is an “electronic” version of “cash” and “coins”.

The physical properties are no longer needed. You would just have a CBDC account causally linked to the “government” that would credit that account by an “electronic” means. Your “Bank” would just manage this CBDC account.

SO, yes, today many Central banks world over are researching the means and ways to develop their own CBDC. And you are right we do not hear much about it.

However, There are several reasons for this interest:

1. a way to curb unlawful actions by the various criminal elements, world over.

2. eliminate costs of printing bills and minting coins.

3. a way to “bank the unbanked” (well over 400 Mil workers in India and China are unbanked).

4. and a major reason for most is the ability to “track” all these transactions. Someone said it is like having a “CT scan” of the economy.

Five countries are already in pilot formations and experimenting and one has already begun an payment system. Others are developing and researching how to use for their future use.

There are two things that have made a major contribution to this trend. One of course is the high degree of technological advancements, which in turn led to the smartphone and apps with reading code. These became available world over even to those in poverty classed countries. One might say this was and is a revolution much greater than the “industrial revolution” because this reaches across ever kind of culture and economic class of peoples.

And the second reason is that the pandemic we experience served as a “catalyst” to accelerate this move. One reason was paper money was said to carry viruses and so plastic cards, so people opted to use mobile wallets to pay for things. These type payments increase by 50% for 2020 over 2019.

So, there is already a track record of the convenience and speed of “mobile payments” in the system today. Yes, there are many advantages to such a system. There is the ease of doing your finances, you do not have to carry around or count your bills or coins, there is the attraction for the “unbanked” to now get involved with e-commerce. It greatly simplifies transactions.

And yes, there is that very ugly side of the CBDC implementation by governments. It would be invasive on privacy because it would be like having the government and central bank pointing a video camera at your wallet 24/7. How fast this will all be implemented around the world will vary a lot. But it is going to happen.

So, what does this have to do with Compumatrix you may ask. The quickest and simplest answer for your understanding is that we build build based on and are part of the DEFI system of the world. The big plus is this growing DEFI Crypto-ECO-SYSTEM will stay ahead of these governments and will therefore build platforms of integration for ways and means of everyday transaction with and in your wallet.

So, this means to each member that they should be more aware of the things happening around them in this world and thereby generate a much more positive attitude toward Compumatrix and all its effort to amalgamate what it has and does with other partners and affiliates and and therefore they should duly lessen their complaints, criticisms and basic “bitching” about things Compumatrix. By being this way, positive all the time, they then could demonstrate their ability to intelligently recognize the true aspect of this company as a pioneer and developer for a more efficacious operation that brings forth the verity of its motto “ENGAGE ENRICH AND ENHANCE” for every member and family thereof.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. As they say, ready or not!! Seriously after all the time that most have been here, we have had plenty of time to prepare I believe. We should know by now the how, when, where, and who involved. If someone does not then I think it’s high time they do so!

    1. I agree totally Gail, I have not been here as long as most members, but I have used what idle time that I have to prepare myself for what is happening if the cryptocurrency world. When I tried to tell my mom and brother about digital currency and the fact that cash will be going away they looked at my like i had lost my mind but now they are seeing it for themselves and embracing the upcoming change.

  2. what a thought — really had not thought that much about NOT being Ready ?? being former owner or manager of business in my work history always was Taught to be Ready every moment — and it is true if some are not it is on them — Get Ready !!

  3. Yes very rightly said David I also believe in the 3 E’s “ENGAGE ENRICH AND ENHANCE”,which has and will truly help not only better our lives but make things more comfortable for us with our company ‘Compumatrix’,God Willing.We must all maintain a very positive approach as we come close to the opening of a revolutionary stage in our lives in using crypto currencies as means of payment for goods and services.

  4. Very well written David, the whole world is going through a revolutionary period, this is the era of the cryptocurrency revolution,this will help us move forward both offline and online,compumatrix is playing a very important role in the revolutionary era of cryptocurrency,It opens the door to success for all members,we believe their motto ‘ENGAGE ENRICH AND ENHANCE our life,we are always ready to stay connected.

  5. Ready or not it is happening, not just within Compumatrix, but the world. Everything happens for a reason and this past year had tried the best of us to some extent. Hopefully the members of Compumatrix have all learnt from this past year, and are all ready for whatever the future holds. Thank you David for your insite.

  6. Good blog David – the way the world changed by a virus was something no one was prepared for but it did happen and forced a lot of people to get themselves ready and adapt to the changing world .I think in the same manner it will happen with crypto currency .Since we are members of a fantastic pioneering company called Compumatrix which has been getting us ready for a long time, it’s high time we make ourselves ready ,set and go

  7. Good post David. The world has been preparing for this transition for many years already. Cash only amounts to a small percentage of buying and selling these days. I remember the days when Checks and Credit cards for payment of something got impatient sighs from people in line to pay with cash. It is now 100% opposite. Bring out a $100 bill to pay for something and the sighs come out for that method now. Crazy but true.

    Having been involved in the crypto realm since 2010, and a student of monetary policy and currencies available, Government systems have never been a trustable system, other than being able to use the FIAT in one’s country to pay for goods. Challenge with it has always been the inflation of central banking supplies, bringing the value (purchasing power) of said FIAT down as they add more. Which has never kept up.

    Compumatrix, when launched, will alleviate this and make all of our assets more valuable over time, same as most crypto’s have done. Never mind that government’s cannot touch it, if handled and stored properly. Long live the crypto realm. Long Live Compumatrix.

  8. I am as ready as I ever will be. Interesting info David ,good read. Mind you I can always learn more and there are always new things to learn . New info comes along. I have learned so much with being in Compumatrix Discord and the info shared there .. Oh so helpfull info that Gail and Erline and all the RRs ,as well as members who are so willing to help others .

  9. This may surprise many, but the idea of digital money is common to most all Kenyans, East Africa many of whom are unbanked. ‘MPESA’ and ‘Airtel Money’ both digital money transfer systems have been run by mobile phone network services companies here for a while. Initially resisted by banks, today from our phones we can load up cash from our accounts; pay utilities, car petrol, shop at any outlet, send money peer to peer and finally withdraw some cash back from any authorized agent anywhere in the country. World get ready its already happening!

  10. Thank you David, for the history lesson of what has been happening in the world of money. Frankly, the idea of the banks being in control of our finances 24/7 makes me feel very uncomfortable! Thus, Compumatrix with its decentralized system makes me feel the opposite! All the hard work over all the time will benefit the members greatly with our system! Let’s be so ready to learn how to implement and use our wonderful company’s system!

  11. Well, we have always lived in a changing world and monetary systems are no exception. I feel fortunate that I was introduced to the digital world years ago, and am just now really understanding the impact of it.
    Either we get ready for the massive changes to take place, or we go to our graves still yearning for “the good old days”.

  12. I always find writings claiming the death of currency as we know it, dead to be interesting. And, of course, as members of Compumatrix, we all want crypto to succeed. However, think about how long it takes for changes to completely take place. Think about the amount of computing power it takes to run the crypto industry and there you will still find a roadblock or two before the almighty paper dollar will disappear completely. Yes, some will see my writings as being negative or just plain on the side of bitchy….but it’s not that at all. I want Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency to succeed. I find it all so exciting to watch the worth of each coin move up and down. Being where we are in the world with Compumatrix, it gives us a front-row seat to the growth spurts that the crypto-world is experiencing.

  13. I feel I am prepared. However how prepared can I really be with all the changes that have taken place almost on a daily basis in this new world of ours. Just when I feel confident there is a new situation are new strategies to learn to be ready when the time comes. But rest assured when the time comes I will be ready.

  14. Thanks for this article, David. We may think we are ready but are we? I can only prepare based on the facts as they are known now, in the crypto world of finances things are changing fast. It’s best to read, read, read and then reread all the information you can find. If you have kept up with this changing world you can feel confident you are ready. I hope all members with Compumatrix have kept current on the information that has been shared in the blog area, Discord, and news sources.

  15. Nicely said David. The advent of digital currency will bring many changes. The blockchain while representing a paradigm shift is still in its infancy, with many refinements to come. Compumatrix is well prepared to ride this new wave, since it is not dependent upon a particular outcome. However new digital currencies may look in the future, Compumatrix will be able to incorporate them in its evolving business model.

  16. Ready….and adaptable, as the case may call for. Both, if the rapid-fire changes I’m seeing happen with greater speed in the financial world are any indication (and they are, I’m aware). The gradual removal of cash from the world’s economy has been a long time coming. And it’s been interesting, exciting and fascinating to observe it, and be part of a company that is right at the forefront of the movement!

  17. Thank you David for the inspiring post. But being ready should be always mindful of events and situations that could occur in life. I need to adapt your concepts in my life, even if things around me are uncertain and unpredictable.

  18. I just got comfortable with my smart phone and now they want to change my “money” system? I remember when the most significant change in one’s life was updating the subscription to Life magazine (I can just see the question marks hanging over the heads of the 20 and 30 somethings in the audience). It seems like every other week there is a new device or a new upgrade that is a quantum leap in capability that we have to learn. My brain hurts!

  19. How is it that whenever there is a change in anything there is a riot of sorts to not change the way things are right now. I remember when my 88 year old famer father found out that man was attempting to go to the moon, he was skeptical that it could ever happen, let alone come back alive. Things have always been changing. Man has always thought of ways to better himself in some way or another. However, many new ideas never worked, but just the venturing in a new direction opened up the possibility’s of a new concept that was built upon something that didn’t work, to find the solution, an earth breaking discovery. Unless one has the desire to better ones self and be prepared for change, one will never be ready for change.

  20. Yes, the currency itself is going to go extinct. Physical money is becoming unnecessary, and the pandemic is being a great ally to this social behavior. The fact that banknotes carry viruses easily made many people, including me, switch to using credit cards or digital wallets. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies will contribute a lot to this change in the financial standard. The practicality of using invisible currency is really something to be taken into account today, in view of an increasingly promising future.

  21. I have never liked physical money and have always had bad experiences with the physical banks in my country. Currently, my main bank is virtual and I am completely satisfied with it. Ease and speed won me over in a way that I haven’t done a physical money transaction in months.
    Despite the disadvantage of having the government invasively observing people’s financial lives, I believe that this evolution has more positive aspects than negative ones.
    I hope that we all know how to deal with this in the near future.

  22. When I participate in fiat, I do try to pay cash often for things – for if people insist on paying only with credit cards and bank debit cards, cash will be “voted off the planet”. Cashless society is a controlled society – in the centralized world. Which is why decentralized crypto and Compumatrix are so important to each of us reading this. We stay in control when our currency and wealth is decentralized and p2p.

  23. I do agree with you, David. I just commented on another blog; the complaints about the banking system are factual reality. Knowing how banks do business will awaken you to what we have here with Compumatrix. Peace comes over me as I comprehend what Compumatrix affords us financially and in our personal growth. The reality is there is no company like Compumatrix Networks International, and we are blessed to be associated.

  24. Once again another fascinating insight from our CEO. There is little doubt that the banking system is going to change. They have been ripping off customers for years. You only have to see their balance sheets at the end of every year to see the massive profits they make each year. They have every right to be concerned about the future of crypto currencies because eventually their profits are going to decline rapidly. Compumatrix is leading the way and will be providing all of us with a very secure future.

  25. The world is changing so fast, it is very hard to keep up with everything going on. Like someone said above, “I was just getting comfortable with my cell phone”…and sure enough, new technology is added and more things to learn.
    I can understand we are moving into a digital and crypto currency, but this is so new and used only by advanced countries; most of the world is pretty under developed and there’s a big percentage of people that are poor, illiterate and don’t even have the currency we have been using so far, much less understand and use the new currencies to come. I think they should leave the option to use the “old” currency and have the new one for modern and technically advanced countries.

  26. Just a follow up. China is set to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Government if it gets it’s way and it usually does, is setting itself up for the complete absence of “physical” cash. There will be no physical cash, no paper, no coin currencies. Just digital currency. So I say those that are smart will take note and begin to divest themselves of savings in “physical” cash and get solidly involved in the DEFI Crypto Eco System. For some that will mean lots of learning and self-education.

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