A Marketing Conundrum

Overlooking the issue or getting angry over it won’t cause it to disappear. I am alluding to the dismal situation of advanced mainstream society and exactly how a long way from legitimacy we have soaked as we continued looking for significance throughout everyday life. A great part of the world is entering what is being known as the ‘Bread and Circuses’ period of declining domain. A stage engrossed with credit gorging, fiat cash, and display. The Romans experienced a comparative time of rot, Nero playing while Rome consumed.

At that point as now, there are numerous barely engaged individuals out there on the planet with cash to spend who just need to be engaged. They care not a hoot for nobility, cooperative energy, or illuminated social talk. Perusing, the News Hour, National Public Radio, debates…how exhausting. Fabulousness, sparkle, and activity, that is the place it’s at, Seeking preoccupation for the sake of entertainment and games is a typical issue, and respectable or not, the adroit advertiser can understand that there is a great deal of cash to be made taking into account the praetorian.

To be effective on the web, as disconnected, when selling either an item or help, there must exist a business opportunity for what you are selling. By focusing on the multi-billion dollar, worldwide, amusement advertises, no one worth mentioning’s imbecile Internet advertiser can concentrate on one of the biggest and still exponentially developing markets accessible, second just to the pornography business. This market is pressed loaded with individuals who are scanning for new and energizing items having anything to do with betting, sports, VIP, lotteries, fabulousness, tattle, or any mix thereof.

The problem, or maybe we should call it false reverence, is that huge numbers of us claim to exemplary nature with regards to state selling dingy sex on the web, however, we have no misgivings about taking individuals’ cash for some other possible cheat as long as it isn’t imprisoned. The truth of the matter is, individuals are going to endeavor to fill the void in their lives by discarding cash whether we, as sharp eyewitnesses, are there or not to assuage them of some of it. When betting was unlawful, it didn’t fix individuals from the craving to beat the chances regardless of the presence of mind and rationale, it just drove the enthusiasm underground, and improved and encouraged a frightful criminal component to oblige them. At any rate now, similarly, as with lotteries, it is a tax assessment on ineptitude, and we are not, at this point our sibling’s guardians.

There is no explanation I can consider not to put that cash to all the more likely use, and I can do that if it is in my pocket. Absurd individuals with a lot of opportunities and too minimal discretion or regard for themselves are forcefully keen on looking for their vicarious rushes, so who am I to deny them. Remaining on a soapbox praising the ideals of frugality and farming will just win me mocking and deride. Since I am in the upscale promoting business, there is one mantra that I will hold fast to in taking on these ‘items’ and that is to give assortment, choice, and quality to the client.

At the point when everything is said and done, taking into account human weaknesses as such may be more legit and earnest than the current day cons and cheats of companies, Wall Street, or standard legislative issues. In such a manner at that point, it is officeholder upon me to locate the most expert and real projects accessible to offer my clients since my notoriety and business morals are in question; long haul believability and suitability being principal.

Betting and big-name love were customarily the domain of the sharkskin suit and gold chain set, yet with the coming of the Internet, anybody can enter the game. Yet, this undertaking likewise with some other, to be eventually effective must offer required support sincerely and with trustworthiness. The plan of action must be drawn closer and organized to be open or more board to both the individuals offering the support and those participating in it. There is a great deal of cash to be produced using a world lost to the finesse of higher pursuits…but there is no preventing the frantic interest from claiming bliss. To this end, I have found a vehicle that offers a polished methodology and clever in benefitting from this wonders of cutting edge web benefits. I positively dislike purveyors of turpitude who misuse others for the individual increase, in any case, if our forthcoming clients wish to abuse themselves that involves their anxiety.

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About the author

Santosh Kumar Linga, is young and dynamic person. He learnt writing and blogging from his uncle Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla), who is a very active member of Compumatrix.


  1. Morals in business is very important to consider it brings trust to the individual that is applying the business. I would not have it any other way. Hopefully some of these people who have this cash to throw away will discover Compumatrix and throw it are way we can only hope on that one.

  2. Something that has become very apparent in these trying times of late, where many around the world have found themselves in lockdowns and other restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, is that they all of a sudden seem lost when they have all this unexpected extra time on their hands!!

    The reports of increases in online gambling, game play and use of social media is something that while before this crisis hit was an alarming trend, has now blown out to be an outright pandemic in its own right. People seem incapable of just sending time alone without some sort of stimulus or entertainment. Even the lost of professional sport has caused such stress that mental health issues are starting to become as big as a concern as the virus itself.

    Because in the modern world we have so much more to stimulate us and because of technology, less working hours to occupy us, when things no longer are available, many feel lost and crave these artificial time consuming pursuits. This does also lead to many, lets say, not so ethical individuals trying to take advantage of these situations and offer questionable opportunities, that might seem good, but are really just a way to relieve them of their hard earned money.

    We here at Compumatrix have an unique opportunity to present something that can not only provided much wanted and needed stimulation and participation, but also something that can offer a real income, rather then something that will cost people to be involved. My hope is that we can get this opportunity to all those that are looking for that missing something during these challenging times.

  3. great blog post santosh — morals and honor in any venture around the globe anymore is almost a lost art — just my observation but get a feeling not far off when you check around — I am no where perfect and have made many errors of judgement and actions that today I look back at and wonder who I was back in the day ?? but that being said I do agree that compumatrix is a very unique opportunity and I do believe the leaders are of utmost integrity and I believe we here have an opportunity to make a difference a honorable difference — imho rjh

  4. Thanks for writing this blog. One has to ponder their own ethical standards and live by the outcomes associated with that decision. As we are growing our businesses here at Compumatrix we will run across paths and people that may or may not have had moral uses of fiat. This is not for our judgement as we should not be judging. However, to be affiliated with whatever the moral standard may be at that juncture is up to us. In every situation we will have to make a decision. Secondly we will have to deal with the outcome of that decision. However, I feel in order to have a successful long-term business the latter decision must always be moral and just or the fruits of our labor will be short-lived. This is the code we should do business by!

  5. so very true on the thought process if the business or online venture you have entered is not a legit and true venture — I do not see a long lasting type but like playing lottery on occasions to try and get that One big jolt of fiat — is not a good way either but many do – I hope when all is said — I hope and do legit try to do honorable and trustworthy over big grab or below the table garbage — time as I say and listen to will tell the truth always — thanks for good reading

  6. I have always been interested in owning my own business one day and I often read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos on how to create a successful business. Through all of my research, I have found that the number one piece of advice in order to be successful is that one has to “give in order to get”. Perhaps an example would be giving one free t-shirt away if a customer buys two t-shirts. Creating something that is of excellent quality or will make the buyer’s life easier is crucial to have longevity in a business. If the product a business is selling is not high quality or a scam, the unethical tactics will eventually catch up to the company and likely bring them out of business.

  7. It is so easy to be tricked by shady businesses who make a customer believe that their product is legit and well-liked by all of their previous customers, so it is up to the individual to find good customer reviews that were not paid for by the company you are buying from. Perhaps ask friends who have already owned a product you are looking for to try and get their honest answer on how they like the product and if they would buy it again.

  8. Thank you for the blog, morals and business are very important. You have to be honest to have a successful business. If not your doomed to fail, you may get away with some but it will catch up to you. Many of us plan on building businesses to help the less fortunate. What a great feeling to be able to help others.

  9. this is a great read thru and many times over because it points out that fact — in business as in life truth and honor rule the day — oh as life has shown you can be a con artist and get away for awhile but it catch you eventually — it may take more than a generation but it will — in business so at peace with doing biz right way — the rest will really take care and prove to be —

  10. Thank you Santosh, for the blog! A business can never be sustainable where ethics and honesty are not taken into account,in this world of modern technology,the opportunity we have in compumatrix is based on a very honest, truth and a continuous work of enlightening our future.

  11. The blog mentions overlooking the issue or getting angry over it won’t cause it to disappear. This is as if to say that you can’t expect to adequately finish a project without having satisfactorily completed all the necessary steps. Something will inevitably not turn out right and the time that was spent on it would all have been wasted. So it is best to do it right the first time and not take short cuts.

  12. Absolutely great read, so many valid points in there. Points that my family and I discuss regularly. The morality of ‘doing the right thing’ irrespective of whether it brings you monetary gain or not appears to be lost on so many fronts, sadly the devious and dubious abound. I will read through this again.

  13. While reviewing the blog I was struck by the point it made that there are numerous barely engaged individuals out there on the planet with cash to spend who just need to be engaged. I can see how investing in crpytocurrency would be something good to spend their cash on, but the individual would need to be engaged as much as possible to make the best decisions o how to invest.

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