99% is Good Enough Right?

After Ritz-Carlton won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the owner of Ritz Carlton William Johnson said, “now they would need to work even harder to earn the respect that came with the award.” Because quality is a race with no finish line.”

What did he mean by that? He was saying that to achieve excellence requires 100% effort all the time!

Some have even tracked the consequences of the 99% rule. If 99.9 % were good enough, according to the research by Natalie Gabal, then look at what would have happened this year alone in 2020:

*Twelve babies would have been given to the wrong parents every day.
*Surgeons would have performed two hundred and ninety-one pacemaker operations incorrectly.
*Doctors would also have miswritten twenty thousand drug prescriptions.
*The IRS would have lost two million documents. (info above from insight.org)

So is fair enough good enough? Would we put gasoline in our car that was 99% pure gasoline and 1% Koolaid?

It reminds me of a story my wife mentioned to me the other day about two young grade-school daughters telling their Dad that they were going over to their friends’ house to watch some PG 13 or R rated movie. The girls said, “yes, Dad, we know that there are a few ‘bad’ scenes in the film, but we already know they are wrong anyway.” So the Dad responded to them after dinner by handing them a plate of brownies he just made. He told them, “Here, have some. The brownies are 99% pure, and only1% of the brownies have Fido’s (their Dog), dog dirt in them. Please have some!”

Would the girls eat it?

Most of us want more than ever for things to launch at Compumatrix by opening up the new revised CDAP. I can’t tell you just how much I would like to see it open too! But do we want it to open only functioning at 99%? Isn’t that just good enough? Would it be OK if there were only 1% of errors in the system? We often feel, “let’s just get it open”! But at what cost if it opens at 99%?

I am not a computer programmer. After taking only one class in college on the Pascal Computer Language, I quickly realized that computer programming would not be in my wheelhouse! The professor had us writing elementary programs, and we would submit them to see if they would work. I couldn’t have been more frustrated trying to write code and realizing that if just one comma was missing or a period was in the wrong place, the entire program would loop and loop and never work. It was far too much of an exact and perfect science for me. People like Henry, the DEVS, Jane, and so many others thrive on this kind of preciseness are wired for it.

I know this one thing regarding the impact and scope of Compumatrix: If it is to have the kind of effects we desire and need it to have, it must be done right! As my father repeatedly said,” if something is truly worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” As members of the Compumatrix team, we need to get this right from the very start. When building a skyscraper, if the foundation is just a few degrees off or unlevel at the foundation’s deepest place, the whole building’s slant and lean get more prominent the higher you go. To begin with, the foundation must be perfect.

NASA knows all about this. How many times have we watched NASA go through all the preparations before a lift-off only to abort the launch at the last minute? If testing found out that something in their systems was not 100%, they canceled the launch. I think those astronauts inside those rockets were pretty happy that NASA’s standard was not just 99%, don’t you?

We, too, will be thrilled and delighted when our rocket finally launches high and mighty into the deep blue skies. Success!

In the meantime, let’s rest in good faith. We will leave it to those who know their craft better than anybody in the field and be thankful that they are the ones with their skillful finger on the blast-off button.

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Jeff, very well explained. I have no clue what it takes to write code. And I had never thought of it to the degree you’ve articulated it. It must be really challenging for Henry and the Dev’s to get it perfect. Yes, way too much is riding on the outcome to mess it up at this point. Patiently, I wait. 

  2. Jeffrey, this is an illusion, no human can be 100% doing everything right all of the time. Doctors make many mistakes that cost lives, that is the reason you have to sign before any surgery that you are aware of the risk. Humans are not computers, they make mistakes. Not always can this be seen before or even avoided sometimes? Doctors prescribe the wrong medication very often. Any medication you take is never 100% safe but always come with a long list of side effects. Have you ever gone to two different doctors with the same problem? You will never get the same drugs from both or do they even agree with what the other doctor just gave you. Happen just to me the other day with a gum infection . . Have also heard about selling bad gasoline, was it a human mistake or what?
    How many times had they’re to recall cars after they sold them? There were tested before and functioning, but the problem was not seen then, only later after driving it. You will only know if it works 100% after using it. There are so many more examples, but I made my point.

  3. Thank you Jeff,for a great explanation! 99% is not a good thing at all,I make a painting and when it is done I study it very carefully whether it is correct or not,what is wrong with it? Is there any difference in the colors or in the sketching?If it’s 99% then the direction of the picture is not right, I have to do more work to make it 100%, It will take some time and I will have to wait until I get it right, It’s fun and you get to see the right side of the picture,this is my opinion,and that’s how I paint, compumatrix work in progress,wait for the dessert with patience and faith.

    1. You got it Zahra. There is something gnawing inside of all of us when we see that something is not 100% done yet and we know that we can fix it. You have a high standard, and we too here at Compumatrix need to have a very high standard for the success of all of us.

  4. there are many parts of my life that 99% has proven out to be alright or passable perse’ — but dadgum JP — what a great read and analysis of YES this biz has to be 100% or it will not fly to the top or even fly at all — just great realization — thank you — rj

  5. Jeff, I may be ready to blast off, but I trust in the plan, and in God’s timing in my life; I know that this adventure will come to fruit due to it’s Strong and True Foundation as you put it. For something to last it does need to always be building upon 100%, and with an attitude like that there is hope in a future! I think back about Sam Walton and after quite a few failures, he finally got it right and it still took him 20 years before he became unstoppable.

    1. Good analogy about Sam Walton Samuel. I think the most fundamental focus and care in any such building needs to be at the bottom, the start, or the foundation. It keeps everything straight and aligned way down the road. That is what we have here at this time in Compumatrix.

  6. I really hate it when someone writes an article giving all the reasons why something must be 100% right before it can be launched, knowing that they are 100% correct. It is so frustrating. It makes you want to ask why something will not work well if it is only 99% ready. Well, why won’t it work well? Logically, it should work just fine. Realistically, it may end up not working at all. Like I said, soooo frustrating. So, nothing has changed. Like the good soldiers and team players that Compumatrix members are, we will be patient, continue to get prepared, and do whatever we can to support our leaders, the devs, and all involved with getting this company to 100% ready.

  7. Jeff, very good information for us to begin to ask many questions. Where attention goes, energy flows. However, it depends on the tools we have, where we got the tools from, how were we prepared to use them etc. etc. Thank you for bringing this forward. As long as our focus on Compumatrix We are in excellent hands.

  8. Thank you, Jeff for your blog.
    I can only imagine the frustrations of Henry and the Dev’s as tiredness kicks in and then illness, throw in the challenging weather and a struggling internet system.
    So there are many times as humans when we cannot possibly be perfect, but with a ‘team’ of gifted and knowledgeable individuals working collectively to help make a ‘system’ and the CDAP be 100%. I am absolutely confident that they will do it.

    1. Yeah. Henry and the DEVs run into all this weather, and Bitshare software upgrades, and changes to gov’t regulations in their area. They know them first hand. We only hear about them from a distant. It’s right in their faces all of the time. We just need to keep on praying for them that’s all.

  9. Thank you Jeff for laying out the 99% perspective! When peoples’ lives are at stake, then this is certainly something that should be strived to be at 100%, though even then people are human and not robots so there is always a possibility of an error. Also, some people take this idea to a paranoid standard, and then their life on earth is not fun at all. Do your very best – do no harm also can work.

  10. I have hoped so many times that Compumatrix would hurry up and open up so we could get going with our dreams. I have, on the surface, been disappointed each time, but then I realized that it would be foolish to open up only to have to close down again because things weren’t working as expected. I trust that Henry and team will open when everything is working so we can move forward.

    1. That is a good point Gloria. I can often remember back when BTC was worth only about $300. I have often thought about the fact that if we all got paid out and had our hands on our BTC at that time, then it sure would not have done very far for any of us. Now it is at $13,000 USD plus. Out BTC will go so much further now. It’s a good way to look at all this wait.

  11. I was a programmer for many years and I know the challenges and difficulties of coding a system. Even more a system as innovative as the one we have at Compumatrix. Imagine then with all the extra difficulties like weather conditions, personal illnesses, and this pandemic. I understand why Henry and the developers want to make sure we have the best product possible when we launch.

    1. So you do know Jeimes the realities and difficulties of all the coding and software issues, let along all the security issues. Sometimes I feel when members criticism the work of Henry or the DEVS, it’s kind of like a common person criticizing all the work that a brain surgeon would be doing. That’s so crazy.

  12. .Thank you, Jeff, for the blog. Hopefully, everyone knows that so much is going on behind the scenes. So much we probably couldn’t comprehend half of it. I am just so Thankful and cant wait to get people involved and educated

  13. I’ll be honest: there’s only one thing I think is even worth giving my absolute 100% on, and that’s my relationship with my Creator. After all, it’s Our “agreement” to be here on this planet in the first place, and none of it would be worth the effort were I not always connected to and guided by my Parent. And like any good child, my perpetual goal that underlies everything I think, do or speak is to please my Daddy…which means that any business, any relationship, anything I even consider is through this mind/heart/soul channel. All the rest…it’s all interesting, sometimes fun, crazy, weird, strange, overdone, overemphasized and dramatized experiment that we often take WAY too seriously. 100% effort for mankind? Not likely worthwhile, IMO – I tend to believe that’s an illusion, too. After all, we are continually evolving, discovering how very little we know about existence and Creation, and someday, maybe we’ll be wise enough to admit that “we’re just human…we’ll NEVER know everything, might as well just enjoy!”

    1. I am with you Zora. God alone deserves our ALL and ALL ! Pleasing Him is the main focus of our lives. I am glad that because of the cross of Christ that He doesn’t demand that 100% perfection of us, because his Perfect Son paid for all of our imperdection.

  14. I enjoy fixing things and sometimes all the resources or tools are not at my grasp so I have to improvise knowing that it is not going to be a 100% (some call that jerry-rigging or that bad N-word) but it only works temporarily until I can make it 100% and I know coding has to be 100% for sure with all of our compumatrix businesses.

  15. ckerflag, I too am a handyman and really enjoying using ways that are out of the box to solve a problem around the house. If you can make it work then wonderful. But like you say, computers and their systems are not so forgiving.

  16. Thanks Jeff for another well written timely article. We are all chomping at the bit waiting for CDAP to be ready, but if it isn’t 100% think of some of the things that could go wrong. From incomplete transactions to having CDAP locking up when you want to use it to name a few. Thanks to Henry, the DEV’s and all who work behind the scenes to be getting this done correctly at 100%.

  17. I am with Gitta on this one, nothing is ever 100%, if it was there wouldn’t be a need, or strife if you want, for improvement. Most everything, in my opinion is “trial and error” even in medical procedures.

    We only have to think back to the first heart transplant, kidney transplant etc. If the medical profession would have accepted the first time they performed any of these procedures as 100% we would have been nowhere near where we are today.

    There is ALWAYS room for improvement but it needs trial and error to move in that 100% direction.

  18. Nice Blog Jeff , Yes 100% is the only way to go … besides 1 % koolaid has sugar in it ..and you know Sugar dose the engine harm in the long run. Compumatrix .I wrote code for a website many years ago and I got very frustrated , one little missing little item or missed placed threw everything off and took ages to find what I did wrong. No fun for sure. Glad I don’t have to do that any more. My hair would be whiter than it is now … or no hair at all.

    1. So Lorna, you know exactly what I am talking about. The perfectionism of coding can drive you totally nuts if you are not a perfectionist. One little thing wrong and it won’t fly. And trying to find that one little thing is the frustrating part of it all.

  19. I work on office and excel and I know 99% will not work on that when it comes to computers. My husband rigs somethings sometimes and it works for a while but you usually have to do the 100% to get it to work correctly, I think 100% for compumatrix.

    1. Yes Piscesdeb. Math is an exact science and all the computer world has to do directly with math. So many absolutes.

  20. I know how important it is to be 100% in all that you do. It would be like me, as an RN, giving 52 mg of some medicine when the dr. had ordered 50 mg. It also highlights an experience I had when I was in the Air Force as a Major flying Medical Air Evacuation. I was deadheading from Travis Air Force Base to Clark Air Force base in the Philipines to pick up another load of injured men from Viet Nam. On the flight were a few other flight officers who would take over in Guam. One of those officers was a navigator. We were sleeping as it was a 15 hour flight. He woke me up and told me that for some
    reason he awakened and went into to talk to the navigator about our route. He discovered we were off course by about 1%. I asked him where would we have ended up if we had stayed on that route and he said, “God knows”. Scary!

    1. What an amazing illustration Maxine and what amazing experiences you have had. Thank you so much for your service. My hat is off to you. That 1% over a long distance can make you miss something by miles and miles.

  21. Another great blog Jeff, I really liked the analogy between NASA and Compumatrix Quote NASA knows all about this. How many times have we watched NASA go through all the preparations before a lift-off only to abort the launch at the last minute? If testing found out that something in their systems was not 100%, they canceled the launch Unquote. How many times we were under the impression that the CDAP will open today, or tomorrow, and its not opened yet. When they are 100%, the CDAP will be opened, and we will be more than happy.
    Thanks again.

    1. Yes Ragai. I am thankful that we can be pretty darn sure that when the CDAP does finally fly, it will have been tested, proven, and tested again before we launch it to the world.

  22. Totally agree Jeff. We are sitting in a prime situation that when all of the necessary blocks are in place for a launch. Previous history showed that the wheels will turn but not well if they are oblong instead of round.
    When dealing with computer language if you do indeed miss a keystroke, you are toast! This blog should also remind us that when moving assets, Bitcoin and cryptos in general, make sure that you double check every transaction. Make a wrong move and you lose.

  23. Good word Joe. Check, check, and double, triple check. Recently there was one of the biggest transactions ever on the Bitcoin block-chain. Can you imagine if they didn’t check check and re-check that address they were sending to ? Yikes.

  24. Jeffery, according to your analysis in this blog, I would have to say no to 99%. One hundred per cent sincerity, one hundred per cent commitment to our businesses is 100%. Compumatrix is at full capacity, and expertly combined units are all in place each working at 100% accuracy. One hundred per cent is the only way to be.

  25. Thank you Carmen. It’s all of nothing for us, and we see Henry, the BOD, the DEVS and the members giving even more (110%) of their efforts all the time. I am thankful !

  26. Nice Blog Jeff. I totally agree 100% is the only way to go, we are sitting in a prime situation that when all of the necessary blocks are in place for a launch., previous history showed that the wheels will turn but not well if they are oblong instead of round. This blog should also remind us that when moving assets, Bitcoin and cryptos in general, make sure that you double check every transaction because if you make a wrong move you can lose.

  27. Very good advice and word Paula about double checking everything. I was doing things fast once and didn’t really double check and sent a bunch of Compuceeds to a DEX account that I no long had access to. It was not many and I know that Compuceeds are valued pretty low at present, but I am still kicking myself for not double checking.

  28. I tend to agree with Gitta, nothing is perfect or 100% flawless. We strive to do our best to avoid errors, especially those that may have serious repercussions, but mistakes and errors do occur in all aspects of our lives. We can’t expect anyone to be perfect or to create a program that is 100% free of errors. What we can do is give them the time they need to do their very best.

  29. this is such a thought provoking read and it is true in some forms of almost anything computer oriented that in order for workable biz it has to be 100% otherwise the thought will not work — i know in recipes don’t have to be 100% accurate and the taste is there But this type biz ??? Not — hope we get there —

  30. Yes rjh. The post is definitely focusing on computer software and their systems. They won’t work unless they are perfect and complete. If we were talking about marriage, an 80%
    great communication and love with a %20 of misunderstanding would actually not be so bad these days. It would still be a good marriage for all purposes. LOL

  31. I want it to be at 100% too, just sitting and waiting like everyone else. We know when it opens, we may hear a sonic boom! I wish I had learned a lot more about computers and how they work: Programming and coding. My son can do some things, but I just do not get it. Thank you Jeff

  32. Yes Tracy. But I am thankful that Henry and the gang will be putting everything on the bottom shelf for us so that anyone of us can reach what we need to reach. We have people from all walks of life involved in this. Old folks, younger folks, techy folks, and those of us no so savvy with computers. Wonderful to be a part of all of this !

  33. It ironic that you mentioned how 100% perfection needed for a successful astronaut mission. I recently watched the Challenger documentary on Netflix and perhaps it can be said that had 100% been given to the detail needed for the boosters, history may have taken a different course. So you are right, a targeted launch has to be planned and carried out to every detail for the mission to be successful.

  34. Thank you for sharing that about the boosters in the Challenger documentary. I wouldn’t ever want to be an astronaut thinking that the people on the ground are just OK with a so so job !

  35. Being a Sailor.. Saiing from Panama to Hawaii is a course of 279 deg. true. If I steer 277 deg (less than 1% difference) I will sail south of the big island by 130 miles and not even see it. 🙂

    Also by being a sailor, I know that it is impossible to steer exactly the same heading 100% of the time. Doesn’t mean the journey shouldn’t be taken because of this potential for error. Means the course must be checked and corrected, frequently.

    Again, as a sailor – I know to never depart on a journey such as that (about 4,500 nautical miles) with out the boat being in the pest possible condition there is, before departure.

    This is what Compumatrix has been doing. Preparing the ship for it’s best possible condition. And we want it to be as close to 100% as possible. Doesn’t mean that there won’t be course corrections, both before AND after launch.

  36. Great illustrations John. You have seen this first hand. That 1% difference gets wider and wider the longer you travel off course. So we need to get this right as you say the first time. I am glad Henry and the gang does not rush this. Would have it rather be done right.

  37. I like this article because I have never thought about it this way. It is important to always enforce “as long as you are trying your hardest” to keep a positive mindset, but sometimes when you try your hardest and do not reach 100% there are consequences. I think It is important for everything to try their hardest so that it is possible to reach the 100% goal.

  38. Yes. We should all be giving our 100% and even 105 % of our effort even if we fall short of the goal. I know that it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game that matters. As long as we all do our very best, then we have achieved something great.

  39. still a great read and know for fact we should give 100% of us in all we try and do –does not mean we will succeed every time but — love this type of read too it gets the creatives working for me — much appreciate that JP —

  40. Thank you again rjh for staying with all this and all the encouraging words you send in reading these posts. Looks like very very soon we will be those successful people that will be utilizing these 7 habits in our daily lives. It’s all happening before our eyes. I am excited. I know you are !

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