A heavy heart.

For my first attempt at blogging, I wanted to address something that weighs heavily on my mind.
Being in my senior years leaves me feeling I have been around the block a few times, and as you can see from my Bio, not in one particular place which, if I had been, I would have probably taken life for granted.

Starting in life, it just suffices that you get a job to get some money to call your own to get some initial traction in life.
As you proceed and venture into your own business, you understand how much more effort you have to put in over and above just working for a living.

When I look at others who run their own business, whether they are good at it or not, you also see how much time and effort they put in to be successful.
Late nights, early mornings, while the workers enjoy life and spending what they traded for their time. Owners, on the other hand, are working on something to hand down to the next generation.

It’s been bothering me for quite some time, even though I can understand the inexperienced or the sheer ignorance of not understanding what it takes to run a business.

Now step up to a changing world where everything changes faster, and if you don’t change with it, you are out of business or at least losing money.

Now we are in a paradigm shift with the economy in turmoil, and the general population is confused and unsure of where to turn.

Then this currency called bitcoin nudged its way into existence and did its first transaction over a pizza of all things.

It has gone from being funny money to something that shows its real value.
Having a conversation with people about crypto, again, they will give you that deer in the headlight look and fail to prosper from the new shift happening right before their eyes.
I still get the silent treatment from my Family when I mention anything about this new Crypto world, and that’s ok as the inevitable change will usher them in at the end. Their unwillingness to engage or do their due diligence will leave them catching up instead of being ahead of the curve.

The most crucial thing which leads me to my title of ‘ a heavy heart’ is we have leadership here which keeps getting torn apart by some because they are impatient or want instant gratification or they think it is their rightful place to have what others have worked for so hard and so long.

Ask the leaders who are working tirelessly, and they will all tell you that they want this yesterday, just like the rest of us, but it takes endless work.

But think about this for a minute.
With this new technology, it is not your everyday kind of business. This new technology is going where no man has gone before. It is an unfamiliar area of business.
The company’s success is for all of us and humanity in general.

They are spending years and countless hours pushing through this changing maize to make sure nothing is left to chance.
To catch the pitfalls before they become real.
To keep up with the ever-changing bureaucratic world so nothing can stop this from being one of the most exceptional businesses in modern-day history.

I don’t know about you, but I have worked hard all my life to make a dollar, and here I find myself with great minds fighting for something that can change a person’s financial future in ways I never could, and some want to pull their tireless working attention away from that.
More to the point would be to ask what I can do to help.

Sure, many will understand when it is all laid out in the end, but that is not when the leaders (who are doing something we did not have the initiative to do) would wish for but help and understanding.
It is now when they are tired and drained.

I’m not saying this is a race, but I have run competitively to where sometimes I wanted to give up, and that voice of encouragement from the sidelines was all it took to give me the impetus to cross the finish line.

I know the positive outweighs the negative, but, sadly, I have to witness others, making it harder for those fighting for all of us and those who will call Compumatrix home in the future.

About the author

Patrick is a privileged member of Compumatrix and hopes to be able to add value from his own life experiences through these blogs. He is very much in tune with soil health leading to true health and alternative therapies is more his cup of tea than turning to a prescription for something he has a hard time pronouncing. Born in Australia, growing up in Ireland, he went back to Australia to put his Farm Management skills to work, but has spent the last 25 plus years in the US and is looking forward to this new paradigm shift with Compumatrix.


  1. Patrick, I love your post, I was shocked and first then saddened that someone, anyone from our group would do this. We all know how hard everyone is working and not getting paid. We are all here out of faith. I pray that everyone continues to hold your anger and yes think. We have all been hit by this horrible virus and the businesses that have been destroyed. The families destroyed. It has been a strain on everyone so please send uplifting messages to one another to be helpful.

  2. I think some members are just scared. They lose the ability to reason when they are in fear. I believe all will be well, and those same members will be the ones who we will hear saying, “I KNEW we’d get here, I have supported Compumatrix from day one!!” LOL Just human nature, but I also will say some of the members have a lot of maturing to do!! Don’t let the negativism get to you all on staff and Henry; these people are just filling their time. Albeit at your expense…lol

  3. It is so sad to see this in this business and this is not the first time this has happened most members wait and work with patience but there always seems to be a few bad apples in the bunch and all that does is delay us even further at least that is what the past experience was but not any longer oh no, that has been corrected with de-centralized thank God we can keep moving what ever it takes to get this ball rolling, looking forward to the launch.

  4. Kudos Patrick!! I agree with your heartfelt post. Thank God our leaders, including Erline and Gail, know how to short change the negative and implement the positive, to counter-act the things done to harm be they done in ignorance or on purpose. They lift up the mighty shield of faith and keep focused on the goal of Compumatrix.
    Yes, you are a member of the “over the hill gang” We are proud of our efforts here. We are young at heart and have a determined mindset and are willing to learn the new about this raging world of technology. We are blessed to have been introduced toCompumatrix, which allows us a less physical method of making an income and teaches us step by step how to become successful. Thank you, Compumatrix and Networks International Incorporated.

  5. Despite the odds being against us, we have much to look forward to, in the coming future. Bad times will soon be over. New systems will be in place. Lets think positively.
    Nothing comes easy for anyone. But now we have Compumatrix to put everything right. A group of people to educate and get us all set. We need to read all the announcements and prepare ourselves to run our new business. It will make us successful and lighten our hearts.

  6. Yes, indeed, that was an excellent post; thank you for writing it. I love your comments about family; my family is similar, “call us when you make money,” they say. I understand why; they came on my journey down Network Marketing Lane; they just won’t let go of the past. They are unwilling “to go where no man has gone before.”

    I, too, like you, and all of us here at Compumatrix yearn for the finish line; I want it just as much as everyone else. I know it will come and until then, I will spend my time learning, having patience, being positive, praying, and staying focused. I will not be among the sorry people; my place will be with the winners!

  7. Patrick and the rest of our seasoned seniors…. the boat you are in is not empty, it’s loaded up to the gunnels but…. not one is jumping overboard! You are not alone at all in your thinking. When I listen to the unhappy folks in our Discord area this saying comes to mind as I stand next them on the deck: “how long can you tread water?”

    The outside pressure on all of us is huge. Outsiders as well as a handful of alleged insiders are creating some waves but take heed. They can’t sink this old tub. It was built by hand and the patches are holding. At some point in the not to distant future we will be trading it in for a good used yacht.

    As to the folks that are causing more than their share of trouble, understand that I was called the enforcer when I worked in night clubs. I’ll leave it there!

    When I first started with Compumatrix I listened to several leaders in our company and when I asked about the nay sayers I was told simply, “when we launch they will be gone. Funds in place will likely buy them out and send them away.” Once their funds are on their plate they can move along elsewhere, by choice of not, that is up to management.

    It’s mostly frustration that gets the conversations started and they escalate from there. Many times I wanted to jump in as a fighter by nature, but was told not to let it bother me. So, I bite my tongue. There is a lot of stress when you don’t have funds to pay your bills or purchase that cool looking Corvette or exotic you always wanted. Still growing up at 74 and have the ability to drive one on the track.

    As to family and friends, I had to learn to keep my dealings more to myself and my wife. All I say is “doing fine thanks for asking.” They will figure it out when Carol and I are in Monaco in the winter months. Now, that’s heading south.

    So, buddy, hold your head up, don’t let anyone get you down, which is sometimes harder but after awhile you will learn to shake it off. Remember your Bitcoins are produced from assets in your DEX and when we sell the VPC’s you can add to your BTC. If you watch the money markets the future is suspect in many ways in regards to many currencies.

    By the way – your blog is fine, good job

  8. what a great first blog posting Patrick — just read Kevins first also and very much Joy in that both of you are giving some very proven and wise help and it comes form the Heart and in all honesty my Heart is Happy with the effort and Help from those here to get some of older less schooled participants up to speed — you just keep writing and helping and glad you are part of America — and 1 last part of Life no matter what you do or where you are — there is always a certain percentage will be a downside –everything I have ever been involved with over 60+ years has always had that one constant — its not right but it is True!! rj

  9. For your first post Patrick ,that was a very insightful ,heart felt ,caring blog. we are almost all of us ,up in age . Wondering how our last years of our lives are going to pan out . The Compumatrix train will soon be screaming all aboard and those that did loose faith will wish that they would of kept up.

  10. Patrick, I want to thank you for reaching out and making your first blog post. My husband and I have added so many blogs over the years. We have been looking forward to backing off to concentrate on other parts of this great business. We also knew there are several talented people out there that can step it up to keep this content flowing. Thanks again and thanks for the great topic.

  11. I’m with you Patrick. I hate to watch the BOD get picked apart so often trying to just keep everyone positive in letting them know where the company stands and where it’s going. I know that there is no two more dedicated people on earth who would want to see Compumatrix launch and do what it was designed to do than Gail and Erline. And it seems like so often they take the brunt of all the blows some member’s impatience. I do know that soon when we finally have some really spending money in our hands, they will be the heroes and many will sing their praises. Sad it has to be this way, but it won’t be forever I think.

  12. Patience is a virtue. It sucks that many people were not able to stick with it long enough to see the end of the tunnel. I think that we are almost at the end and we all just have to keep patient and do everything we can to help ourselves and other members of the community. Now is more crucial than ever – it is going to be our time soon! Just wait!

  13. Yes, it is so easy to get left in the dust and not be able to keep up with all the changes that are happening in the world. And, yes it is understandable that some are like the “deer in the headlights” and get totally overwhelmed! Great post, Patrick, would love to sit across a table with you and my husband as I believe we have a lot in common like loving the soil and natural therapies. A deep, strong desire to be challenged and constantly be learning must be developed to forge ahead in these paradigm changes.

  14. It’s disheartening the admin folks are receiving backlash and negativity, especially because of the amount of time effort and energy they put into the business. Technology has allowed us to live in a world that caters to instant gratification. The word “patience” has become almost obsolete in everyday life. More and more companies, services etc. are finding ways to offer their products/services faster and easier than ever before. This way of life has programmed society to become fixated on getting what they want, when they want it. It can also be difficult for those that are not fully emerged in the process to grasp the magnitude of what is going on behind the scenes. Know that despite the negative feedback from some, there are many that respect the work and dedication so many have put in! Faith and determination will supersede.

  15. I want to thank all of you that replied to my first time blog. Not great content, I admit, but a deep awareness of how the movers and shakers in the world have to deal with so much negativity even when it will cater to those naysayers in a more significant way soon than they could ever imagine or devise themselves.
    Being the first time I ever voiced my opinion to a group made me aware of the similar feelings you all had. I got no negative feedback but an accumulation of genuine thoughts from so many different personalities. I think we are on to something here with these blogs. It brings forth effort from the blogger, and the input opens up a whole fresh take on the blog subject.
    This effort has been very enlightening for me anyway, and suffice to say thank you all for your input, your thoughts, and the fact that Compumatrix has some genuinely caring people within its ranks.

  16. It has been said over and over again that there are a lot good people in the world. But, this group called Compumatrix (as a whole) overshadows all others that I have ever been associated with. I feel very blessed to be here at this point in time. I have only been with
    Compumatrix for 5 years but it feels like 25 years because of all we have been through in just the years I have been here. I truly feel for those of you that have been here from the beginning which is about 10 years longer than me. If you were not a patient person when you started with Compumatrix but are still here, you are definitely patient now. And that is through no fault of the company or its leaders or its members. It is only due to the complicated and ever-changing world of cryptocurrency. From the changing of rules and laws and people to the experience of cyclones or the deaths of members or members’ loved ones, those changes drive our determination and move us toward the expectation of the fulfillment of our dreams. The more complex and complicated and difficult things become, the more we need good people. You would think that the very few that often manage to screw things up for everyone else through their ignorance or arrogance or stupidity might at least have enough decency to back up and shut up so that all the good guys can get us to the finish line to the benefit of us all, including the idiots. Geeeez!!!

  17. it is a very positive thought process when you put all of the ideas and actions into a bucket perse’ and then just ponder a bit on what the actual truth and perspective is ?? reading the replies and blogs of Literally very talented individuals makes my days or parts of my days that much more enjoyable — sincerely hope that effort and persistence of so many here will Keep on Keeping on — great stuff Patrick thank you — rj

  18. Wow Patrick, thank you for inspiration! You are a true leader and a dedicated member. I am very proud to be a Compumatrix member with loyal, faithful members such as yourself. It is more than a business, it is a family. Your blog confirmed how blessed we are to be members of Compumatrix.

  19. Patrick, it warms my heart to see that you have stepped up and become an Author here on the Compumatrix Blog! Congratulations on receiving the explosion of Activity Points on your account!! I am so happy for you! Your first blog post is a good one!!! I look forward to reading your next article.

    Regardless of the negative Neds and Nellies that are in our ranks, the positive Patricks and Paulines will overcome their impact. When that day comes your heart will be lighter.

  20. Thank you Patrick for your first blog. Blogs don’t always have to be about money or tech stuff. A blog that is written by the heart and especially if it reaches to others in the same position spells that you are not alone.
    All of us in Compumatrix are here for a reason some see it as a positive place others not so but they still contribute to making this company the best, believe it or not.

  21. We are building a trendsetter here, We are designing our own model. This demands, setting goals, developing models, conducting trials, eliminating failures, setting new goals, and conducting new trials. This has to be done over and over again until we have built a fine functioning machine. This is a never-ending process that demands patience, faith, and long-suffering. Our leaders are not going to stop, so we need to maintain faith and do the little things that we have been asked to do. In the end, it will be worth it all!

  22. Hi Patrick, I just wanted to comment on the first part of your post. I have had my own business most of my life and have never really been able to understand the employee mentality. Small business is the backbone of America, over 50% of employees work for small businesses. My hats off to anyone who has the courage and persistence to start a business.

  23. I, too, am part of the ‘over the hill group’ but have, for the most part, kept a positive attitude. I know in my heart that if I just keep keeping on it will happen. My biggest fear has been that it will not happen until I’m long gone. My family just looks at me and roll their eyes whenever Compumatrix comes up in the conversation. Then they try to reason with me saying things like “That’s never going to happen” or “When are you going to quit kidding yourself? You’ve been doing this for years and nothing has happened. Why do you think it ever will?” I just laugh and say,” You will be asking me how to set up an account very soon now.”

    ‘ But I just laugh at them and say one day you will eat your words and be asking me how can I join?
    That day is almost here and I am making a list of the places I can help people who are impacted by Covid 19. I’m very excited that I can now see this coming closer and closer.

  24. Patrick, you struck a chord in my heart with your sensible insight. I have admired the staff and BOD of Compumatrix for many years. I’ve watched them face and mount numerous hurdles in a variety of areas as they have hewn this cutting edge company out of raw materials. From vision to paper, from keyboard to coding, the realization of all our dreams has been in the hands and hearts of a few who have been willing to face nearly insurmountable odds. My hats off to those in the financial, legal, technical, and social facets of our company. I am so thankful for their tenacity and determination that is going to change lives, communities and future generations. I am excited to be a small part!!

  25. Harvest can only be experienced by the ones who prepare early when seeds are on the ground no one knows what happens to them, the rain touches the soil, the sun shines, the wind blows slowly and in a few days or weeks leaves show up, another level begins, etc, so is everything we do, you need to have faith and hold that until you see two leaves, the journey begins unit harvest…have enjoyed the reading

  26. What a wonderful heartfelt post Patrick . I totally agree with you and I can tell you, you’re not alone. I am trying to educate my family as well and all I get is, you do it and we will learn later on when you’re making an income……. which it doesn’t feel being supportive at all. I’m glad that I am a positive person and no matter how others see all this crypto-world I am able to learn and implement it for our future. As in our Compumatrix business I’m glad that all our leaders know how to turn the negative into a positive atmosphere.

  27. Thank you Patrick for such and insightful blog. So many really do not understand the amount of time spent just on the basic nuts and bolts of getting a company from concept to opening the doors. In this industry we have so many ever changing rules and regulations that many miss the point when they start asking questions. Yes, many want instant gratification but we said a long time ago that this was not ‘get rich quick’. It is a process and when things are correct we will open incrementally. I know I will be privately messaged for that as well but it is the way things have to be at this time in our world.

  28. Nice blog Patrick. From business venture or call it investment perspectives. Its a kind of risk taking. You must prepare yourself for the outcomes. Whether positive or negative. You are bound to digest it. Some business investment takes a length of time to maturity. Especially, the new established entity in the market basis. It involves various processes e.g. setting up the system itself, launching its products and services, incorporating other stakeholders and so on. It isn’t simple as such. So, tearing apart leaders, it isn’t a right. It’s lack of respect and being disobedient. We always have faith and believe that patience pays.

  29. When I grew up there were no computers or portable audio devices. Life was quiet and a lot simpler. WE did not have to learn a new techno language. We used to talk on the telephone and write letters, There were no mobile phones or e-mails. There were communities that cared for local people. Is the quality of life better now? It is more hedonistic and ego-centered.
    You can walk down the street and see many people with their mobile in full swing texting or telling anyone that is unfortunate enough to be close to what they were up to last night.
    I see the main problem as everyone wishes to challenge authority and thinks they know better. We managed to live through WW2 for six years with all sorts of restrictions from blackout to food rationing, Now you ask someone to wear a face-covering to help keep the virus at bay and you have protests More people have died from the virus in London than in the Blitz but there are still those in denial. We need a very good soothsayer to predict where this will end up. Fortunately, I am now a senior citizen but I am concerned for the future of the younger generation who have had a very different life up to now.

  30. Once again thank you all for your comments on my post. I did not expect so many and so positive. It goes to show that the positive far outweighs the negative and the comments actually add to one’s own understanding of what was written.
    It is going to be amazing when more people get the courage to start. Even if you don’t finish but save it you will find from time to time you will gain insight to add or to finish. Just finishing one will give you the much-needed impetus to build from there.
    All of you that made comments are actually blogging in a small way and the more you do that every day the more it will strengthen the writing muscle to take the plunge. As much as I would love to thank you all individually I dare not for lack of time, so a heartfelt thank you to everyone and even to those who just read without making a comment as everyone will come along at their own pace and that starts with the simple act of just logging in and reading. The many positive people in compumatrix will make this a fun place to hang out where pints (I mean points) are on the house. lol.

  31. Patric a very decent thought provoking blog. thank you .It’s a shame that we have to express disappointment at the nay sayers in our amidst who keep on badgering the BOD and trying to create split and discontent in the Compumatrix Realm. But thankfully our BOD are tough as nails ,resilient and never say die bunch and we are blessed to have them. They are performing a tremendous job way beyond their job description and trying to see that all of us get the help and guidance we need and succeed in our participation and ownership of the Great company Compimatrix.

  32. Sometimes, I wish I could go into work and clock out like others. However, I am happy while I work. Many who work for others have issues with their co-workers or bosses, I do not have those issues. I am the boss, and I have no co-workers. This concept always keeps me going.
    The good book tells us the poor will always be with us. Those who are not happy in their heart will always be part of humanity. With the Compumatrix membership being worldwide there are opportunities for a certain percentage of people to see life as challenging. Their cup is half empty.
    No one knew the time table to the finish line. That is likely the most challenging issue. Are we there yet, was a question without an answer. Compumatrix pressed on with Henry at the helm. Without a doubt, we are nearing the finish line. I will forever be indebted to Henry for his vision. He could see the greatness of this ecosystem completed and soon we all shall see it together!

  33. It is so true what Patrick blogged about concerning starting and maintaining ones own business. Having started several myself, I know the pressure and commitment it takes to make it successful. The drive and effort are worth the many long hours it takes. For a short time, I worked for another company and was so unhappy that I went back and started another company.But with Compumatrix, the effort has already by blazed, and all we need to do is to work the system and learn a whole new world of information. There are those on the team that so want us to be a success, so it is up to us to follow their lead. Thank you for all the years of effort that has brought Compumatrix to this point.

  34. Hi Patrick,
    At times we see a post, and we get this feeling of ” I’ve been there” and you say to yourself I know what this guy is talking about. I hope you don’t mind Patrick, I put up a post in the Discord room that seemed to gel with what you have here.

    I’ll repeat what I posted to give you an idea of what most of us are feeling at this time. I Was Meditating. As we are all going through some trying experiences it came to me we are entering a new world of living here, with all the problems we face each day we are looking for a way of making our life more secure and safe. Technology today is going ahead in leaps and bounds, and we must keep up with the new trends that
    is happening around us.

    We look at those things that are in our environment, health issues, finance and many things that take up our time, It’s called survival. This is normal in certain circumstances however there are times when we cannot do this alone, we need each other, someone that we can rely on, someone you can trust. I look at the violence that is around us people only concerned for themselves. Unfortunately the youth of today do not have the leaders that we had in the past, and I’m sure they all feel lost, and so we see rioting, screaming to the world for them to be recognized, demanding to be heard. What is the answer ?

    I can give you my understanding but in may not be what the newer generation would like to hear I belong to the older generation and we were put in our place very smartly. My parents were very loving however, there were times we were told to do certain things OR ELSE !

    Today the children tell their parents what to do !.where their going, and what time they would be home. And yet, I have met some wonderful young people who show respect.

    So here we are today. The more I think about it I’m thankful that I found Compumatrix In those early days, a Christian Company and leaders of outstanding ability.

    You be Blessed my friend

  35. there is just so much truth and seriously when you look past the small parts of any post the importance of the meaning and story of the post comes thru — just enjoy reading so many great life stories and literally the amounts of world wide stories are so interchangeable — it amazes me so — thanks again Patrick —

  36. I am very proud to be a member of the compumatrix  business. You have to be patient in this life time  business.We have to be passionate about it,Probably many people are already tired of climbing to the top of the mountain so they have to come back down and don’t disturb those who are climbing the top of the mountain without any doubt.

  37. Great post Patrick; straight from the heart! Starting a business and keeping it afloat can be difficult sometimes especially when there is no reliable support from sources to help make the business going.

    Similarly, it would not have been easy for Henry to pursue his dream if he did not have the support of leaders and members who kept a sense of perspective of what he was doing. Surely, it is the grace of God that has kept this Compumatrix family intact.

  38. I know you have one thing that is good to have and that is confidence. Even as you have tried to explain about your business to your family, you said that you have gotten the silent treatment, but still you persist in knowing that you will someday be successful.

  39. The blog mentions the reason for the title of ‘a heavy heart’ as having to do with the fact that leadership keeps getting torn apart by some because they are impatient or want instant gratification. This makes me think of the saying “all good things come to those that wait.” Just think of the orchid. People may ask the question, why won’t my orchid bloom? Maybe it’s the light. Maybe it’s the roots. Maybe it’s new growth. Maybe it’s the season. Orchids naturally, bloom on their own schedule. Most likely it will not be the time of year it bloomed when you bought it.

  40. oh I love coming back and reading this great Heartfelt Blog — there is so much Truth in this and the Replies here — Compumatrix is one of a Kind and honestly not much else to write at that Distinction — and as a member of close to 15 years here –seeing the Persistence and Perseverance and Honor of those creating this One of a Kind Success Story WOW !! — just honored to be a small small part — rjh

  41. Awesome first time blogging Patrick .. I would of never known if you would not of told us. You are very good .. I can only answer a blog ,I have no skills in wrighting and have no skill in typing on a computer. Two finger typer here , takes me for ever. to get my words down .

  42. Thank you Patrick,Good and bad people are everywhere,we need to understand them,if everyone understands Henry’s strategy,there is nothing wrong,if I say this,are you capable of running such a business? So this will not be the answer for those who think negatively,we still need patience and waiting,over time, everyone’s negative thinking will change to positive,when the compumatrix business will reach its peak,we must be determined at all times,compumatrix business is a great blessing of God for all of us.

  43. I think one of the main problems these days is the desire for instant happenings and when these slow a little people understably get nervous. I know I do..
    With so much communication these days via text message and email better written updates help to allay these worries.
    The better the communication the better the companys acceptance in the market place and the happier the members are especially where money is concerned. My favourite companies are those with web sites that allow engagement with human beings who are well traied to get the answers.

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